William Harley Vance

Here you will find links to pictures of my Father, William Harley Vance. This section of Abner Vance's Homepage is dedicated to Abner's G,G,G, Grandson William Harley Vance.

This is my father's line to Abner & Susannah:

William Harley Vance
b. 8-Mar-1916, d. 12-Mar-1985.
He married
Dorothy Ellen White
b. Dec-11-1917, d. 19-May-1993.

Fields Joshua Vance
b. 10-Jun-1882, d. 17-Nov-1950.
He married Abinda Louise Smith
b. 30-Jun-1884, d. 8-Jan-1932

William Harley Vance
b. 8-Mar-1855, d. 14-Nov-1901.
He married
Louisa Margaret Helton
b. 1864, d. 1926.

James Harvey Vance
b. 1819, d. Unk.
He married
Eliza Jane Elswick
b. abt. 1828, d. Unk.

William Harvey Vance
b. 1789, d. 17-May-1853.
He married
Nancy Burnsides
b. abt. 1789, d. aft. 17-May-1853.

Abner Vance
b. 1753-63, d. 16-Jul-1819.
He married
Susannah Howard
b. 1767, d. aft. 1850.

My Father told all seven of his children stories about Abner & Susannah Vance, and William & Nancy Vance, and James & Eliza Vance, and William & Louisa (Maggie) Vance, and Joshua & Abinda Vance, and some about himself and Mom. Some I have already included on the story page of Abner's Homepage, some I will try to tell here.

For now I am just going to show you some pictures of the greatest man I have ever known, My Dad. The links to the pictures are below......Tim

William Harley VANCE 1916-1985, this picture was taken about 1982.

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My Father, William Harley Vance.

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