I want to thank Karen Louise EAGLE Moman for this cemetery information, and the genealogy information she also included.

Thanks Karen, your contribution to free genealogy is greatly appreciated.

Tim Vance


Falls Mills, Tazewell Co., VA

Location: On hill above the Falls Mills Christian Church

Names catalogued in July, 2000

by :

James Allen “Jimmy” Thomason

This report would not have been possible without the help of our cousin, “Jimmy” Thomason. I do NOT know the plot numbers. Sometimes the stones are hard to read because time and the elements have damaged them. If you know any dates to be different PLEASE, let me or Jimmy know. (Address at bottom) Thank you, Karen EAGLE Moman

----------------Index follows family history----------------

(History of the three Tabor Families most represented in cemetery)


James Harrison Tabor, b. 17 Dec., 1821, d. 11 Nov 1891, s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell, grandson of William Tabor and his second wife Nelly-unknown surname. Brother of Stephen Paris Tabor - listed below. Married Nancy Moore Runion, d/o Joseph Runion & Nancy Jacobs.


A. John Andrew is being listed with his three wives and children becasue of the fact that there is always a mix-up of his children’s biological mother. John Andrew Tabor b. 8 Oct., 1841, d. 3 Dec., 1915, s/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion. James Harrison Tabor, b. 1821, d. 1891, s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell (both James & Henrietta Tabor buried at The Tabor Cemetery, Falls Mills, Tazewell Co., VA)

John Andrew Tabor married three times:

1. Martha A. Compton, b. 14 Feb 1843, d. 2 Jul., 1867, d/o Cornelius Compton & Rebecca Jane Patterson. Married 2 Aug., 1864 Taz., Co., VA. Children:

...a. Meldora Moore Tabor, b. 10 Jan 1866, d. 16 Oct., 1918, m. Isaiah Henderson Harryin 1885

...b. Theodocia Elizabeth Tabor, b. 26 Apr., 1867, d. 13 Dec., 1928, m. James Alexander “Alex” Cooper ,0n 2 July, 1885, Tazewell Co., VA..,s/o William A. Cooper & Melvina-unknown surname

2. CarolineVirginia “Jennie” Hollendsworth, b. 3 Apr., 1852, d. 9 Jun 1882, d/o William & E. Hollendsworth, m. John Andrew Tabor on 16 Oct., 1877, Tazewell Co., VA. Children:

...a. Lilie May Tabor, b. 9 Nov., 1878, d. 15 Jul., 1923, Married twice ........1. Robert L. Vernon, s/o Samuel J. Vernon & Melissa Evelina .......2. J. Will Stephenson

...b. Bertie Lee Tabor, b. 26 Mar., 1880, d. 9 Sept., 1969, married twice .........1. William Robert Sarver, b. 3 Mar., 1878, d. 3 Sep., 1913, s/o John & M. Susan Sarver.

.........2. James E. Danley

3. Julia Ann Bailey, b. 15 Mar., 1853, d. 25 Jan 1941, d/o Harvet G. Bailey & Nancy B.Mc Daniel/Mc Donal. Chilgre:

...a. Raliegh Harrison “Roy” Tabor, b. 26 Mar., 1889, d. 7 Jan 1959, m. Eula Evelyn Riddle

....b. Cleo Bell Tabor, 26 Mar., 1889, d. 11 Aug., 1889 of Whooping Cough

....c. John Clinton Tabor, b. 3 Jan 1893, d. 9 feb., 1967, m. Hattie Mildred Baker, d/o Dudley Davis Baker & Sarah T. “Sallie” Tabor, d/o Stephen Paris Tabor & Eleanor “Ellen” Havens Marriage: Pg. 221 # 187 Tazewell Co VA, 17 Aug 193 J. Clinton Tabor 20 single b. Taz Co VA s/o John A. & Julia A. Tabor. Hattie Mildred Baker 18 single b. Taz Co VA d/o D. D. & Sallie Baker. Married by W.S. Bullard

B. Thomas Edward “Edd” Tabor, b. 6 Feb., 1844, d. 9 May 1915, m. Anna Elizabeth Parker, d/oAnderson & M. Parker

C., Emily “Emma” Tabor, b. 24 Sept., 1846, d. 31 Dec., 1912, m. William Jasper Buckland, s/o Jacob W. P. & Martha Patsy Buckland.

D. Sarah J. Tabor, b.22 Feb., 1849, d. 6 Jan., 1922, m. Jacob Alexander “Alex” Buckland, s/o Jacob W. P. & Martha Patsy Buckland

E. Samuel Rrover Tabor-known as Grover, b. 30 Dec., 1851, d. 2 Nov., 1905, m. Virginia W. “Jennie” Johnson, d/o John W. Johnson & Margaret D. Nash.

F. George Cyrus/* Cyrus George Tabor, b. 22 Nov 1854, d. 12 Sep., 1888 , m. Sarah Frances “Fannie” Johnson, d/o John W. Johnson & Margaret D. Nash. * I have seen the name both ways. It is listed as C. G. Tabor on his tombstone in this cemetery.

G. William B. “Billy” Tabor, b. 23 May 1857, d. 23 Feb., 1870. I have never found a marriage for William B. Tabor.

H. Joseph Wade Tabor, b. 29 Nov., 1869, d. 7 Jan., 1917, m. Sarah Frances “Fannie” Tabor, d/o Stephen Harrison Tabor & Lucinda Obedience Deaton.

I. James Robert “Bob” Tabor, b. 4 July, 1864, d. 16 Oct., 1882 of Typhoid Fever

( I have also seen the names Mollie & Tenny listed as belonging to this family. I do not know to which of the daughter’s the names of endearment belonged)


Stephen Paris Tabor , b. 9 Dec., 1825, d. 5 Jan 1888, s/o *James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell, grandson of William Tabor and his second wife, Nelly-unknowm surname. Henrietta Blackwell, abt. 1790-97, d/o Robert Blackwell - was in the Revolutionary War per: Virginia Appaclchian Notes, Vol # 12, 1988 - article by Lorraine Butta. Stephen Paris Tabor married Eleanor “Ellen” Havens, d/o Howard Havens & Dicy Jane King.

* James Tabor married a second time to a woman listed as Mela in the 1850 Tazewell Co., VA., Census. James Tabor’s siblings are:

John Tabor, m. Elizabeth-unknown surname Stephen H. Tabor, m. Anne Bechelhymer Martha Tabor, m. (Henry Harman?) Jessee Tabor, m. Susanna “Susan” Turner Daniel Tabor, m. Mary Martha “Polly/Molly”Phlummer/Flummer Sarah “Sally” Tabor, m. John Gilbert-moved to Carter Co., KY Basil Moab “Moby” Tabor, m. 1. nancy Jackson abt 1820-moved to Carter Co., KY,., 2. m. Sarah Johnson in Carter Co., KY., on 17 Nov 1877 Francis Tabor, m. Mary “Polly” Shrader Amy Tabor, m. James Jackson-moved to Russell Co., VA Richard Adam Tabor, m. Mildred Permelia “Milly” Shrader-sister of Mary Shrader, wife of Francis Tabor (Her name mistakenly entered as Sanders on her marriage record?)

Eleanor “Ellen” Havens, b. 22 June, 1832, d. 1901, d/o Howard Havens & Dicy Jane King Siblings of Eleanor Havens: Lewis King Havens, m.Katherine White in Scioto Co., OH., 14 Feb. 1841 Mary Havens, m. John Wilson Mathena Abigail Havens, m. Thomas H. Franklin Howard Havens, m. Sarilda Harman Sarah “Sally” Havens, no marriage data Louisa Eliza Havens, m. Harvey Allen Wise, I Martha Jane Havens, m. James Russell Tabor, s/o Richard Adam Tabor

CHILDREN OF STEPHEN PARIS TABOR & ELEANOR HAVENS Dicy Jane Tabor, b. 3 Aug ., 1856, d. 6 Apr 1881, shortly before she was to be married.

James Howard Tabor, b. 15 Mar., 1858, d. 6 May 1902, m. Mary Jane Brooks

Ballard W. Tabor., b.30/31 Jan., 1860, d. 13 Mar., 1926, m. Florecne Virginia Wagner, d/o Rev. Adam Edward Wagner & Juliana Elinor Tabor d/o Farncis Tabor & Mary Shrader

Henry J. Tabor, b. 13 Nov., 1861, d. 10 Dec., 1930, m. Mary Arminta Wagner, d/o Rev. Adam Edward Wagner & Juliana Elinor Tabor

Harriett S. Tabor, b. 22 Feb., 1866, m. W. E. Montgomery

Sarah T. “Sallie” Tabor, b. 22 Sept., 1868/9, d. 26 Feb., 1941, m. Dudley Davis Baker

Margaret “Maggie” Tabor, b. 1871, d. 7 July 1877, of Dyptheria

Stephen J. Tabor., b. 1873, d. 5 July, 1877, of Dyptheria


GEORGE EMMA KEESEE, b. 8-16- 1913, d. 10-21-1923

MINERVA E. BRITTEN b. 1850, d. 1923

VIRGIE O. MITCHELL b. 10-15-1887 d. 3-27-1946

ROBERT ALFONSO WALKER, Pvt, 218 Engrs 18th Div, d. 1-3-1926, no birth date

WILLIAM DEWITT WALKER b. 2-6-1898, d. 9-4-1960

OLIVER P. WALKER, b. 4-19-1880, d 10-11-1945 FATHER

NANNA R. CARPER, b. 5-16-1868, d. 8-31-1033 MOTHER

LENORA A. (WALKER) WALK, b. 1900, d. 1962

JOHN W. HUNNELL, Virginia Pvt Co G, 39th Inf- b. 4-20-1894, d. 9-21-1963 (John Wesley Hunnell, s/o James & Amanda G. Hunnell, husband of Flora Belle Walker Hunnell, a daughter of this couple, Joyce Jean “Joy” Hunnell, married Solomon P. Tabor, Jr., s/o Solomon P. Tabor, Sr., & Edna Mae Collins, Solomon P. Tabor, Sr., s/o Hugh Edward Tabor & Margaret Rebecca Sluss, Hugh Edward Tabor, s/o James Russell Tabor & Martha Jane Havens-sister of *Eleanor Havens, James Russell Tabor, s/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildrd Permelia “Milly” Shrader) * See family at B. W. Tabor

FLORA BELLE HUNNELL b. 8-9-1894, d. 2-24-1958 (Flora Belle Walker, d/o William C. Walker & Francis Caroline Neal

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 54 Maiden Spring District, J. A. Gillispie, enumerator JAMES HUNNELL, 45, b. Feb 1855, VA., Farm , Married 19 years .....Mandana, (sic) 33, b. 1867, wife, b. WV, She had had 8 children all were living in 1900 .....Ester, 18, b. 1882, b. WV .....Louisa V., 17, b. 1883,WV, at school .....Mary A., 13, b. 1887, b. WV .....Laura E., 8 b. May 1892, VA., dau .....James L.. 7, b. Feb 1893, VA., son ....JOHN W., 6, b. Apr, 1894, VA., son .....Marvin Lee, 4, b. Dec 1895, VA., son ....William,* 1, b. May 1899, VA., son (* This is an incorrect name in the census record his niece, Joyce Joy” Hunnell Tabor, told me it shoud have read Joseph Harrison)

CHARLES W. WALK, West Virginia Tec 5, US Army WWII b. 1-3-1921, d. 4-8-1974

WANDA MAXINE TABOR, b. 3-20-1936, d. 9-6-1936 (Daughter of * “Lane“ Tabor & Clara Walker, d/o Ollie Walker, Ollie Walker could be a name of endearment for Oliver. Which means PERHAPS the Oliver P. Walker near the top of this list? )

* At this time I do not know the family connection to “Lane” Tabor.

B. W. TABOR, b. 1-31-1860, d. 3-13-1926 (Ballard W. Tabor, s/o Stephen Paris Tabor & *Eleanor “Ellen” Havens, Stephen paris Tabor, s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell -James Tabor a brother to Daniel, Francis, Richard Adam, Stephen H., Basil Moab, John, Jesse, Amy, Martha, Sarah-all children of William Tabor and his second wife, Nelly). *Eleanor Havens, d/o Howard Havens & Dicy Jane King. Several of their children married into out TABOR FAMILY.

FLORENCE V. WAGNER, w/o BW Tabor, b. 1-17-1877, d. 3-26-1941 (Florence Virginia Wagner, d/o Rev. Adam Edward Waggoner/Wagner & *Juliana Elinor Tabor. Rev Adam Edwad Wagner, s/o Elias Wagner & Arninta Nicewander who married Tillman Crocket after the death of Elias Wagner.

* Juliana Elinor Tabor, d/o Francis Tabor & Mary “Polly” Shrader. Francis Tabor, see B.W. Tabor for siblings. Mary Shrader, d/o Henry Shrader, Sr., and PERHAPS his first wife, Elizabeth Armbrister-according to her grandfather, Phillip Armbrister’s will in Wyhte Co., VA.. IF she was Mary Elizabeth Shrader! Many , as I do, have her listed as the daughter of the second wife of Henry Shrader, Sr., , Louisa Kennedy.

JOHN H. TABOR, b. 4-24-1896, d. 2-13-1920 (d. 3-13 1926?) (John Howard Tabor, s/o Ballard W. Tabor & Florence Virgunia Wagner

WILLIAM R. TABOR b. 8-2-1904, d. 12-25-1927 (Son of Ballard W. Tabor & Florence Virginia Wagner)

GARNET E. TABOR, Virginia T. Sgt US Air Force WWII & Korea, b. 7-9-1915, d. 6-10-1962 (Son of Ballard W. Tabor & Florence V. Wagner)

CONNIE SUE TABOR, d/o Garnet & Almeda Tabor, b. 12-10-1939, d. 12-16-1939 (daughter of Garnet E. Tabor listed above)

M. S. WHITLEY, b. 6-16-1856, d. 2-28-1929

MARY E. WHITLEY, b. 8-27-1865, d. 3-30-1926

PAUL DANLEY, b. 1-18-1907, d. 8-17-1991wife Spooks still living I think (I believe this to be the son of the following couple)

ALICE VIRGINIA DANLEY, b. 12-21-1880, d. 3-1-1960 WIFE (Wife of John Anderson Danley. I do not know her surname at this time)

JOHN ANDERSON DANLEY, b-5-7-1874, d-7-16-1940 HUSBAND (John Anderson Danley, Sr., Husband of Alice Virginia-unknown surname-at this time. It MIGHT be Bailey. One of the daughters of this couple, Lucy Beatrice, “Bea” Danley, married Joseph Roy Sarver, whose children were Janet and Larry Sarver. Janet Sarver is marreid to Gerald Lee “Jerry” Tabor, s/o George Edward “Hub” Tabor & Anne Marie Harris, George Edward Tabor, s/o Henry J. Tabor & *Mary Arminta Wagner. Henry J. Tabor, s/o Stephen Paris Tabor & Eleanor “Ellen” Havens, Stephen Paris Tabor, s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell, James Tabor-see B. W. Tabor for lineage. (ALSO SEE DAUGHTER, LUCY BEATRICE “BEA” DANLEY SARVER-LISTED NEAR END OF INDEX)

Another daughter of this couple, Lillian Elizabeth Danley, married John Pyott Tabor, s/o Henry J. Tabor & Mary Arminta Wagner-see paragraph above for Tabor Lineage. See Florence V. Wagner for Wagner Lineage

* Mary Arminta Wagner, d/o Rev. Adam Edward Wagner & Juliana Elinor Tabor. See Florence V. Wagner for lineage.

ARTHUR H. WIMMER, 3-15-1894, (This is birth date) . 1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS-Clear Fork Dist # 332 (Census read 1 June, 1900, by W. L. Stephens, Enumenrator) CHARLES W. WIMMER* 34 b. Jan., 1866, VA (All b. VA) .....Nannie P. 28, b. Jan 872, wife, Nannie had had 6 children and they were all living in 1900 (This was Nancy “Pollie” Buckalnd, d/o Jacob Alexander Bucklnad & Sarah J. Tabor, d/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion, James Harrison Tabor, s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell .....Sallie J. 12, b. Dec 1887, dau .....Robert J. 8, b. Dec 1872 (should be 1892), son ....ARTHUR 6, b. Feb 1894, son .....Noraa L. 4, b. Mar 1896, dau .....Edna B. 2, b. Mar 1898, dau .....Charles W. 7/12, b. Oct 1900 (should be 1899) * Charles Wimmer MIGHT have been the s/o Isaac & Sarah A. Wimmer

CHRISTINE DANLEY, b. 7-10-1904, d. 9-11-1935 (Believed to be the daughter of John Anderson Danley, Sr., & Alice Virginia. See John Anderson Danley, Sr.)

JOHN A. DANLEY, JR., s/o John A Danley b. 1910, d. 1924 (John Anderson Danley, Jr., See John Anderson Danley, Sr., above).

LILLIAN DANLEY TABOR, b. 1906, d. 1987 (Lillian Elizabeth Danley, d/o John Anderson Danley, Sr., & Alice Virginia. See John Anderson Danley, Sr., Wife of John Pyott Tabor, s/o Henry J. Tabor & Mary Arminta Wagner. See B. W. Tabor, Florecne V. Wagner, John Anderson, Sr., for lineage

ANNE VIRGINIA ELLIS, b. 1913, d. 1976

JACKIE T. HILL, b. 9-7-1926, d. 6-23-1993 (MIGHT be the d/o Virgie May Hill two positions below)

WILLIAM FRED YOST, b. 4-1-1918, d. 4-3-1973 (MIGHT be the son of /kin to Joseph Eldridge Yost * Elizabeth Clementine Franklin. Second and third position down the list)

VIRGIE MAY HILL, b. 9-3-1893, d. 4-12-1959 (Virgie May Yost, d/o Joseph Eldridge “Joe” Yost & Elizabeth Clementine Franklin. I do not know the name of the Mr. Hill she married. See Jos E. Yost below for more data)

ELIZABETH FRANKLIN YOST, b. 3-4-1864, d. 10-30-1934 (Elizabeth Clementine Franklin, POSSIBLE d/o William & Jane Franklin, wife of Joseph Eldridge “Joe” Yost -next in list)

JOS E. YOST, b-1869, d-1945 (Joseph Eldridge “Joe” Yost, b. 26 Aug 1869, Pinhook, Tazewell Co., VA,,-Pinhook, became Bluefield, Tazewell Co., VA., in 1924. Son of William Bonham Yost & *Gilliam Louvenia “Gillie Ann” Shrader. William Bonham Yost, s/o Henry Yost & Temperance “Tempy” Bonham. Henry Yost, s/o John Yost Jr., & Adeline Cooper, John Yost, Sr., s/o John Yost, Sr., & Rebecca Bonham. John Yost, Sr., s/o **Hans Casper Yost & Eleanor Marshall. Hans Casper Yost, s/o Christian Yost of Geramny & Barbara. Christian Yost, s/o Jacob JOUST & Catherine.

* Gilliam Louvenia “Gillie Ann” Shrader, d/o John Henry Shrader, Jr., & Edith Belle “Edy” Day. John Henry Shrader, Jr., s/o Henry Shrader, Sr., and his second wife, Louisa Kennedy. Henry Shrader, Sr., s/o John Shrader the German Immigrant. PERHAPS: Johannas Christian Shrader arrived in America on 12 Dec., 1754, on the ship "NEPTUNE" whose captain was William Malane. Johannas Christian Shrader was 30 years of age when he disembarked on the shores of America. This MIGHT be our John (The Immigrant) Shrader. This would mean Johannas Christian Shrader was born abt 1734 and this certainly fits with our John Shrader's arrival. However, as far as I know there is no documented proof that this is our ancestor.

**Hans Casper Yost had a son, Henry Yost, b. 1749, PA., d. 1803/1821 Staunton, VA., who married Mary M. “Polly” Waggoner, b. 1752, d. 1819. I do not know how she migh connect to the oter Waggoner/Wagner families. This couple was either married 1769 at Harper’s Ferry or 1770 in MD. I have two differnt sources of information and they do not match.

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 46 Clearfork Dist. Enumerator W.W. Wells JOSEPH YOST 30, b. VA (All b. VA) Aug 1869., a farmer .....Elizabeth 33, b. May 1867 (had 4 children and 3 living in 1900) (Birth date in conflict) .....Virgie May7, b. Sept 1892 dau. .....William K. 5, b. July 1894 son .....Joseph B. 1, b. May 1899 son

STANLEY I. STURGES, b. 4-18-1888, d. 5-11-1929 (Husband of Edna Elenor/Eleanor Tabor, next on the list)

EDNA E.TABOR, b. 11-20-1927, d. 1-9-1948 w/o Stanley Edna Elenor/Eleanor Tabor, d/o Henry J. Tabor & Mary Arminta Wagner). See John Anderson Danley, Sr., Lillian Danley Tabor

EVELYN STURGES JONES, b. 3-14-1927, d. 10-14-1991 (I BELIEVE this to be the d/o Stanley I. Sturges & Edna Elenor Tabor) I do not knw the name of her husband

RONALD B. LAFON, Virginia TMC US Navy WWII b. 12-31-1919, d. 12-27-1971

ZELL LAFON STURGIS, b. 1-8-1917, d. 8-13-1979 (POSSIBLE kin of of Stanley I. Sturges)

WILLIAM H. STURGES, b. 1-23-1917, d. 6-10-1998 (POSSIBLE kin/son of Stanley I. Sturges & Edna Elenor Tabor)

SALLIE STAPLES VESS, b. 9-29-1904, d. 12-3-1979

DORIS L. WALLACE, b-1-20-1928- still alive I think

BERNARD CLEVELAND WALLACE, SCI, US NavyWWII b. 6-11-1924, d. 9-14-1987

EDITH F. YOST, b. 10-22-1919, d. 5-9-1986 WIFE

THOMAS RILEY WILSON, b. 11-27-1933, d. 9-6-1971

ISAIAH HARRY, b. 6-6-1865, d. 7-20-1936 (Isaiah Henderson Harry, s/o *John Harry & Mary E. Dedmonds, John Harry, s/o John Harry & Elizabeth Barbary/Barbara-unknown surname.

* John Harry , the younger, I do not know if he is a Junior. He was married three times that I have found:

1. Mary-unknown surname. The children of this marriage ....a. Mary Ann Harry, m. William H. Buchanan, s/o Patrick & Elizabeth Buchanan ....b. Harriett Harry, m. Charles Trigg Tabor, s/o Daniel & *Mary Martha Flummer ....c. Calvin Harry, m. Mary E.-unknown surname ....d. Catherine E. Harry, m. James Henderson Flummer, s/o *Wm. Flummer & Nancy Agnes Justice * Mary Martha & William Flummer the children of Samuel Phlummer/Flummer & Elizabeth Peck

2. Carolyn E. McGranahan-second wife o John Harry the yopunger-I do not know if he is a Junior. The children of this marriage ...a. John W. Harry ...b. Martha Harry

3. Mary E. Dedmonds-I am uncertian about the spelling. The children of this marriage. ...a. Isaiah Henderson Harry-listed above-m.Meldora Moore Tabor, d/o John Andrew Tabor and his FIRST of three wives, Martha A. Compton, d/o Cornelius Compton & Rebecca Jane Patterson ...b. Charles Harry, ...c. James E. Harry, m. Virginia “Jennie” Compton, d/o Ballard P. Compton and Delilah Harless. Ballard P. Compton, s/o Cornelius Compton & Rebecca Jane Patterson. ...d. Cynthia B. P. Harry

MELDORA M. HARRY, b. 1-10-1866, d. 10-16-1918 (Meldora Moore Tabor, d/o John Andrew Tabor and his first wife, Martha A. Compton. See name above for Compton lineage. John Andrew Tabor, s/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion. James Harrison Tabor, s/o James Tabor & Henritta Blackwell,. James Tabor, s/o William Tabor and his second wife Nelly-unknown surname. See B.W. Tabor several names above for Tabor siblings of James Tabor.

MILDRED JOSEPHINE HARRY, b. 9-10-1920, d. 9-4-1921 d/o Mr. & Mrs Roby Harry (Daughter of Robert “Roby” Harry, s/o Isaiah Henderson Harry & Meldora Moore Tabor. See Isaiah Harry & Meldora M. Harry for lineage. I do not know the name of the wife of Robert Harry.

MARY BUCKLAND, b. 2-12-1910, d. 7-23-1910 d/o L. W. & Mary J Buckland Daughter of Larkin Watson Buckland & Mary J. -unknwon surname, L. W. Buckland s/o Jacob Alexander Buckland & *Sarah J. Tabor. Jacob Alexander buckland,, s/o Jacob W. P. Buckland & Martha Patsy.

* Sarah J. Tabor, d/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion. See Meldora M. Harry

MARGRETT BUCKLAND, b. 2-12-1910, d. 9-3-1910 d/o L. W. & Mary J. Buckland (See Mary Buckland)

WILLIAM ROBERT SARVER, d. 9-3-1913 age 35 yrs, 5 mo, 29days (Born 3 March 1878, Falls Mills, Tazewell Co., VA., Son of John Sarver & M. Susan -unknown suranme. Husband of Bertie Lee Tabor, d/o John Andrew Tabor & second wife, Caroline Virginia “Jennie” Hollendsworth. John Andrew Tabor lineage see Meldora M. Harry.

Marriage Page 167 # 231 Tazewell Co VA, 21 Dec 1904 Wm. R. Sarver 26 single, b. Taz Co VA s/o Jno & Susan Sarver Bertie Tabor 24 single b. Taz Co VA d/o Jno & *Julia Tabor. Married by C. E. Elmore? * Julia A. Bailey Tabor was the third wife of John Andrew Tabor but was not the biological mother of Bertie Tabor. Her mother was Caroline Virginia “Jennie” Hollendsworth

BERTIE SARVER DANLEY, b. 2-26-1880, d. 9-9-1969 (Bertie Lee (Tabor) Sarver , d/o John Andrew Tabor & Caroline Virginia “Jennie” Hollendsworth, and was the widow of William Robert Sarver when she married James E. Danley who was no doubt a kinsman of the other Danley family in this list?) John Andrew Tabor lineage see Meldora M. Harry.

SALLIE E. BUCKLAND, b. 9-8-1884, d. 12-25-1918

PAUL SARVER, b. 6-2-1913, d. 10-1-1938 (Could this be the son of Bertie Lee Tabor and her first husabnd William Robert Sarver?)

JOHN AUBREY SARVER, b. 8-11-1907, d. 6-9-1956 (Another possible son of Bertie Lee Tabor and her first husband, William Robert Sarver?)

L. MAY STPEHENSON, b. 11-9-1878, d. 7-15-1923 (Lillie May Tabor, d/o John Andrew Tabor and second wife, Caroline Virginia “Jennie” Hollenworth.) Lillie May (Tabor) Vernon first married Robert L. Vernon and second, J. Will Stephenson. See

First Marriage of Lillie Mae Tabor# 76 7 June 1899, Taz Co., VA R. L. Vernon age 30 single b. Taz Co VA s/o Samuel & Evelina Vernon. Lillie May Tabor age 20 single b. Taz Co VA d/o J. A. & Virginia Tabor. Married by W. M. Minter.

CLAUDE R. MABE, b. 6-13-1910, d. 3-15-1986

VIRGINIA S. MABE, b. 9-14-1911 no death date, May be living wife of Claude

ROBERT BUCKLAND, b. 2-6-1927, d. 2-10-1964

TONY BERTA, b. 5-11-1911, d. 12-24-1963

ALBERTA G. BERTA, b. 12-31-1916, d. 8-21-1984

WILLIS L. HAWLEY, 3-15-1898 (In the 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Cenus a John Hawley Family is living on the property next to John Alexander Buckland & Sarah J. Tabor. These families of Bucklands and Hawleys MIGHT have been kin. Also A Carmin/Connie A. Hawley married James Britton Tabor in 1898. Various spelling of the surname Hawley found in records some as Holly/Holley)

THELMA BUCKLAND, b. 2-9-1902, d. 2-4-1967

RONALD EUGENE BOWLES, JR, b. 10-4-1956, d. 12-9-1956 s/o Ronald & Edna Bowles

MARY RETHA BOWLES b. 5-9-1936, d. 1-21-1952

RUTH V. BUCKLAND, b. 2-20-1920, d. 7-21-1954

W. H. BUCKLAND, b. 3-24-1912, d. 3-27-1948 (POSSIBLE son of William Harrison Buckland & Virginia Mae Peakes-below)

VIRGINIA MAE BUCKLAND, b. 1883, d. 7-10-1923 (Virginia Mae”Jennie” Peakes, wife of William Harrison Buckland)

WILLIAM H. BUCKLAND, b. 1880, d. 8-20-1932 (William Harris Buckland, s/o Jacob Alexander Buckland & Sarah J. Tabor, d/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion)

J. A. BUCKLAND, b. 1849, d. 1919 FATHER (Jacob Alexander Buckland, s/o Jacob W. P. Buckland & Martha Patsy, husband of Sarah J. Tabor)

SARAH J. BUCKLAND, b. 1849, d. 1922 MOTHER Sarah J. Tabor, d/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion, James Harrison Tabor, s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell)

WILLIS J. HAWLEY, b. 1921, d. 1921

INFANT SON OF MR AND MRS W. L. HAWLEY, b. 1924, d. 1924

JOHN A. TABOR, b. 10-8-1841, d. 12-3-1915 (John Andrew Tabor, s/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion) see introduction

JULIA ANN BAILEY, b. 3-15-1853, d.1-25-1941, w/o John A. Tabor (Daughter of Harvey G. Bailey & Nancby B. Mc Daniel/Mc Donall -see intruduction)

HATTIE BAKER TABOR, b. 4-27-1895, d. 4-17-1987 w/o John Clinton (Daughter of Dudley Davis Baker & Sarah T. “Sallie” Tabor (see introduction). Dudley Davis Baker, s/o James William Baker & Fannie Ellis Baker

JOHN CLINTON TABOR, b. 1-3-1893, d. 2-9-1967, h/o Hattie B. Tabor (Son of John Andrew Tabor & third wife Julia Ann Bailey) See introduction

CLEO BELLE, b. 3-26-1883, d. 8-11-1889 d/o J A & Julia A Tabor (Daughter of John Andrew Tabor & third wife, Julia Ann Bailey)

CAROLINE V. TABOR, b. 4-3-1852, d. 6-9-1882 Caroline Virginia “Jennie” Hollendsworth, second wife of John Andrew Tabor, d/o William & E. Hollendsworth)

EDNA S. TABOR, d. 7-18-1903 (POSSIBLE daughter of George Cyrus/Cyrus Geoerge Tabor & Sarah Frances “Fannie” Johnson?) (If so she was b. September 1879. 1900 Taz Co VA Census gives age as 20, b. Sep 1880 which was wrong as she was listed in the 1880 Taz Co VA Census as: Edna Tabor age 10/12 or 10 months. Meaning she was born in September of 1879.

WILLIAM B. TABOR, b. 5-23-1857, d (William B. “Billy” Tabor, s/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion, James Harrison Tabor, s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell)

JAMES R. TABOR, b. 7-4-1864, d. 10-16-1882 of Typhoid Fever (James Robert “Bob” Tabor, s/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion)

WANDA M. (or Wangy) b. 4-12-1822, d. 8-29-1856, w/o James R. Tabor (Birthdate MIGHT be incorrect especially if she is the wife of James Robert “Bob” Tabor)

One is beside it but could not see plainly

C. G. TABOR, b. 11-22-1854, d. 12-9-1888 Cyrus George/George Cyrus* Tabor, s/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion. Married Sarah Frances “Fannie” Johnson) * I have seen the name placed both ways.

W. F. COMPTON, b. 9-13-1879, d. 2-13-1906

B. P. COMPTON, b. 3-2-1845, d. 1-9-1909 (Ballard Preston Compton, s/o Cornelius Compton & Rebecca Jane Patterson) “History of Tazewell County & Southwest Virginia 1748-1920” (page 653) Bullard P. Compton (sic), 16th Va., Cav., wounded at Moorefield, Aug. 7th, 1864. CSA

“Tazewell County Heritage” Page 226 CIVIL WAR Ballard Preston Compton, brother of Hiram Compton, was apart of ot the 16th Regiment. In June of 1863, the 16th Regiment led General Lee into Pennsylvania and they passed through Chambersburg while on their way to Gettysburg.

Marriage (Page 36) 31 Jan 1865, Tazewell Co., VA Ballard P. Compton age 19 years, 10 months and 22 days, b. Tazewell Co VA., s/o Cornelius & Jane Compton. (Rebecca Jane Patterson). Delilah Harless age 19 years, 3 months and 22 days, d/o Mary Harless. Married by Evan H. Brown on 31 Jan 1865.

1870 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 247 COMPTON B.P. age 26 farm laborer b. VA (all b. VA) .....Deliah age 26 keeping house .....Robert E. age 6 .....Charles E. age 5 .....Maria E. age 1

1880 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS: # 178 COMPTON, Ballard age 35 a farmer from VA (All from VA) .........Delilah age 34 wife k-house ........Robert E. age 14 son at home ........Charles C. age 13 son at home ........Maria E. age 12 daughter ........Harriet age 10 daughter ........Jennie age 8 daughter ........Fannie age 4 daughter ........Winfiela age 2 son

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS: DWELLING # 331, FAMILY # 339, PAGE 19 A COMPTON, BALLARD b. Mar 1845 age 45 Married 35 years he and his Father were born in VA., his Mother was born in WV. His wife, her parents and all of Ballard & Delilah’s children born in VA. Ballared, his wife and two children could read, write and speak English, as reported in the 1900 census. Ballard owned his home and farm free and clear and was # 182 on the farm schedule. ........Delilah b. July 1845 age 54 Married for 35 years and had 10 children and 8 were alive in 1900. ........Henry B. b. July 1883 age 16, single and a farm laborer. ........Fannie b. July 1876 age 23 and listed as a WIDOW, she had had 2 children and 1 was alive in 1900. (Grandson) Charles b. July 1895 age 4 (Granddaughter) Sallie M. b. Dec 1896 age 3 (Grandson) Robert b. July 1888 age 11 -hard to think this was the son of Fannie-Perhaps ir should have been age 1.

DELIAH COMPTON, b. 1845, d. 1918 (Deliah Harless, Wife of Ballard Preston Compton, d/o Mary Harless)

BALLARD O. COMPTON, b. 8-23-1908, d. 4-1-1928 (No doubt a grandson of Ballard Preston Compton?)

JANET SUE COMPTON, b. 9-4-1930, d. 12-9-1930

SUE BLANCHE COMPTON, b. 9-27-1888, d. 3-21-1972 MOTHER (POSSIBLE wife of Henry Bane Compton?)

HENRY BANE COMPTON, b. 6-20-1884, d. 11-27-1960 (Son of Ballard Preston Compton & Deliah Harless)

GRATTON ALEXANDER LITZ III, b. 2-3-1955, d. 1986 Grandson (An apparent descendant of John Tiffany Litz & Elilabeth Emily Thompson. Since they had a son, Gratton Alexander Litz, b. 27 Feb 1882 and died young). A d/o John T. Litz & Elizabeth Emily Thompson, Nannie Atelia Litz, married my great great uncle, Rages Maroni Litz, Sr., s/o James Sluss & Clair Rhinda Gouldy/Golden. A daughter of James & Clair Rinda Sluss, Margaret Rebecca Sluss, married Hugh Edward Tabor, s/o James Russell Tabor & Martha Jane Havens.


FREDERICK ARTHUR DAVIES, b. 12-30-1911, d. 11-7-1997 Son in Law

ETHEL ROSTIN, b. 12-21-1907, d. 1-24-1979

FRANK ROSTIN, b. 2-2-1899, d. 2-28-1778

EMANUAL DAY, b. 10-20-1905, d. 12-19-1965

MARGARET K. DAY, b. 12-31-1910, d- 2-19-1984

CHARLES NYE BUCKLAND, b. 3-16-1924, d. 6-29-1978

FRANCIS N. BUCKLAND, b. 7-25-1913, d. 2-12-1955, w/o Walter W Graham

FRANK EARL LAWRENCE, b. 11-2-1904, d. 1-12-1964


JAMES W. LAWRENCE, SR, b. 1910 no death date

LARKIN W. BUCKLAND, b. 2-14-1885, d. 2-5-1967 (Larkin Watson Buckland, s/o Jacob Alexander Buckland & Sarah J. Tabor, Sarah J. Tabor, d/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion)

MARY JANE (JANE) BUCKLAND, b. 10-1886, d, 10-20-1960 (Wife of Larkin Watson Buckland, I do not know her maiden name)

RALIEGH H. TABOR, b. 3-26-1889, d. 1-7-1959 (Raliegh Harrison “Roy” Tabor, s/o John Andrew Tabor & third wife, Julia Ann Bailey) See introduction

EULA R. TABOR, b. 4-27-1898, d. 11-29-1972 (Eula Evelyn Riddle, wife of Raliegh Harrison “Roy” Tabor)

JOHN W. TABOR, AC3 US Air Force-Korea b. 1-22-1933, d. 4-18-1990 (Son of Raliegh Harrison Tabor & Eula Evelyn Riddle, Raliegh Harrison Tabor, s/o John Andrew & third wife Julia Ann Bailey)


TENNIE H. TABOR, b. 10-16-187, d. 9-19-1955 w/o W. F. Thompson (Harriett L. “Tennie” Tabor, d/o Thomas Edward Tabor, Sr., & Anna Elizabeth Parker, Thomas Edward Tabor, Sr., s/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion)

WALTER F. THOMPSON, b. 8-3-1877, d. 9-9-1957 h/o Tennie (Husband of Harriet L. “Tennie” Tabor, s/o George W. & Ellen T. Thompson)

Marriage : Pg. 159 # 105 20 May 1903, Tazewell Co VA Walter* F. Thompson 26, single, s/o Geo W. & Ellen T. Harriet T. Tabor 23 b. Tazewell Co VA (No other data) * Index listed Walter not Wallis. The Microfilm looked like Wallis

STELLA EARIS TABOR, b. 12-20-1907, d. 10-15-1929 (POSSIBLE d/o Cyrus Monroe Tabor & Luella French)

LUELLA FRENCH TABOR b. 1-7-1874, d. 7-13-1928 w/o Cyrus M. Tabor (Daughter of Charles Campbell French & Nacy Abigail Pauley, Charles Campbell French s/o Ezekiel French & Catherine Carter, Ezekiel French s/o John S. French, John S. French s/o *Matthew French & Sarah “Sally” Payne. * Pioneer of Tazewell Co., VA.

CYRUS MONROE TABOR, b. 12-3-1868, d. 11-28-1957 h/o Luella (Son of Thomas Edward Tabor, Sr., & Anna Elizabeth Parker, Thomas, s/o James Harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion)

P. LUCILLE GILPIN TABOR, b. 10-15-1909, d. 1-26-1993 (I do not know this kinswoman, however, a Charles W. Gilpin married Lavicie “Vicy” Stump who is the d/o Crockett Stump & Virginia Tabor. Virginia Tabor, d/o Daniel Tabor & Mary Martha Phlummer/Flummer. Crockett Stump first married Mary Doak)

DIAMOND CAMPBELL, b. 8-28-1900, d. 5-20-1948 children Mary Diamond C, Betty A, Robert C, Carl E.

CLARENCE R. BOONE, b. 1-14-1907, d. 7-12-1948

ROY WALTER TILLER, b. 7-28-1889, d. 10-31-1936 (Son of Edward F. Tiller & Julia. Edward F. Tiller, s/o Ira Ellis Tiller & Nancy Holbrrok Carter who are the parents of Octavia Zane Tiller-the wife of Elgin Whitley Tabor, s/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia “Milly” Shrader) (Ira Ellis Tiller, s/o Willliam Tiller & Rebecca Clay. Nancy Holbrok Carter, d/o Samuel Carter & Sarah Holbrook.

THELMA T. ANDERSON, b. 9-24-1915, d. 11-7-1993

THOMAS CLYDE ANDERSON, Tec 5 US Army WWII b. 1-19-1913, d. 1-26-1987

RAY W. THOMPSON, US Army WWII- b. 6-1-1909, d. 11-24-1980

ROY W. THOMPSON, b. 6-1-1909, d. 6-8-1928 (Same as Ray W. Thompson?)


MRS. M. H. ALLEY, b. 11-13-1878, d-3-2-1962 w/o M. H. Alley

M. H. ALLEY, b. 1875, d. 1923

DORIS RUTH BANNER HAIMES, b. 4-6-1920, d. 1-3-1966

GEORGE THOMAS BANNER, b. 3-15-1886, d. 8-31-1952

MAUDE R. LAFON, b. 12-30-1900, d. 1-14-1946 w/o George Banner

AGNES C. LAFON, b. 10-8-1865, d. 8-7-1932

GEORGE W. LAFON, b. 3-10-1862, d. 12-??-1922

CATHERINE AMANDA MC DONALD, b. 10-7-1855, d. 7-26-1933

THOMAS HANDY STANGER, b. 4-9-1893, d. 9-11-1930

THOMAS CHARLES STANGER, b. 9-18-1921, d. 9-2-1922

DOROTHY LUELLA STANGER, b. 11-23-1926, d. 12-17-1932

GEORGE ROBERT STANGER, b. 7-25-1928, d. 12-18-1932

GEORGE W. SONGER, b-10-17-1859, d. 11-30-1936 h/o Millie 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Census # 21 Clearfork Dist., Jno. W. Owens, enumeator SAMUEL MAXEY, 34, b. Jul 1865, VA., widower/Electircal Engineer PATRICK DEORANER, 29, b. Mar 1871 VA., Engineer Stationary GEORGE SONGER, 40 b. Oct 1859, VA, Electrical Engineer

MILLIE S. SONGER, b-10-18-1858, d, 12-2-1936 w/o George W

LULA KATE TOTTEN, b. 1879, d. 1965 w/o Samuel

SAMUEL W. TOTTEN, b. 1884, d. 1937- h/oLula

JULIA A. CALDWELL, b. 3-19-1839, d. 11-19-1918

ETHEL D. ROSS, b. 3-22-1907, d. 1-18-1920

WILLIAM TRIG, b. 1862, d. 1927 h/o Rhoda

RHODA F. TRIG, b-1872, d- 19?? Could not see

BALLARD J. GIVINS, b. 3-23-1905, d. 11-10-1960

FANNIE G. GIVINS, b. 6-28-1878, d. 12-3-1959

CHARLES DEXTER CALDWELL, b. 7-11-1896, d. 6-4-1941

JERRY RAY BALES, SFC US Army, Vietnam, b. 8-15-1941, d. 12-19-1990

RUBY M. BALES, b. 10-20-1915 no death date

KENNETH BALES, b. 7-2-1911, d. 1971

ROGER WINFORD BALES, b. 7-26-1945, d. 8-29-1945

BETTY ANN BALES, b. 4-8-1940, d. 4-29-1940

GEORGE ALLEN BALES, b. 12-15-1938, d. 12-1938

THOMAS ELWOOD BALES, b. 6-19-1937, d. 1-16-1938

GARNET ROSE, b. 2-27-1917, d. 8-29-1963

NANNIE JONES, b. 1900, d. 1952

ELVIRA HALE KINDELL, b. 4-11-1859, d. 2-4-1942

LYDIA W. JOHNSON, b-. 1910, d. 1942

LOUIE EARL HALL, b. 3-17-1894, d. 11-6-1973

ALICE CORA HALL, b-5-28-1867-d-7-12-1960 Mother of Louis

W. W. MC CROSKEY b. 4-2-1877, d. 2-16-1942 h/o Fannie L

FANNIE L. MC CROSKEY, b. 12-25-1883, d. 9-27-1967 w/o W. W.

HELEN CAROL LAFON, b. 9-11-1943, d. 9-14-1943

ROBERT RASH, b-5-19-1883, d. 6-16-1939 h/o Mae

MAE RASH, b. 4-20-1889, d. 9-26-1976 w/o of Robert

BEN OTIE BOWLES, b. 4-25-1901, d. 8-29-1960 h/o Virgie

VERGIE LEE BOWLES, b. 3-6-1903, d. 9-25-1958 w/o Ben

JOSEPH A GULLION, Virginia, CPL US Marine Corps WWII b. 9-10-1923, d. 8-26-1963

SALLY ROSE GULLION, b. 3-11-1897, d. 8-29-1958

JOSEPH ALLEN GULLION, b. 4-11-1900, d. 9-4-1963

BEATRICE SARVER, b. 1915, d. 1990 (Lucy Beatrice “Bea” Danley, wife of Joseph Roy Sarver. Daughter of John Anderson Danley & Alice Virginia-both buried in this cemetery)

JOSEPH ROY SARVER, b. 1913, d. 1958 ( Son of John Sarver)

TRULA CONLEY SMITH, b-6-21-1911, d. 12-25-1957

MAGGIE A. MINTON, b. 5-14-1883, d. 1-17-1955

BERTIE L. WHITLEY, b. 4-11-1900, d. 3-20-1996

MARVIN C. WHITLEY, b. 5-29-1901, d. 1-28-1952

ALFRED FRED WHITLEY, b. 11-19-1905, d. 7-31-1960 h/o Carrie Mae

JOSEPH GRIFFERT WHITLEY, b. 5-7-1899, d. 2-10-1973

CARRIE MAE RICHARDSON, b. 6-30-1905, d. 9-19-1987 w/o Alfred Fred

DONALD D. TABOR, b. 1-18-1932, d. 1-30-1997 h/o Margaret (Does anyone know if this is the s/o Dewey & Etta Mae Tabor?)

MARGARET F. TABOR, b. 9-29-1937 no death date w/o of Donald

CECIL E. COMPTON, b. 4-20-1905, d. 12-15-1982

LAURA A. COMPTON, b. 5-1-1889, d, 4-11-1961

SUEL S. SOMPTON, b. 7-27-1907?, d. 7-13-1969

LAWRENCE A. COMPTON, b. 3-26-1912, d. 11-14-1962

FANNIE S. TABOR, b. 1863, d. 1934 w/o Joseph - in iron cage (Sarah Frances “Fannie” Tabor, b. 18 Apr 1863. d/o Stephen Harrison Tabor & Lucinda Obediance Deaton. Wife of Joseph Wade “Joe” Tabor. Stephenson Harrison Tabor, s/o Stephen H. Tabor & Anne Bechelhymer). Lucinda Obediance Deaton, d/o Nathan Deaton & Sarah F. “Sallie” Mitchell-the parents of:

...a. Elizabeth A. “Lizzie” Deaton, m. Daniel Thomason (Two of their children married Tabors: James W. Thomason m, Cynthia Ann Tabor, d/o Richard Adam Tabor/Naomi Jane Thomason m. William A. “Bee” Tabor, s/o Henry Jefferson “Jeff” Tabor-died during the CIVIL WAR (s/o Richard Adam Tabor)

...b Fabius L. Deaton, m. m. Sarah Rejina Virginia Shrader, d/o James Brittion Shrader & Mary “Polly” Day

...c John Thomas Deaton,

...d. Mariah E. Deaton, m. David Nicewander Waggoner/Wagner, s/o Elias Waggoner & Arminta Nicewander

...e. Lucinda Obedience Deaton, m. Stephen Harrison Tabor-see above

...f. Francis Deaton

...g. Mary Catherine Deaton, m. Isom Green Belcher, s/o Moses J. Belcher & Nancy Elizabeth Tabor who some think MIGHT be the d/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell

...h. Charles Anderson Deaton, m. 1. Sarah F. McClaugherty 2. Rebecca Ann Martin

...I. Sarah F. Deaton, m. Jonathan A. Rollins, s/o Jonathan Rollins & Nancy Rachel “Mary” Davis

JOSEPH WADE TABOR, b. 1860, d. 1917 h/o Fannie S. - in iron cage (Known as “Joe” Tabor, b. 29 Nov 1860, d. 7 Jan 1917. Son of James harrison Tabor & Nancy Moore Runion, James Harrison Tabor s/o James Tabor & Henrietta Blackwell)

JAVIN F PAGE, b. 1893, d. 19?? h/o of Mattie - in iron cage

MATTIE K. PAGE, b. 1894, d. 1937 w/o Javin - in iron cage

JAMES M. SAMPSON, b. 9-12-1855, d. 1-13-1928

ALBERTA L. SAMPSON, b. 7-25-1861, d. 1-?? 1928

There are a few graves that are without markers or the marker is unreadable. . CATALOGUED BY: James Allen “Jimmy” Thomason PO Box 66 Falls Mills, Virginia 24613

GENEALOGY BY: Karen Louise EAGLE Moman 4333 N. Stanley Place Tucson, Arizona 85705-1733


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