I would like to thank the following people for all of the work they have done in researching their ancestors, and for freely sharing it with other genealogist. Thanks!

Karen "Eagle" Moman

James Allen "Jimmey" Thomason

Nancy Gail "Tabor" Smothers

Gerald Lee "Jerry" Tabor

Sandra Jane "Dye" Johnson

Phyllis Ann "Tabor" Tabor

Carol June "Shrader" Lowe

Robert Duane "Danny" Sadler

W. Reese Barnhill


Tabor Cemetery, Falls Mills, Va.

This is the Tabor Cemetery, Located just past the Falls Mills Dam on right



[With the help of Nancy Gale (Tabor) Smothers, Gerald Lee "Jerry" Tabor, Sandra Jane (Dye) Johnson , Phyllis Ann (Tabor) Tabor, Carol June (Shrader) Lowe, Robert Duane "Danny" Sadler, James Allen 'Jimmy' Thomason, W. Reese Barnhill]

A Brief History followed by the Index of Those in the Cemetery

Location:. On Route # 643, going from Falls Mills, VA.toward Mudfork, VA., at the far end of the Falls Mills Dam you will come to a steep curve. The cemetery is not visible from Route # 643 and there is no place to park. However, it is less than 1/2 mile to the right , at this deep curve, to a brick home with a narrow lane behind it which leads to the cemetery. Per Nancy Tabor Smothers: The cemetery is before you get to the old Henry & Shirley Hill homeplace.

A big white Tabor home sits on the right side of Route #643 before you get to this big curve. Per Gerald Lee "Jerry" Tabor, s/o *George Edward "Hub" Tabor, 1901-1976 & Annie Marie (Harris) Tabor, 1909-1989 : This home was the home of Henry Shephard "Doc" Tabor, s/o Henry J. Tabor, 1861-1930 & Mary Arminta (Wagner) Tabor, 1872-1956.

* George Edward "Hub" Tabor, also a s/o Henry J. Tabor & Mary Arminta (Wagner) Tabor Most of our kin in this cemetery is of the James Tabor, 1786-1859 & *Henrietta (Blackwell) Tabor line. James Tabor was the s/o William Tabor, b. abt. 1739-d. abt. 1807 & his second wife, Nelly-unknown surname,b. abt 1739- d. abt 1815 to 1820.

* Henriette Blackwell's father, Robert Blackwell, served in the Rev. War (This data found in "Virginia Appalachian Notes" Vol. 12, 1988-submitted by Lorraine Butta).


a. POSSIBLE CHILD Nancy Elizabeth Tabor, b. abt 1811, d. 1871. Married Moses J. Belcher, 1811-1871. Nancy Tabor had Albert/Elbert A. Tabor before this marriage. Albert A. Tabor was killed in battle in the Civil War at Wayne Co VA/WV. His widow, Matilda Payne then married William Scott. She was the second wife of William Scott


The Belcher men were Moses & Roberth H. Becher. Husband and son of Nancy Tabor Belcher.

The story involves the death of two sons of William J. & Elizabeth ( Crockett) Tabor of Tazewell Co., VA., (This Elizabeth Crockett was the daughter of Tillman Crockett and *Arminta Nicewander -Waggnor- Crockett). William J. Tabor was the s/o Francis Tabor & Mary "Molly/Polly" Shrader. * Arminta Nicewander first married Elias Waggoner and upon his death married Tillman Crockett.

In "Tazewell Co Death Register 1872-1896" By Wilson & Wilson Pg. 81 and 82 it lists the deaths of two grandsons of Francis & Mary Tabor:

Tabor, John d. 27 Oct 1887 age 20 yrs 8 mos b. Mudfork, Taz. Co VA d. same place as birth. Cause of death: Shot for trespassing. Son of Wm J. & Elizabeth Tabor

*Tabor, Geo d. 18 Nov 1887 age 21 yrs b. Mudfork, Taz. Co VA d. same place as birth Cause of death: Shot for trespassing. Son of Wm J. & Elizabeth Tabor

*Robert Lee Tabor was know as Lee. He was listed as Lee in the 1870 Tazewell Co., VA ., Census. He was listed in the Tazewell CO., VA., Death Register as Geo. Tabor for some reason!

The deaths were reported by their neighbor and kinsman, R. H. Belcher (This was Robert H.Belcher the s/o Nancy Tabor & Moses Belcher. Robert H. Belcher was one of the men who shot the Tabor brothers)

I did not know why they were shot. Then I found the answer in "Virginia Appalachian Notes" Vol. 17 1993, Abstracts of "Clinch Valley News" at the local Mormon Library in Tucson, Arizona

28 Oct 1887 A horrible shooting scrape, in which one man was killed instantly and another probably fatally wounded, occurred at Falls Mills, this county, last week. It appears that they had gone to the residence of one Belcher, to demand the release of a mule which Belcher had in his possession belonging to them. The mule had been annoying Belcher some time by being in his fields. After repeatedly warning the Tabors (the men to whom the mule belonged) that he would do so he put the mule in his stable. On them coming after it Belcher and his son went out to meet them and soon became engaged in a quarrel, the old man Belcher returned to the house and procured two shot guns one of which he handed to his son the other he set against a post. Presently something so enraged Lee Tabor, the one killed, that he drew his shotgun to shoot. Belcher jumped behind the post, at the same time getting up his gun, which he put in a few inches of Tabors head, and fired, young Belcher shooting the other Tabor at the same time. They came to town Saturday and employed council to defend them, and were bailed out to the sum of $4000.00 each.

27 January 1888 The trial of Belcher for the killing of the Tabors before the Justices' Court was prolonged for nearly two weeks. Belcher was sent on to the grand jury.

4 May 1888 The jury trying the case of Commonwealth against Robert and Lendo Belcher for the killing of John and Lee Tabor were out about two minutes when they brought in a verdict of not guilty.

The 1880 TAZEWELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA CENSUS lists William and Elizabeth Crockett) Tabor's family in Clear Fork twp (household 168)

TABOR, William J. 47 farmer

Elizabeth J. 46 keeping house

Louisa J. 25

Martha A. 22

Robert L. 15 (Called George Tabor in the Death Register in 1887)

John E. 12

Francis M. 8

Missouri 5

James B. 2

Robert Lee Tabor is called "Geo" on his death certificate.

Six households down in 1880 are the Belchers:

BELCHER, Robert 42 farmer

Amelia E. 39 keeping house

Hariet R. 15

Moses E. 13

Charles L. 13

Hiram P. 10

Katie L. 8

Winfield C. 7

Crockett 5

Maria M. 4

Laura D. 3

Sally 11/12

Robert H. Belcher was married to Amelia E. Compton on 10 Feb 1864 in Tazewell Co., VA (Vol. II, "Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia" by John N. Harmon, Sr., p. 29). Robert was the son of Moses Belcher and Nancy Tabor. Nancy Tabor is a little confusing. She is either the daughter of James Tabor (1786-1859) and Henrietta Blackwell (1790-?) or a Charles Tabor and Ellen Green.

This is according to Tazewell County Heritage Vol. 1, 1995, by the Tazewell Co Historical Society p. 62.

b. William Bartley Tabor, 1816-1844, married Charity H. Runion/Runyon, 1816-1890. This couple moved to Grundy Co., MO., (about 1862) and that is where they both died. Charity H. Runyon , d/o Joseph Runyon & Nancy Jacobs. Charity H. Runyon was the sister of Nancy Moore Runyon who married James Harrison Tabor, the brother of William Bartley Tabor-both sons of James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell

Two children of William Bartley Tabor & Charity H. Runion, Seletha Ann (Tabor) Marrs & Rev. Joseph Harvey Tabor traveled in a wagon train from Grundy Co., MO., to Custer Co., NE.

If you have access to a computer do youself a favor and go to:

There is an account of this wagon train by Sandra Sanchez.

Sandra Sanchez's work is delightful. (She shows James Tabor, 1786-1859, as the s/o William Tabor & Francis (I have seen name as Nancy) Fraley.

There is a great debate with Tabor researchers over the biological children of William Tabor & Nelly -as opposed to William Tabor & Nancy/Francis Fraley.

I KNOW OF NO PERSON WHO HAS LEGAL DOCUMENTATION TO PROVE THIS MATTER. (I tend to lean toward William & Nelly as the parents. I think the William Tabor who married Nancy Fraley, d/o Frederick *Froehlig/Froelich/Fraley, II., & Chloe-unknown surname, was the s/o our William Tabor and his first wife, Elizabeth-unknown surname). * The name became Americanized as did most of our ancestor's names.

c. Sarah "Sallie" Tabor, b. abt 188. She married Bartley Belcher in 1836.

d. James Harrison Tabor, 1821-1891. Married Nancy Moore Runyon, d/o Joseph Runyon & Nancy Jacobs. Nancy Moore Runyon the sister of Chariey H. Runyon who married William Bartley Tabor-the brother of James Harrison Tabor. William Bartley & James Harrison Tabor were the sons of James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell.

e. Stephen Paris Tabor, 1825-1888. Married Eleanor "Ellen" Havens, 1832-1901, d/o Howard Havens & Dicy King.

f. Martha L. Tabor. b. abt 1827. Married William G. Prince, s/o Benjamin Prince & Nancy Belcher (probably kin to the Tabors). William G. Prince's sister, Nancy Prince, married Isaac Patton Tabor, the brother of Martha L. Tabor.

g. Andrew Jackson Tabor, b. abt 1829 d. 7 Aug 1864 during the Civil War. He was killed in battle at Moorefield. Married Juliana Belcher, b. abt 1831 d after 1900, possible daughter of Obediah Belcher & Martha Prince See # 39 for the census records.

h. John A. Tabor, b. abt 1830 d. bef 1880. Married Elizabeth Poole,b. abt 1830 d. 1870 d/o Arron & Jane Poole

1880 GILES CO VA CENSUS # 15 Pembroke Township - Read 21st June 1880 AARON POOL, head, 68, farm, he and his parents b. VA

.....Jane, 68, wife, keeping house

W. F. TABOR , 19, grandson, laborer (WILLIAM FILMORE TABOR)

H. E. TABOR, 14, grandson, laborer (HENRY E. TABOR)

L. M. J. TABOR, 12, granddaughter. I have not found this daughter

John A. & Elizabeth Tabor also had a daughter named Ollie E. Tabor, b. abt 1857 and an Annie Tabor, b. abt 1866. They both married in Giles Co., VA.

i. Isaac Patton Tabor, b. abt 1831. Married Nancy Prince, d/o Benjamin Prince & Nancy Belchher. Nancy Prince the sister of William G. Prince who married Martha L.Tabor, the sister of Isaac Patton Tabor.

j. Hiram/Herman Tabor, b. abt 1834-no other data.

k. Teresia Tabor, b. abt 1834-no other data

l. Tabitha H. "Tiny" Tabor, b. abt 1837.Married Andrew Martin Surface the s/o George Washington Surface and Sarah-unknown surname

James Tabor had many other siblings that lived in the Tazewell Co., VA., area. James Tabor was the brother of Daniel , Francis, Richard Adam, John, Daniel, Jessee, Basil Moab, Stephen H., Martha, Amy & Sarah "Sallie" Tabor. Basil Moab & Sarah Tabor *(married John Gilbert) moved to Carter Co., KY. Amy Tabor married James Jackson and moved to Russell Co., VA.

* A story regarding John & Sarah Tabor Gilbert's early days in KY.: The story was written by Anna Roe Kilgallin the great granddaughter of John & Sarah (Tabor) Gilbert, regarding John and Sarah's move to Ky., after 1815 from Tazewell Co., VA., when they moved into a cabin in KY.

" The first night it caught fire and burned forcing them to live in a cave for the duration of the Summer, until a new cabin could be built. The couple managed to rescue their belongings. They hung quilts over the opening of the cave. In their garden plot they had planted sweet potatoes and other vegetables. One night their little dog spent the night barking as it kept behind the quilts. The next morning the garden was full of bear tracks. This article was found, by Larry Gray, in "Shakin & Diggin" printed Dec 1983 page 11. A book published in Vanceburg, KY. 41179. The Historical Society in that region.

Henry J. Tabor was the s/o Stephen Paris Tabor, 1825-1888 & Eleanon "Ellen" Havens. Stephen Paris Tabor was the s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell. Henrietta (Blackwell) Tabor was the d/o Robert Blackwell.

Eleanor "Ellen" Havens was the d/o Howard Havens & Dicy King (Dicy/Dicey=name of endearment for Theodocia, Brodecia, Lovicie-any spellings)

Mary Arminta (Wagner) Tabor was the d/o Rev. Adam Edward Waggoner/Wagner, 1830-1884 & Juliana Elinor (Tabor ) Waggoner/Wagner, 1834-1912. Rev. Adam Waggoner/Wagner was the s/o Elias Waggoner , b. abt 1800 d. 1831 & Arminta Nicewander , b. abt 1800 d. 1860 (After the death of Elias Waggoner Arminta married Tillman Crockett and one of their daughters, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Crockett, married William J. Tabor the s/o Francis Tabor (Brother of James Tabor) & Mary "Molly/Polly" (Shrader) Tabor. Elias Waggoner was the s/o George Waggoner, b. abt 1754 d. 1822 & Frances "Franky" Kidd. George Waggoner was the s/o Adam Waggoner, The German Immigrant & his first wife-name unknown.


By Plots Numbers - The tombstone dates are month-day-year)

THOSE KNOWN TO BE BURIED, BUT NO MARKER FOUND LISTE FIRST (death records indicated they were buried in this cemetery or a close kin person knew that they were buried in this Tabor Cemetery at Falls Mills, VA)

JAMES BRITTAN TABOR..... b. 21 Apr 1879/82, d. 6 Aug 1970, s/o William J. Tabor & Elizabeth Jane Crockett. Death Record of Mercer Co., WV listed place of burial to be Tabor Cemetery, Falls Mills. Death record listed the birth year as 1882. A descendant has 1879 as the year of birth. James Brittan Tabor's first wife was Annie/ Cannie/Connie/Cammie Ardelia. Hawley . A second wife of James Brittan Tabor was Sylvia G. Landreth whom he married 17 Oct 1955 In Tazewell Co., VA).

ANNIE ARDELIA TABOR.......b. 30 jan 1878, d. 10 Feb 1951 (Annie/Connie Ardelia Hawley, wife of James Brittan Tabor. Daughter of James Hawley & Martha Ann Tabor. Marhta Ann (Tabor) Hawley, d/o Andrew Jackson tab who was killed in the CIVIL War & Juliana/Juline Belcher. Ther has been much debater over the given name of Annie Ardelia (Hawley) Tabor. The name has been found as Cammie, Carmin, Connie, Cannie, Cana, etc. The Death Register # 8, pg 202. Line 22 (Mercer Co., WV) listed her name as Annie Ardelia .

MINGLE LAFAYETTE TABOR.....b. 8 Mar 1906, d. 28 Jan 1959 (son of James Brittan Tabor & Annie Ardelia (Hawley) Tabor

1. MARY M. MCGUIRE,......................3-18-1892.......6-16-1959 (This MIGHT have been the wife of James H. Mc Guire # 2)

2. JAMES H. MC GUIRE, ...................6-2-1889.........10-31-1974 (Inscription on stone "FATHER". I have also seen the death date as 5-6-1965? There were many Mc Guire Families in the Tazewell Co., VA., area and some married into the Shrader family) Possible family of James Mc Guire: 1900 Tazewell CO., VA., Census Alexander G. Mc Guire, 28, b. Apl 1862, VA (all in home b. VA) Married 20 Years

.....Susan, 44, b. May 1856, wife, had had 8 children all living in 1900

.....Annie, 18, b. Oct 1881, dau

.....William, 16, b. Aug 1883, son

.....Fanny M. 14, b. Apl 1886, dau (Fanny name of endearment for Frances)

.....JAMES, 10, b. June 1889, son

.....Sarah, 8, b. Mch 1892, dau

.....George, 6, b. Apl 1894, son

.....John, 3, b. Feb 1896, son

.....Pearl, 1/12, b. Apl 1900, dau. (1/12=1 month)

3. WADE E. GRAHAM..........................2-5-1913.........8-8-1988 (Inscription on stone " U S Army World War II")

4. ALBERT T. GRAHAM,.....................8-25-1883........6-1-1958

...VIOLA BOWMAN GRAHAM..................4-16-1890........4-24-1978

5. JUDITH MARIE GLASS, The grave of a child. These two little girls (sisters) were the nieces of Judy Gail (Tabor) Glass, d/o George Edward "Hub" Tabor & Annie Marie Harris. The little girls were both burned to death in a trailer home fire.

6. LORI LYNN GLASS, The grave of a child.

7. G. E. "HUB" TABOR,....................8-15-1910.......8-22-1976 (GEORGE EDWARD TABOR)

MARIE HARRIS,.............................12-26-1909......6-23-1989 (ANNIE MARIE HARRIS)

(George E. "Hub" Tabor, s/o Henry J. Tabor & Mary Arminta Wagner, Henry J. Tabor, s/o Stephen Paris Tabor & **Eleanor "Ellen" Havens-the sister of Martha Jane Havens who was the wife of James Russell Tabor, Stephen Paris Tabor was the s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell, James Tabor was the brother of Daniel , *Francis, Richard Adam, John, Daniel, Jessee, Basil Moab, Stephen H., Martha, Amy & Sarah "Sallie" Tabor. James Tabor was the s/o William Tabor and his second wife, Nelly-unknown surname. Mary Arminta Wagner was the d/o Rev. Adam Edward Wagner & Julina Elinor Tabor . Juliana Elinor Tabor was the d/o *Francis Tabor & Mary "Molly/Polly" Shrader. Mary "Molly/Polly " Shrader was the d/o Henry Shrader, Sr. & perhaps his second wife, Louisa Kennedy. Some researchers list her as the biological child of the first wife, Elizabeth Armbrister. Annie Marie Harris was the wife of George Edward. "Hub" Tabor, and the d/o Joseph Harris & Rebecca Erastus Compton. Rebecca Erastus Compton MIGHT be the d/o:

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 313 Clear Fork Dist

ELGAN H. (sic) COMPTON, 65, B. JULY 1834, VA., A FARMER, (All b. VA except grand daughter) (Elihu Compton was the s/o Joseph Compton & Nancy Shannon)

.....Nancy J., 62, b. Oct 1837, wife, Had had 9 children 7 were living in 1900 (This was Nancy J. Buckland the d/o Jacob W. P. & Martha Patsy Buckland)

.....Mattie L. 21, b. Feb 1871, dau

.....Rebecca E., 16, b. May 1884, dau

AMERCIA WARBURTON, 41, b. Apr 1859, dau. .....Birtha, 4, b. March 1896, granddauughter, b. WV

** Martha Jane (known as Jane) & Elenor "Ellen" Havens were the daughters of Howard Havens & Dicy King. (Dicy/Dicey/Dice=names of endearment for Theodocia, Brodecia, Lavicie/Lovicie and a few other such names-each spelled differnet ways)

8. DONALD EDWARD TABOR,.................6-27-1929.......6-25-1964 (Son of George Edward "Hub" Tabor & Annie Marie Harris.) Inscription on gravestone: MAINE U S AIR FORCE WORLD W AR II

9. JAMES C. TURNER,.......................9-1901.............9-1940

...ETHEL B.,..............................8-1909.............3-1974 (I have no knowledge of this couple but due to the location between other Tabor family members they might be Tabor kin)

10. ADAM STEPHEN TABOR,.................4-3-1894........9-23-1984 (Son of Henry J. Tabor & Mary Arminta Wagner, see lineage of G. E. "Hub" Tabor above. Inscription on gravestone:


11. H. J. TABOR,........................11-13-1861......12-10-1930 * (HENRY J. TABOR, s/o Stephen Paris Tabor & Eleanor "Ellen" Havens, husband of Mary Arminta Wagner..see lineage of G. E. Hub" Tabor above)

* Birth record has birth date as 17 Dec 1861

12. MARY ARMINTA TABOR, .................5-9-1872.........4-3-1956 (Mary Armintha/Arminta Wagner, d/o Rev. Adam Edward Wagner & Juliana Elinor Tabor, wife of Henry J. Tabor. Rev. Adam Wagner was the s/o Elias Waggoner & * Arminta Nicewander. Arminta Nicewander, at the death of Elias Waggoner, married widower Tillman Crockett about 1826 and one of their daughters, Elizabeth Jane "Betsy" Crockett, married William J. Tabor the s/o Francis Tabor & Mary "Molly/Polly" Shrader. Tillman Crockett was first married to Elizabeth Dennis in Montgomery Co., VA., 1 Nov 1796. Elias Waggoner was the s/o George Waggoner & Frances "Franky" Kidd. George Waggoner was the s/o Adam Waggoner, The German Immigrant. Frances "Franky" Kidd was the d/o William Kidd. (Name might have been Armintha Nicewander)

13. DUDLEY THOMAS BAKER, ..............11-21-1904.......8-26-1954/9? ( Son of Dudley Davis Baker & Sarah "Sallie" T. Tabor. Dudley Davis Baker s/o James William Baker & Fannie Ellis Baker. Sarah T. "Sallie" Tabor d/o Stephen Paris Tabor & Eleanor "Ellen" Havens. See # 7 for Tabor line & 25 for Dudley line. Inscription on stone: "Brother")

14. HELEN GRAHAM BAKER, ...............8-23-1910........5-27-1930 (Wife Of Dudley Thomas Baker # 13)

15. DUDLEY BAKER, JR., ......................Born & Died......5-25-1930 (Child of Dudley Thomas Baker & Helen Graham. We can assume that Helen Graham Baker died of complications of childbirth. Inscription on this stone: "Baby")

16., 17., 18., FIELDSTONES No other data

19. CLARENCE E. HILL,...................12-6-1927..........4-23-1975 (7 July, 2000, Gerald Lee "Jerry" Tabor told he thought Clarence was the s/o Edward W. Hill # 20)

Inscription on stone: PVT U S ARMY WORLD WAR II

20. EDWARD W. HILL, .....................1893..................1954 ......LOTTIE H.HILL,......................1893..................1964

(EDWARD W. HILL, s/o Wiley G.Hill b. Alleghaney Co., NC., & Nancy B. Perdue. Wiley G. Hill was the s/o Hardin H. & Jane Hill. Nancy B. Perdue, d/o Silas Henry/Henry Silas Perdue, Sr., & Nancy Jane Powell .) Nancy B. Perdue's sister, Martha A. Perdue married George W. Tabor, s/o Henry Jefferson "Jeff" Tabor & Sarah Ann "Suzy" Scott. Henry Jefferson "Jeff"Tabor died during the Civil War and was the s/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader. Mary Hill the sister of Wiley G. Hill married Silas W. Perdue the s/o James Henry Perdue & Sarah Elizabeth Perdue. Sarah Elizabeth Perdue was also the d/o Silas Henry/Henry Silas Perdue, Sr., & Nancy Jane Powell. James Henry Perdue was the s/o William Perdue & Christina/Christine Angle. Both James Henry Perdue and Sarah Elizabeth Perdue were b. in Franklin Co., VA., so their fathers MIGHT have been brothers? I have no data on Lottie H. Hill. I do not know her maiden name.

21. BEULAH MAE HILL,...............5-11-1890..............12-25-1933 (Beulah Mae Tabor, wife of *Felix S. Hill, d/o Elgan Whitley Tabor & Octavia Zane Tiller, Elgan Whitley Tabor was the s/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader. Octavia Zane Tiller was the d/o Ira Ellis Tiller & Nancy Holbrook Carter. Ira Ellis Tiller was the s/o William Tiller & Rebecca Clay. Nancy Holbrook Carter was the d/o Samuel Carter & Sarah "Sallie" Holbrook. Richard Adam Tabor was the s/o William Tabor & Nellie -no surname known. Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader was the d/o Henry Shrader, Sr., & Louisa Kennedy. She was also the sister of Mary "Molly/Polly" Shrader-the wife of Francis Tabor * Felix S. Hill, s/o Wiley G. Hill & Nancy B. Perdue. See Edward W. Hill data.

The William Tabor who died in 1831 in Tazewell Co., VA., was apparently NOT the husband of Nellie/Nelly Tabor since Nelly was shown as the head of the household in the 1810 Montgomery Co., VA., Census:

1810 MONTGOMERY CO VA (I have no proof to declare this was our Nelly but she was a widow by 1810. The *William Tabor who died about March 1831 in Tazewell Co., VA., was apparently NOT the husband of our Nelly Tabor !)

Nelly and John Taybour (sic) were listed in the 1810 Mont., Co., VA., Census with Nelly being listed then John-the son of William & Nelly, on the next property enumerated after hers. John Burnett was listed before Nelly and an Elijah Clay listed after John.

NELLY TAYBOUR 22200-11001=

2 males 0-10 (this was probably Francis,b.abt 1802, and Richard Adam Tabor, b. abt 1806) 2 males 10-16 (this was probably Daniel, b. 1794, & Basil Moab "Moby" Tabor, b. abt 1799) 2 males 16-26 (this was probably Jessee b. abt 1791, & Stephen H., b. abt 1790= 6 sons

1 female 01-10 (probably Amy Tabor , b. abt 1803)

1 female 10-16, (probably Sarah "Sallie" Tabor, b. abt 1798)

1 female 45 and up (NELLY TABOR)

There was also a daughter Martha Tabor b. abt 1790 who must have already been married. I do not have much data on Martha.

Archibald Tabor, apparnetly the s/o William and first wife, Elizabeth-unknown surname, also in 1810 Montgomery Co., VA., Census James Tabor the s/o William & Nelly also in 1810 Montgomery Co., VA., Census

22. WILEY G. HILL, .........................9-17-1849...........8-4-1907 (Son of Hardin H. & Jane Hill , husband of Nancy B. Perdue Hill. Nancy B. Perdue d/o Silas Henry/Henry Silas Perdue,Sr., & Nancy Jane Powell . See Edward W. Hill for Perdue information, # 20)

23. THOMAS H. HILL,................9-15-1884............11-21-1971 (Son of Wiley G. Hill & Nancy B. Perdue). See Edward W. Hill data, # 20.

24. SALLIE T. BAKER, ..................9-22-1869...........2-26-1941 (SARAH T. "SALLIE" TABOR, wife of Dudley Davis Baker, d/o Stephen Paris Tabor & Eleanor "Ellen" Havens, granddaughter of James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell. SISTER of Henry J. Tabor above..see lineage of H. J. Tabor, # 11)

25. DUDLEY DAVIS BAKER,..............2-18-1862...........6-1-1922 (Son of James William Baker & Fannie Ellis Baker-first cousins. I do not know the ancestors of James William Baker & Fannie Ellis Baker)

CIVIL WAR The family of Dudley Davis Baker moved from Louisa Co., VA., in 1869, after the CIVIL WAR. James William Baker fought for the Confederacy in the Wilderness Campaign and in the Battle of Gettysburg and was wounded on two occasions. (Information about Civil War from Fannie Ellis Dickenson & "Tazewell County Heritage", Vol # 1

"Annals of Tazewell County Virginia" Vol II, Page 589 A *J. W. Baker, and Henry Peck were two veterans said to have "weathered the storms and dodged Yankee bullets, slept on the ground, ate hard tack and parched corn as they followed Lee and Jackson through the never-to-be-forgotten days of 1861-1865."

* This J. W. Baker later lived in Boissevain according to the book.

**Fannie Ellis Dickenson said Fannie Ellis Baker sold her jewels to be able to make this move with their five children. to Taz., Co., VA. Both James William & Fannie Ellis Baker taught school in Tazewell Co., VA.

**Fannie Ellis Dickenson's line from James William bake & Fannie Ellis Baker: Lillian "Lillie" Baker, d/o James W. & Fannie Ellis Baker, married John Christian Dickenson on 15 March, 1877, Tazewell Co., VA., James William Dickenson, s/o Lillian Baker & John Christian Dickenson married Viola Jane Kinzer on

1880 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 296 88th Dist

BAKER, JAMES W. age 46 Teacher b. VA (all b. VA)

.....Fanny E. age 45 wife k-house

.....Dudly D. age 18 son/farms

.....Emily E. age 16 daughter

.....Rosa age 14 daughter

.....Frank age 12 son

.....Mildred age 9 daughter

.....Margaret age 7 daughter

.....Alfred age 4 son

Marriage Page 72 # 107 22 Sept 1885 Tazewell Co VA

Dudley Davis Baker age 23, a sawyer, b. Louisa Co VA s/o J. W. & Fannie Baker.

Sallie T. Tabor age 17 b. Taz Co VA d/o Stephen P. & Ellen Tabor. Married by A.E.Waggoner


DUDLEY BAKER, 38, b. Feb 1862 in VA (all in home b. VA)., farmer, married 15 years.....Sallie K., (sic), 31, b. Sep 1868 (sic), wife, had had 8 children 7 were living in 1900

.....Everett T., 12, b. Oct 1887, at school,

.....James H. 11, b. Jan 1888, at school

.....Fanny E. 9, b. Apl 1891, dau

.....Alice J., 6, b. Jan 1894, dau

.....Hattie, 5, b. Apl 1895, dau

.....Rosa S., 3. b. Mch 1897, dau

.....Mary E., 1, b. Oct 1898, dau

Living on the next property in 1900: (Brother of Dudley Davis Baker) ALFRED M. BAKER, 24, b. Dec 1875 in VA (all in home b. VA), farmer, married 3 years

Nannie G., 18, b. Sept 1881, wife

Myrtle, 2. b. Jan 1898, dau

George M., 9/12, b. Aug 1899, son (9/12=9 months)

26. JAMES H. BAKER, ...................1-3-1889...........10-20-1966 (Son of Dudley Davis Baker & Sarah "Sallie" T. Tabor. Notice the 1900 Census showed his birthdate as 1888)

27. ROBERT F. SISK.............................1-10-1894.........? ....MARGARET V. SISK.........................11-12-1900.......?

(Robert F. Sisk was the husband of Margaret Virginia "Ginny/Jennie" Baker. I have no family line for Robert F. Sisk and do not find any Sisk families in the 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Census Reports, in the Clearfork, Jeffersonville or Maiden Springs Districts). Margaret Virginia "Ginny/Jennie" Baker, d/o Dudley Davis Baker & Sarah T. "Sallie" Tabor. See # 7 for Tabor line)

28. JACK BAKER SISK.........................1931...............1979 ( Jack Baker Sisk was an adopted son of Robert F. Sisk & Margaret Virginia "Ginny/Jennie" Baker.

Inscription on stone: PFC US ARMY KOREA)

29-30 FIELDSTONES (No other data)

31. EVERETT T. BAKER.....................10-31-1887........1-29-1972 ......LUCY A. BAKER........................3-4-1894..........8-9-1989

Everett Taylor Baker, s/o Dudley Davis Baker, Sr., 1862-1922 & Sarah T. "Sallie" Tabor, 1868-1941. See # 25, Dudley Davis Baker, for lineage). (Lucy Anna Tabor, d/o Elgin Whitley Tabor, 1845-1933, & *Octavia Zane Tiller, 1853-1933, Elgin Whitley Tabor, s/o Richard Adam Taobr, b. abt. 1806 - d. abt 1860 & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader, b. abt. 1815, d. 1891. Richard Adam Tabor, s/o William Tabor, b. 1739 d. bef 1810 & Nelly-unknown surname, b. abt 1739, d. aft 1813. Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader, d/o Henry Shrader, Sr., b. abt 1767 d abt 1848 & Louisa Kennedy, b. abt 1780 d. abt 1851. Henry Shrader, Sr., POSSIBLE son of Johannas Christian Shrader. Johannas Christian Shrader arrived in America on 12 Dec., 1754, on the ship "NEPTUNE" whose captain was William Malane. Johannas Christian Shrader was 30 years of age when he disembarked on the shores of America. This COULD BE our John (The Immigrant) Shrader. This would mean Johannas Christian Shrader was born abt 1734 and this certainly fits with our John Shrader's arrival. However, as far as I know there is no documented proof that this was our ancestor).

* (Octavia Zane Tiller, d/o Ira Ellis Tiller, b. 1820 d aft. 1880 & Nancy Holbrook Carter, 1819-1896. Ira Ellis Tiller, ( s/o William Tiller & Rebecca Clay-undocumented). Nancy Holbrook Carter, d/o Samuel Carter & Sarah "Sallie" Holbrook.

32. CLINE EDWIN SHRADER................7-20-1956.........12-18-1969 (son of Lee Andrew "Andy" Shrader, 1914-1982 & Edith Eugenia Baker,1911-1982. (See # 25 for Baker lineage)Lee Andrew "Andy"Shrader s/o Samuel Henry Shrader, 1891-1979 & Ocie Lee Tabor, 1893-1975, Samuel Henry Shrader, s/o Rufus Jackson Shrader , 1862-1954 & Corrilda Alcie Sluss (his first wife), 1861-1930, Rufus Jackson Shrader, s/o David Shrader, Jr., b. abt 1820-d. aft. 1878 & *Chloe Dillion, b abt 1830 d. bef. May 14 1878 (this was marriage date of David Shrader, Jr., to his second wife Elizabeth "Lizzie" Coleman), David Shrader, Jr., s/o David "Dave" Shrader, Sr., b. 1775 MD d. 1879 & Rhoda Nuckles, b. abt 1780 d. after 1850, David "Dave" Shrader, Sr., was the POSSIBLE son of Johannas Christian Shrader. Johannas Christian Shrader arrived in America on 12 Dec., 1754, on the ship "NEPTUNE" whose captain was William Malane. Johannas Christian Shrader was 30 years of age when he disembarked on the shores of America. This COULD BE our John (The Immigrant) Shrader. This would mean Johannas Christian Shrader was born abt 1734 and this certainly fits with our John Shrader's arrival. However, as far as I know there is no documented proof that this was our ancestor). David "Dave" Shrader, Sr., the brother of Henry Shrader, Sr.

All the children of Samuel Henry Shrader & Ocie Lee Tabor are direct descendants of both David & Henry Shrader, Sr. Samuel Henry Shrader was a direct descendant of David "Dave" Shrader, Sr., and Ocie Lee Tabor was a direct descendant of the brother of David "Dave" Shrader, Sr., Herny Shrader, Sr.

*Chloe Dillion the d/o Samuel Dillion & Polly Rhindhart who were married 29 Apr 1818 in Tazewell Co., VA., Samuel Dillion was the most likely the s/o Samuel Dillion & Chloe Farley.

Regarding David Shrader, Sr., & Jr.,:

David "Dave" Shrader, Sr., would live to be 104 years of age. In a work, in the 1955-1962's, by the late Leftridge W. "Lef" Shrader who lived in Boissevain, Tazewell, VA., it is stated that on his 100th birthday David "Dave" Shrader, Sr., made a churn. This was related to "Lef" by Charles Shrader of Matoaka, WV., a half brother of Rufus Jackson Shrader.

David Shrader, Jr., Ruth (LaRue) Lambert stated in an article contributed to the "Mercer County History" that David Shrader, Jr., was a soldier in the Civil War. She said she had been told that he was wounded in the "Battle of Princeton" (WV). Ruth related that Chloe (Dillion) Shrader heard of his condition and went to Princeton to bring him home. Chloe was tending his needs when David decided to get out of bed; his wound opened and out came wadding from the shot.

Ocie Lee Tabor, was the d/o Hugh Edward Tabor, 1862-1914 & *Margaret Rebecca Sluss (sister of Corrilda Alice Sluss), 1865-1944, Hugh Edward Tabor was the s/o James Russell Tabor, 1834-1920 & Martha Jane Havens, (sister of Eleanor Havens-the wife of Stephen Paris Tabor) 1830-1910., James Russell Tabor the s/o Richard Adam Tabor , b. abt. 1806 d. aft 1860 & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader (d/o Hnery Shrader, Sr., & Louisa Kennedy), b. abt. 1815 d. 1891, Richard Adam Tabor was the s/o William Tabor b. 1739 d. bef 1810 & Nelly -unknown surname, b. abt 1739 d aft 1813 (also see # 21 for Tabor's in 1810 Montgomery Co., VA)

Corrilda Alice Sluss & Margaret Rebecca Sluss were the d/o James Sluss,1832 - 1911 & Clair Rinda Gouldy/Golden, 1834-1919, James Sluss was the s/o Henry Sluss , b. 1776 - d aft 1860 & *Elizabeth "Betsy" Coleman, b. abt 1776 d. bef 1840, Henry Sluss, s/o Jared (Fredrick?) Sluss b. abt 1740 & Mary Christina-unknown suranme, Jared Sluss the s/o **Peter Schlosser/Sluss, The German Immigrant, b. abt 1708 in Germany d. 1790 in MD & Maria Margaretha Weschenbach, b. abt 1708 in Germany, Reter Schlosse s/o Johann Joost Schlosser b abt 1670 & Margaretha Frey b. 167> in Germany, Johann Joost Schlosser s/o Johann Henrich Schlosser, b. 1642-d. abt 1679 & Anna Maria Schompar, 1643 to abt 1682, Johann Henrich Schlosser s/o Fredrich Schlosser b. abt 1605 & Christina Schenck.

* Not to be taken for Elizabeth "Lizzie" Coleman.

Peter Schlosser, Sr. was our immigrant ancestor from Germany. He arrived in America in 1732 on the ship "Dragon" with his brother Leonard Schlosser. They settled in the Lebanon area of PA., before moving to MD. Peter married Anna Maria Weschenbach and he is buried in Sharpsburg, Washington Co., MD. The inscription on his tombstone is carved in German, and translated it reads:

"Here rests in God, Peter Schlosser. He was born 20 January 1710 and died 8 January 1790. His age was 80 years, 11 months, and 3 days. When you awaken the dead on that day, so reach out your hand to my grave".

This Henry Sluss Family is of the Sluss Family that was massacred at Ceres, VA., (Now Bland Co.) around the 1788-1790's.

There are several versions of this tragic event. There seems to be a conflict between the date of the occurrence in the writings.

This is a typed copy of the letters James Sluss, 1832-1999,wrote.

The first letter is part of one James Sluss had written to his brother John.

"1893---- I visited the site and area where the Sluss family was massacred. The date not definitely known but is believed to be Aug 2nd, 1769 at Sharon Springs, about two miles from Ceres, Va. I saw the graves of the two Sluss men that were buried at Sharon Luthern Church Cemetery. The church is 140 years old-also saw the graves of Mary Sluss Crigger, the baby that was left alive in the trundle bed at the time of the massacre, at Kimberly Church at Black Lick. Also the grave of Polly Ann Sluss Sharitz at St. Johns Luthern Church at Wytheville, VA ( Elizabeth Sluss Groseclose- at Sharon Luthern Church, Ceres, VA)

Susan Sluss, presumably by the first marriage, was buried near Kingsport, TN.

It seems Jared's first children were married and away from home at the time of the massacre, which accounted for the small number of the family that were killed. The mother and 3 of the children were killed "(part of letter missing).

The following letter written, by James Sluss, 1832-1911, to the Rev. C. W. Cassell, Rural Retreat, VA., 04 Sept 1897.

"My father, Henry Sluss, was out in the fields with his father, Jared Sluss, when the Indians came to the house. The Indians had been there and killed the mother and 2 of his sisters and one brother. They missed getting the baby Mary who lived and married Michael Crigger who died at Black Lick at the age of 103 years. My father, Henry Sluss (?) died here at Mudfork at the age of 90 and was buried at Tip Top, Va. Uncle Frederick moved to Missouri, Uncle David lived in Scott County, Va. John was killed accidentally from a falling tree. Our Aunt Polly Ann Sluss married a Shartiz. Susan married W. M. Ketron and was buried near Kingsport, Tenn. Our Grandmother was named Anna. Grandfather Jared Sluss and my Grandmother were direct descendants from Germany, when they arrived at Sharon Springs where my father Henry was born. From Sharon Springs they moved to Wythe County, Va. The statements above are all I know. Signed- James Sluss (Mud Fork) Tip Top, Va. The maiden name of my mother was Fletcher".

My own information: The last sentence of this letter has everyone scrambling. The marriage record shows that Henry Sluss married Betsey Coleman. Betsey is a name of endearment for Elizabeth. It shows that William Shannon performed this marriage. "Annals of Tazewell Co VA 1800-1922 Vol I" By Harman-page 90.


Editors note; This story was copied from a magazine "The Ladies Home Journal" owned by Mrs. Kelly Foglesong and submitted by Mrs. Charlie Atwell.

The weather was warm and mild for the season of the year. The time was the last of April,1788. (My note: this date is not the same in every report) The place was in what is now Ceres, Bland County, VA. The locality was very thinly settled. The Schluss and Spangler families were near neighbors, for they lived a little less than a mile apart. The Spangler family consisted of old Mr. and Mrs. Spangler, Mrs. Spangler's two sons John and Gideon Huddle, (by her first husband). Young Frederick Copenhaver, son of a neighbor some miles away, was at the Spangle's on this eventful morning: and the three young men began the necessary but somewhat frolicsome work of shearing the sheep.

The Schluss family consisted of John Schluss (apparently also known as Jared-Karen EAGLE Moman) the father and Mary his wife, two daughters Jemima and Katie, aged 18 and 20 years, and just blossoming into beautiful womanhood; Peter, youth of 16; David, a lame boy about seven and Mary a child about six months.

Rather early in the morning Mr. Schluss and his son Peter (apparently Peter was the same as the Henry Sluss our James Sluss was writing about in his 1897 letter to Rev C.W. Cassell. Meaning his name was probably Peter Henry Sluss-Karen EAGLE Moman) harnessed up the horses and started off to the new ground a mile distant to plough. As they passed through a thick woods skirting near their farm their horses snorted and (shield) considerably at some large (Rootheads) near the path along which they rode. Peter said, "There must be some bears around here". A sharp lookout for a few minutes revealed no bears. However the father and son rode on to their work. How near to death the father and son were while peering around for bears, none will ever know. Of course, as was customary in those days, they had their guns with them, and this fact probably saved their lives. But they rode away from death, yet innocently leaving their family to fate behind them.

About 10 o'clock the attention of the shearers was arrested by the violent barking of the farm dogs and the women up at Schluss': One of the young men said, "Boys, that's Indians killing the Schluss. Run for the guns; Let's go!" Hands off, and the half shorn sheep, the last of the flock unsheared, was freed and permitted to go, the whole Summer long half shorn in memory of the sad interruption.

Before the young men could come near the house the massacre was over and the murderers gone.

Three stalwart Indians had entered the house. The three women taken by surprise and unarmed, fought for a moment as best they could. Mrs. Schluss' head was cleaved by one of the tomahawks just inside the door. At this point the girls tried to escape by flight, but Katie was found tomahawked and scalped in the rear of the house; and Jamima, who had snatched up David, the lame boy, and tried to escape with him, reached a fence at the woods, a little distance in the rear of the house, and tossed the lame boy over.

In the house was a singular case of preservation. Little Mary the infant was lying in her cradle asleep when the Indians rushed in upon the family, and so hurried were they that they did not notice the child in the cradle, and she escaped. She lived as a useful, honored Christian woman. She married Michael Greger and was the mother of a large family of worthy daughters, and died at the advanced age of 96. It was the privilege of the writer to converse with Mrs. Creger frequently, ad he is acquainted with three of the daughters, Mrs. Doak, Mrs. Goodman, and Mrs. Moore, who lives in Wythe County, VA.

But to return to the sad scene just a moment to relate a tender, soul freezing sight. When the young men from Spanglers' arrived at the house, they found murdered ones substantially as before described. But poor Jemima, the rosy-checked girl with the long flowing hair, was not found for some little time. A search was made for the hope of finding her alive hidden. She was betrothed to one of the young Huddles-Gideon. In his anxiety and anguish he called aloud and searched everywhere; and starting to the woods, he was the first to come upon--to find his dear, intended wife.

There was a pursuit of the Indians by these men and others by the aid of dogs, but the Indians beat the dogs back and fired the mountains in their area and so made good their escape to the Valley of the Ohio.

The graves of the three murdered women may till be seen just inside the little graveyard at Sharon Church. Nothing but smooth round stones lie at the head of the graves. (My note: there are other reports that question this fact)

A closer look at the old "Rootheads", where the horses were scared revealed the fact that the Indians were at the time lying there concealed in the piles of leaves. They were doubtless members of the Shawnees, who on the 14th of July, months before, had murdered the Moore family who lived in Abbs Valley, about 30 mile South of the Schluss family.

NOTE: The spring is located on the farm of B. M. Crabtree and the house stood on the other side of the line fence of the farm of Mrs. Elbert Crabtree. Each year the meadow blooms with Easter flowers. This article was submitted by Dixie Scott


34. JOSIE (A small marble stone nearly sunken into the ground)


36. ALEXANDER TABOR....................3-11-1897...........7-31-1912 Son of James Howard Tabor & Mary Jane Brooks, James Howard Tabor the s/o Stephen Paris Tabor & Eleanor "Ellen" Havens. (See # 7 for the Tabor and Havens lineage)

(Data from Sandra Jane Dye Johnson-a direct descendant of James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell) Alexander Tabor was setting up cans for his brother-in-law, William Bowling, husband of Eleanor R. (Tabor) Bowling. As William was getting ready to fire the gun his daughter, Virgie, ran into the line of fire. William yanked the gun to protect her and the bullet hit Alexander in the chest. He lived for about nine months but eventually died of the gunshot wound.

I do not find Alexander in the 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Census-Jeffersonville Dist., with this family. Apparently the enumerator had a date wrong in the census and also Alexander might have been Charles Alexander Tabor then he would be the "Charley" in this census and the birth date is incorrect on the census. If Alexander Tabor was born 11 March 1897 (as indicated on the tombstone) he would have been 3 years and 3 months old when the 1900 Census was read. The indication was made by the "? " next to the name before Charley that the film was hard to read. The middle initial "H" was read as an "M" and the birth year of James H. Tabor was wrong.

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 46 Jeffersonville Dist

JAMES M. TABOR (sic), 48, b. Mar 1848? *, in VA (all b. VA), farmer, married 22 years* The compiler of this book may have had trouble reading data it should have been James H. Tabor, b. 1858)

.....Mary 43, b. Oct 1856, wife, had had 12 children 8 were living in 1900. (I have missed a child somewhere)

.....Ellen R. 19. b.Dec 1880, dau

.....Sary C. (sic) 18, b. Nov 1881, dau

.....Virginia 16, b.Dec 1883, dau

.....William C. 10, b. Dec 1889 (sic) year apparently wrong. Son

.....James A. 10, b. Nov 1889, son

.....Mertie (sic) 7 (female) b. Dec 1892, dau

.....Cleronce?=the compiler indicated hard to read, 6 b. Feb 1894, son

.....Charley 1., b. Apr 1899, son (Was this Alexander?)

HENRY BASIL, 21, b. Aug 1878 in VA., boarder/day laborer

37. SARAH V. TABOR........................4-30-1858.........7-24-1893 (Sarah V. Butt, -possibly the middle name was Virginia, wife of *William C. Tabor, d/o William Harrison Butt-known as Harrison, b. 1813 Botetourt Co., VA., & Lucelia Elizabeth Harris, 1825-1889, Lucelia Elizabeth Harris, d/o Charles & Mary Harris).* Wlliam C. Tabor, s/o Andrew Jackson Tabor..see # 39

38. EVERETT A. TABOR.....................3-23-1882.........1-17-1990 (Son of William C. Tabor & Sarah V. Butt..see # 37 & # 39)

39. W. C.TABOR.............................2-20-1861........8-24-1924 ( William C. Tabor, s/o Andrew Jackson Tabor, b. abt 1829 d. 7 Aug 1864. Andrew Jackson Tabor was killed during the Civil War in a battle @ Moorefiled. Andrew Jackson Tabor enlisted in Tazewell Co., Va. Oct. 9 1862 Sergent, Co. F, 16 th Cav. & Juline/Juliana/Julina Belcher,abt 1831 d. aft. 1900. Juline never remarried. Andrew Jackson Tabor, s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell (see # 7 for Tabor line)


TAYBOUR, (sic) A. J. age 21 a farmer (Andrew Jackson Tabor)

........Juline age 19 b. VA.


TABOUR, (sic) Andrew J. age 32 a farmer from VA

..........Julina age 30

..........William C. age10

..........Obediah age 8

..........Martha A. age 6

..........Bartley age 4

..........Chloe A. age 1


TABOR, JULINE age 40 head of household-keeping house b. VA (all born VA)

.....Obediahh age 16 working on farm

.....Martha age 15 at home

.....Bartly age 13

.....Chloe A. age 11

.....Chas. J. age 8


TABOR, Juline age 50 head of household.

..........Bartley age 23 son-farmer

..........Charles L. age 18-son-farmer

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 260 Clearfork Dist

TABOR, JULINA b. Mar 1829 age 62 a widow, Born in WV., Parents born in VA., HOLLEY, Nannie b. Oct 1885 age 14 b. VA., as it states were her parents (Granddaughter)


41. WILLIAM DUDLEY MARRS..............7-15-1889........5-6-1965

Inscription on stone: VIRGINIA PVT U S ARMY WORLD WAR I

(I believe this MIGHT have been the s/o Patrick Frazier "Patton " Marrs, 1825-1891 & Lucinda Jane "Lucy" Shrader, 1853-1894. Patrick Frazier "Patton Marrs the s/o Maxwell Marrs, b.abt. 1790 d. bef Oct 1851 (date when his Will was probated in the Tazewell Co., VA., Court) & Elizabeth Maxwell, b. abt 1777

Lucinda Jane "Lucy" Shrader, d/o James Britton Shrader, b. abt. 1805 d. 1889 & Mary "Polly" Day, 1806-1879, James Britton Shrader s/o Henry Shrader, Sr., & Louisa Kennedy...see # 32 for Shrader line. Mary "Polly" Day, d/o Daniel Day 1783-1839 & Christina Milam, 1784-1879

THREE SHRADER MEN MARRIED THREE DAY SISTERS. Daniel Day the s/o William Day, Sr., b. abt 1758 d. 1821 & Elizabeth Margaret "Peggy" Waggoner, b. abt. 1768. Elizabeth Margaret "Peggy" Waggoner/Wagner was the d/o of Adam Waggoner, the German Immigrant whose line was many in the Tazewell Co., VA., area especially in Mudfork & Falls Mills, VA.

Please notice the difference in the birth date of William D. Marrs in the 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Census:

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 64, Clearfork Dist, Jas P. Whitman-enumerator

PATTON MARRS, 33, b. Aug 1866 in VA (All in home b. VA), farmer, married 11 years

.....Mary A., 32, b. Oct 1867, wife, had had 6 children all were alive in 1900

.....William D., 10 b. July 1890, son

.....Peery B., 7 b. Dec1892, son

.....Thomas A., b. Dec 1893, son

.....Sarah A., 4 b. june 1895, dau

.....Hattie I., 3 b. Feb 1897

.....Mary S., 3/12, b. Feb 1900, dau 3/12= 3 months

I am not 100% certain of this being the correct William D. Marrs....Karen EAGLE Moman. I am open for a correction or more information.


43. FIELDSTONE..JAMES TABOR (This is thought to be James Tabor, 1786-1859, the s/o William Tabor & Nelly-unknown surname....see # 7 for Tabor line and # 11 for the 1810 Montgomery Co., VA., Census) James Tabor was the father of:

44. FIELDSTONE HEN...... TABOR (This is Henrietta Blackwell, wife of James Tabor # 43, b. abt 1790 d bef. d/o Robert Blackwell) Robert Blackwell b abt 1750, father of Henrietta, served in the Rev. War.


James Taber enumerated between the families of Rich'd Runion and John Havens in the opposite direction. JAMES TABOR 00100-00100 I male 16-26 1 female 16-26

NOW! There was two James Taber's in 1820 Tazewell Co., VA census? The children do not match the James Tabor I have as the s/o William & Nellie-unless they made a mistake in the enumeration.


JAMES TABER 1 male 26-45 1 female 0-10, 1 16-26


JAMES TABER 2 males 0-10, 1 male 26-45 3 females 0-10, 1 16-26

The information I have on James & Henrietta Tabor would indicate that in 1820 they had three children--but without a verification of two of those births it may really be just the son William Bartley Tabor that was b. In 1816. I am still searching for more information on this riddle. I can't find another James Tabor that would fit into this window of time.

There is also the possibility that they put an incorrect name for one of the James Tabors.


JAMES TABER (This fits his family group as far as I can tell for 1830) 2 males 0-5, 2 males 5-10, 1 male 10-15,1 male 40-50 1 female 0-5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 30-40


JAMES TABER 2 males 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 2 males 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60 1 female under 5, 1 female 10-20, 1 female 30-40 1 female 50-60


**TABOUR, JAMES, age 64 a farmer from VA ( All from VA)

.**.......Mala age 53

........Stephen age 25

........John (Deaf & Dumb - he certainly was not Dumb but that is the way it was listed about anyone in all the early census records who was a Deaf-Mute) age 20

........Patton age 19 a farmer

........Hiram R.? age 16

.......Tabitha age 14

........Henry H. age 8 (This is the son of Jessee Tabor & Susanna Turner)


Regarding Henrietta Blackwell , first wife of James Tabor & Mela, second wife of James Tabor: A child of the James & Henrietta Tabor family listed his mother as Mela on a marriage certificate. I have found several marriage records in Mercer Co., VA/WV., and Tazewell Co., VA., that listed a second wife of their father as the mother on a marriage record. Who knows 150 years later the reason for this practice of not giving the name of the biological mother? Perhaps it was just a common practice.

Fannie Ellis Dickenson received a letter in 1959 from a Sylvia J. Jensen of Florida, who listed James Tabor as having married a second wife named NANCY WALL? I have not found this marriage record.


................26 (Nothing else readable)

46. FIELDSTONE STEPHEN TABOR................................Born Jan 1873...Died Jul 5 1877 (Stephen J. Tabor, s/o Stephen Paris Tabor & Eleanor "Ellen" Havens). See # 7 for Tabor & Havens line

Stephen J. Tabor died 5 July 1877, at Mudfork, Tazewell Co., VA., of Dyptheria, at the age of 4 years, s/o Stephen & Ellen Tabor, b. Mudfork, Tazewell Co., VA., father reported death.

47. FIELDSTONE MARG.... TABOR...........................1871....Died 7 Jul 1877 (Margaret "Maggie" Tabor, d/o Stephen Paris & Eleanor "Ellen" Havens See # 7 for Tabor & Havens line

Margaret Tabor died 7 Jul 1877, of Dyptheria at Mudfork, Tazewell Co., VA., at the age of 6 years, d/o Stephen & Ellen Tabor. Margaret Tabor had been born at Mudfork, Tazewell Co., VA., her death was reported by her father.

48. FIELDSTONE DICY J. TABOR..............................1856 Died 4-6-1881

(Dicy Jane Tabor, d/o Stephen Paris Tabor & Eleanor "Ellen " Havens) See # 7 for Tabor & Havens line



51., 52, 53., 54. & 55 FIELDSTONES (No other data at this time)

56. W. W. BEASLEY........................4-28-1873........8-24-1942 ( No other data)

57. STELLA BEASLEY.......................12-6-1882........2-22-1983 (No other data)

58., 59., 60., 61., 62., 63., 64 & 65 FIELDSTONES (No other data at this time)

See # 100 for a possible Hawley Connection

66. LLOYD B. HAWLEY......................33-15-1894......4-27/9?-1970 ....GERTRUDE P. HAWLEY......................4-24-1900.......7-27-1970 (Lloyd B.Hawley ,s/o John L. Hawley & Martha A. TABOR. Martha A. Tabor., d/o Andrew Jackson Tabor who was killed during the Civil War, & Juliana Belcher)

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS Clearfork Dist.-W. L. Stephens-enumerator

JOHN L. HAWLEY, 45, b. May 1855 in VA (All in home b. VA), a teamster

.....Martha A., 43, b. Mar 1857, wife, had had 10 children all were alive in 1900.

.....Magie J., 19, b. June 1880, dau

.....Willie, 18, b. Aug 1881, dau

.....Stella, 15, b. Dec 1884, dau

.....Nannie L., 13, b. Oct 1886, dau

.....Nathan R., 11 b. Mar 1889, son

.....James B., 9, b. Mar 1891, son

.....John A., 7 b. Apr 1893, son

.....FLOYD B., b. Mar 1895, should be Lloyd B.

67. FIELDSTONE (No other data at this time)

68.EVELYN HAWLEY.........................5-10-1912........8-1-1912 Possible child of Lloyd B. Hawley and his wife, Gertrude?)

69. UNA MAY HAWLEY...........................12-15-1889.....12-3-1918

(How is this young lady connected to the Hawley Family?)

70. WILLIAM JACKSON QUARLES............. 10-19-1880......1-2-1919 .....EDNA HAWLEY QUARLES.................8-6-1881........12-26-1964

(I bvelieve this to be the same woman as "Willie" Hawley in the 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Census, of the John L. Hawley & Martha A. Tabor family above?)

71.LOYED GLAYDES QUARLES...................4-18-1907......12-14-1908 (Per stone: Son of W. J. & W. E. Quarles- the couple of # 70)

72., 73., & 74 FIELDSTONES (No other data t this time)

75. CAS P. BARNHILL.........................12-3-1881......4-17-1933 Caswell P. Barnhill, the husband of Nannie L Hawley-next plot

76. NANNIE L. BARNHILL......................10-30-1885....6-11-1977 Nannie L. Hawley, d/o John L. Hawley & Martha A. Tabor,d/o Andrew Jackson Tabor & Juliana Belcher

77. DONALD CLAYTON BARNHILL..............Born & Died 11-17-1934 (Possible child of Caswell P. Barnhill & Nannie L. Hawley)

78. BOE WIMMER..............................9-18-1915.....11-11-1918

78. SUDDUTH WIMMER..........................8-1-1913.......1-26-1916

80., 81., & 82 FIELDSTONES (No other data at this time)

83. STELLA M. COSTINO.......................9-24-1902.....11-2-1950 (I found this name and date a mystery. A Stella Melissa Sadler, was born 24 Sept 1902, d/o George Washington Saddler & Martha Bailey. My Stella Melissa Sadler did not die until 1999 and she had married Carl Bennington). I would appreciate any help with this name.

84. WALTER J. WIMMER...........................1895............1973 (Walter Jackson Wimmer)

BESSIE M.WIMMER.............................1895.............1967

( Bessie Mae Surface) (Walter J. Wimmer, MIGHT be the s/o :

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 310, Clearfork Dist, W .L.Stephens, enumerator

ISAAC A. WIMMER, 25, b. July 1874 in VA ., farm labor

.....Ada, 25, b. Mar 1874 in VA,., wife, had had one child

.....WALTER, 5, b. Oct 1895, son

# 311 -apparently the grandfather of Walter Wimmer ISAAC WIMMER, 71, b. Feb 1829 in VA., Head of household listed as his profession

.....Sarah A., 66, b. July 1833, VA., Had had 8 children 7 were living in 1900

....Nancy O., 37, b. Mar 1863, WV., dau (WV., was not a state until June 1863-Karen)

.....Waverly J., 28, b. June 1871, VA., son


Please remember the name Saddler became Sadler.

85. GEORGIA JONES PERKINS................10-10-1913........7-27-1992

Child of #98 & 99 , Per Robert Duane "Danny" Sadler July , 2000

86. LEON JONES.........................5-29-1930...........56-24-1942

(Possible child of # 91 OR # 98 & # 99)

87. W. E.


(Possible child of # 91 OR # 98 & 99)

88. CHLOE A. REED....................8-21-1913...............9-1916 (Also possible kin to # 92 & # 93 since she had the same given and middle initial as # 92?)

89., 90 FIELDSTONES (No other data at this time)

91. CALLIE JONES..................12-13-1881..............8-29-1914

(Callie *T. J. or I. Saddler, d/o William W. Saddler , # 93 & Chloe Ardelia Tabor Sadler, # 92. Callie Saddler married C. N. Jones, 21 Dec., 1904, Tazewell Co., VA., and Ambrose C. N. Jones , s/o John M. & Martha L.Jones. Ambrose C. N. Jones was the brother of # 98, Eli M. Jones, who married the sister of Callie Saddler, Lina S. Saddler....See # 92 & 93 for Tabor & Saddler lines) * It was difficult to read the microfilmed marriage record.

1880 TAZEWELL COUNRTY VIRGINIA CENSUS # 163 Maiden Spring Dist, Thomas A. Repass-enumerator

JOHN M. JONES, 25, farmer, b. VA

.....Martha L., 24, wife, b. NC

.....Ambrose C. N., 1, son b. VA

.....Eli M., 3/12, so b. VA., 3/12 = 3 months

Before the 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Census John M. Jones is remarried.

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 113 Maiden Spring District, J. S. S. Higginbotham, enumerator

JOHN M. JONES, 47, b. Aug 1852 in VA (all in home b. VA), farmer, had been married 5 years

.....Sarah L., 30, b. Jan 1870, wife, had had 3 children all were living in 1900

.....Horton, 22, b. Aug 1878, farm labor (This MUST have been Ambrose C. N.?)

.....Eli, 20 b. Jan 1879 (should be 1880), farm labor

.....Author, 18, b. Mar 1882, farm labor

.....Itakill?*, 17, b. May 1883 (*Compiler of book had trouble reading film)

.....Corra, 14, b. Mar 1886, dau

.....Lou E., 11 b. May 1881(this is a wrong year-1889?)

.....Thomas, 8 b. Apr 1892, son


.....John R., 4, b. May 1896, son

.....Andrew, 2, b. May 1898, son

.....Jennie, 5/12, b. Dec 1899, dau

92. CHLOE ARDELIA SADLER..............8-4-1859...............6-7-1948 (Chloe Ardelia Tabor, d/o Andrew Jackson Tabor, b. abt 1829 d. 1864-killed in the CIVIL WAR, & Juline-unknown surname, b. abt 1831, d. aft 1900. Andrew Jackson Tabor, s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell. See other Tabor information at top of cemetery introduction.

93. W. W. SADDLER......................2-10-1853..........11-17-1908 (William W. Saddler, s/o Henry C. Saddler, b. abt 1819 d. after 1882, & his first wife, Chloe Farley, b. abt 1819, d. abt 1856, Giles Co., VA., Henry Saddler, s/o Jacob Saddler, abt 1780 in MD., & Mary Crowell, b abt 1795. Jacob Saddler & Mary Crowell married 5 Sept., 1818, in Botetourt Co., VA. Mary Crowell, d/o Henry Crowell, b. abt 1775. __________________________________________________________ HENRY C. SADDLER, HIS FOUR WIVES :

I. Henry C. Saddler & Chloe Farley (married abt 1839)

...1. John Saddler ,b. abt 1841 Giles Co., VA.

...2. Charles Saddler, b. abt 1843, Giles Co., VA.

...3. Nancy Saddler, b. 1846 giles Co., VA., apparently died before 1850

...4. Joannah Saddler, b. 1848 Giles Co., VA., apparently died before 1850

...5. Frances E. "Fannie" Saddler, b. abt 1851 Giles Co., VA., married Lee C. Moran on .......6 Jul 1872, Mercer Co., WV., s/o James M. & Sarah Moran

...6. Mary Elizabeth Saddler, b. abt 1853, Pulaski Co., VA., married Andrew J. Payne on .......18 May 1871, Mercer Co., WV., s/o James & Mary Payne.

...7. William W. Saddler, b. 1853, Pulaski Co., VA., m. Chloe Ardelia Tabor on .......24 Aug 1876 in Tazewell Co., VA. (see data above)

... 8? ONLY AN ASSUMPTION. *Victoria Saddler, b. 1850 Giles Co., VA., married Cyrus Tabor on 5 Mar 1875 in ........Mercer Co., WV., s/o Abraham Tabor & Nancy-unknown surname, Abraham Tabor, thought to be s/o Stephen H. Tabor, b. abt 1790 d. after 1870 & Anne Bechelhymer, (Stephen H. Tabor was the brother of James, Richard Adam, Daniel, Francis and the other siblings-all children of William Tabor & his second wife, Nelly). Anne Bechelhyner was the d/o Abraham Bechelhymer, Jr., b. abt 1722 d. abt. 1822 & Mary Kingery, Abraham Bechelhymer, Jr., s/o Abraham Bechelhymer, Sr., & Christianna-unknown surname, Abraham Bechelhymer, Sr., s/o Johan George Bechelhymer, b. abt 1670.

*(THIS IN ONLY AN ASSUMPTION THAT VICTORIA IS A CHILD OF HENRY C.SADDLER) (All Saddler/Sadler researchers do not have Victoria Saddler. In 1870 she was living in Mercer Co., WV., with a James Stafford household. The other family members in the home were a Peck Family). When Victoria married her father was listed as Henry Saddler. THIS DOES NOT MEAN SHE WAS THE DAUGHTER OF HENRY C. SADDLER)



.....PECK, JOHN H. age 33

.....PECK, Louisa age 23

.....PECK, James . age 2

.....PECK, Joseph W. age 1


Marriage: Page 30 (original data pg. 26 # 9) Mercer Co WV., 5 Mar 1875 Cyrus Tabor 21 single, farmer b. Mercer Co s/o Abraham & Nancy Tabor. Victoria Saddler 25 single b. Giles Co VA d/o Henry Saddler. Married by Wm. M. Crawford.

..9. George David Saddler, b. abt 1855 Giles Co., VA., married Mary Katherine Wood on 9 Dec., 1879 in Mercer Co., Wv., d/o Caroline Wood.

II. Henry C. Saddler & Arminta "Mintie" White (married 28 June 1856 Giles Co., VA). (numbers in ( ) are the ongoing count of the children of Henry Saddler)

...1. (10) James Saddler, b. abt 1857 Giles Co., VA., m. Leftwich A. Surface, on 1 Jan 1882, d/o Sarah O. Surface.

...2. (11) Wiley Winton Saddler,b.abt 1859 Giles Co.,VA., m.Virginia B. Chances, on 20 Feb 1890 d/o James & Cosby B. Chances

...3. (12) Alexander "Alex" Saddler,b.abt 1861 Giles Co VA., m. Nancy J. O"Donnell, on 24 Aug 1893, d/o Wm. B. O'Donnell, b. abt 1840 & Elizabeth Shrader, b. abt 1842. Elizabeth Shrader, d/o John Shrader, b. abt 1811 & Nancy Dillion, b. abt 1824. John Shrader, s/o David "Dave" Shrader, Sr., 1775-1879 & Rhoda Nuckles. William B. O'Donnell, s/o Isaac O'Donnell, b. abt 1805 & Rebecca Shrader, b. abt 1807. Rebecca Shrader, d/o David "Dave" Shrader, Sr., & Rhoda Nuckles

...4. (13) Martha Analiza Saddler, b. abt 1864 MercerCo., WV., m. Henry Wollen, b. abt 1856 in OH., on 1 Jan 1886, s/o Alvin & Lucinda Woolen

...5. (14) Julia A. Saddler, b. abt 1865 Mercer Co WV-no other data

...6. (15) Henry Saddler, b. abt 1867 Mercer Co WV., m. Lillie Bailey, b. 1872, on 15 Apr 1894, d/o J. F. Bailey & Sarah O. Bailey. (J.F. & Sarah both had surnames of Bailey)

...7. (16) Samuel Saddler, b abt 1868, Mercer Co WV., no other data

...8. (17) Josephus Saddler, b. abt 1870 Mercer Co WV., no other data.

...9. (18) Giles Edward Saddler, b. abt 1874 Mercer Co., WV., m. Amanda Cecil, b. 1883, on 7 Jan 1900, d/o WM., & N. E. Cecil.

..10. (19) Arminta Saddler,b. abt 1876. No other data. I believe Arminta (White) Saddler died giving birth to this little girl or complications of childbirth from her delivery.

III. Henry C. Saddler & Sarah A. (H?) "Sally" Jeffers, d/o John & Elizabeth Jeffers who lived in Tazewell Co., VA., when Sarah was born. Henry Saddler, age 57 & Sarah Jeffers, age 18 were married 1876 May in mercer Co., WVa.

...1. (20) Robert Saddler, b. abt 1878, Coaldale, Mercer Co., WV. No other data

...2. (21) George Washington Saddler, 1879, Coaldale, Mercer Co., WV. married Martha Bailey, d/o John Bailey and his second wife, Mary Elizabeth Terry. Two of their sons Cecil Raymond Sadler, 1911-1991 and Adrain Leon Sadler, 1925-1996 married *two daughters of Samuel Henry Shrader & Ocie Lee Tabor. Ocie Lee Tabor was the d/o Hugh Edward Tabor & Margaret Rebecca Sluss, granddaughter of James Russell Tabor & Martha Jane Havens, great granddaughter of Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader. Two of Martha Bailey's sisters married two of William W. Saddler & Chloe Ardelia Tabor's sons (1) Raliegh S. Saddler , # 97 in this cemetery, married Mary Virginia Bailey and (2) Granger Saddler married Sarah E. Bailey.

* Cecil Raymond Sadler m. Margaret Alice Shrader, 1921-1983 * Adrain Leon Sadler married Frances Ocie Shrader, 1926-1995

...3. (22) Mary E. Saddler, b. 1880, Coladlae, Mercer Co WV., No other data.

...4. (23) Lucy Ardelia Saddler, b. 1882, Coaldale, Mercer Co WV., m. John William O'Donnell...the brother of Nancy J. O'Donnell who marrie> Alexander "Alex" Saddler above . See the third child of Henry Saddler & his second wife, Arminta White, Alexander "Alex" Saddler for Shrader line. This Shrader line is the same David "Dave" Shrader, Sr., & Rhoda Nuckles that were the great grandparents of Samuel Henry Shrader who married Ocie Lee Tabor. Ocie Lee Tabor was a direct descendant of Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader, making Ocie Lee Tabor a direct descenndant of Henry Shrader, Sr., the brother of David "Dave" Shrader. Henry Shrader, Sr., was the father of Mildred Permelia "Milly" (Shrader) Tabor.

5. (24) Albert W., Saddler, b. 4 June 1888, Coaldale, Mercer, Co., WV.

6. (25)Richard McGuffy Saddler, b. 15 Oct 1885, Freeman, Mercer Co., WV., d. 7 July 1936, buried in Samithe Cemetery at Littlesburg, Mercer CO., WV. Married Rachel V. Smith, 29 May 1907, Mercer Co., WV

IV. Henry C. Saddler & Christine French-fourth wife-no other data-I wish to add I have seen no person with a marriage date for this marriage. Some have it as family legend that Henry C. Saddler went to Ohio, after the death of fourth wife, Sarah Jeffers. I have no proof from any family members of this fact of marraige or travel to Ohio...only an assumption. __________________________________________________

94. HOWARD J. SADDLER........ 10-18-1912........9-28-1913............ (This must have been a grandson to # 93, W.W. Saddler)

95. H. C. SADDLER, 2-22-1900................12-3-1944............. Henry C. Saddler, s/o William W. Saddler & Chloe Ardelia Tabor. See # 93 for for lineage)

>96.W. H. SADDLER, ....................7-18-1889..........11-17-1935 (William H. Sadler, s/o William W. Saddler & Chloe Ardelia Tabor. See # 93 for lineage)

>97. RALIEGH S. SADLER.................3-4-1887............1-15-1959 (Son of William W. Saddler & Chloe Ardelia Tabor. Married Mary Virginia Bailey -the sister of Martha Bailey who married George Washington Saddler. See # 93 for lineage)

98. ELI M. JONES......................3-14-1880...........11-23-1952 >Husband of Lina S. Saddler Jones, # 99. Son of s/o John M. & first wife, Martha L.Jones. Eli M. Jones was the brother of Ambrose C. N. Jones, who married # 91, Callie Saddler, the sister of Lina S. Saddler # 99)

99. LINA S. JONES 3-7-1892.............9-12-1982 (Lina S. Sadler, d/o William W. Saddler & Chloe Ardelia Tabor. See # 93 for lineage)

100. CHARLIE M. SADLER.................4-8-1955.............1-31-1955 (Charles M. Sadler, s/o William W. Saddler & Chloe Ardelia Tabor, married Margaret M."Maggie" Tabor, I BELIEVE I have the correct Margaret Tabor. No parents names were on the compiled data. This Margret/Margaret "Maggie" Tabor was the d/o *James Brittan Tabor, 1879-1970 & Carmine A. "Connie" **Hawley/Holly. James Brittan Tabor was the s/o William J. Tabor, 1830-1888, & Elizabeth Jane "Betsy" Crockett, William J. Tabor was the s/o Francis Tabor & Mary "Polly" Shrader)

Marriage: Bk. 4, pg. 10 Mercer Co., WV., Oct. 2 1919

Maggie M. Tabor to Charles M. Sadler

* James Brittan/Britton Tabor's mother, Mary "Polly" Shrader, had a brother named, James Britton Shrader. Some think Louisa Kennedy, the second wife of Henry Shrader, Sr., might have been a Britton and was a "Widow Kennedy" when she became the second wife of Henry Shrader, Sr.

**Perhaps this was a kinswoman to the Hawley family at # 66-70


HOLLY, JAMES age 27 farmer b. VA (All b. VA) (Name later became Hawley)

.....Martha age 25 wife k-house (This is Martha A. Tabor , d/o Andrew Jackson Tabor and Juliana Belcher)

.....Ada J. age 5 daughter

.....Cana A. age 3 daughter (Connie)

.....Maggie age 11/12 daughter

Marriage 13/19 Jan., 1898, Tazewell Co VA J. B. Tabor 18, single, farmer, s/o W. J. & Elizabeth Tabor Carmin /Connie Holly 20, single. b. Taz Co., VA., d/o James & Marietta Holly. * Married by J. W. Holbrook (Annie/Connie Ardelia Hawley)

* Per direct descendant, Phyllis Tabor Mullins: The surname is Hawley.

In the early records of Tazewell Co., VA., the name was spelled Holly/Holley

DEATH: Reg. 8, pg 202, line 22 Mercer Co., WV ANNIE ARDELIA TABOR, Blfd., Mercer Co., W/F, Married b 30 Jan 1879, Falls Mills, VA, age 79, Housewife Parents: James Hawley & Martha Ann Tabor d. 10 Feb 1951 Plumonary Carcinoma Buried: 12 Feb 1951 Tabor Cem, M. L. Wagner, undertaker Informant: James B. Tabor (James Brittan Tabor)

# 168 1880 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS: TABOR,WILLIAM J. age 47 farmer b. VA

.....Elizabeth J. age 46 wife keeping house b. VA (all born VA)

.................Louisa J. age 25

.................Martha A. age 22

.................Robert L. age 15

.................John E. age 12

.................Francis M. age 8

.................Missouri age 5

.................James B. age 2 (James Brittan/Britton Tabor) I do not know why Louisa Jane, age 25, is in this Census. She is listed as having been married in 1873?

Death of Wm. J. Tabor, 6 Aug 1888, Taz Co., VA (Father of James B. Tabor & Siblings) (Page 95) Death Record. Wm. J. Tabor son of Francis Tabor & Pollie (Mary) Tabor. Death due to Fever. Age at death 55 years, 2 months and 10 days. States that he was born in Tazewell Co VA


TABOR, ELIZABETH, Mrs. Head of household b. July 1827 age 62 a widow who had had 9 children 7* were living in 1900. Reads writes and speaks English, as does her son, daughter and dau-in-law. Her farm and home is free and clear and # 138 on the farm schedule. She and her parents were born in VA. The same was true for her children, dau.-in-law and granddaughter.

........Martha A. age 39 b. Apr 1861

........James B. age 22 b. Apr 1878

......Connie age 22 b. Jan 1878 (Daughter-in-law)

......Magie age 6/12 b. Nov 1899 (Granddaughter of Elizabeth Tabor-the head of the household)

* To read about the deaths of her two sons see the article "Conflict in Tazewell County, Virginia, Among Kin" in the introduction.

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