Jones Chapel Cemetery


The Jones Chapel Cemetery is located beside of the Richlands High School in Cedar Bluff Va. The cemetery is in good condition considering a storm went through there not long ago. It is well maintained. There was considerable damage caused by the storm, several headstones were completely destroyed, and many more were busted up. My wife Tami, and I catalouged this cemetery on 28-Jun-1999. There is over 350 readable stones in the cemetery. There were several graves marked only by fieldstones, and several more that were not marked at all. Below is the information from the readable stones........Tim

Kent A. ASBURY b. 6-Aug-1882, d. 25-dec-1905.

John K. ARINSTEAN b. 2-Sep-1884, d. 26-Dec-1905.

Mayo Hurt ASCUE b. 2-Oct-1896, d. 15-Oct-1948.

Nancy Hurt ASCUE d/o Mayo Hurt ASCUE, b. 3-Sep-1923, d. 17-Mar-1998.

William K. ASBURY b. 11-Nov-1852, d. 28-feb-1941.

Nancy E. ASBURY b. 29-Apr-1854, d. 9-Jan-1928.

Charles W. ASCUE b. 1894, d. 1974.

Noah F. ASBURY, A1C US Air Force, Korea. b. 18-Mar-1931, d. 23-Mar-1988.

Vina Phillips BOYD b. 16-Feb-1906, d. Age 34. (1940)

Charles William BOYD b. 5-Jan-1873, d. 6-Apr-1952.

John R. BROWN b. 26-Jan-1883, d. Aged abt. 66 years. (Abt. 1949)

Rachel BROWN, w/o John R. BROWN, b. 26-Mar-1817, d. 29-Jan-1883.

Elizabeth BROWN b. 19-May-1808, d. 8-Apr-1857.

Phere BROWN, Died 14-Feb-1860. (First name may be Phebe)

John BROWN b. 28-Nov-1780, d. 14-Jan-1859.

John Preston BLANKENSHIP s/o S.P. & Hannah E. BLANKENSHIP. Died 4-Aug-1892.

D.W. BUSKILL b. 1882, d. 1908.

Frank BUSKILL b. 7-Apr-1874, d. 25-Oct-1897.

Armon S. BROWN s/o James R. & Nannie E. BROWN. b. 28-Nov-1886, d. 21-Feb-1907.

(Triple Stone) N. Elizabeth BROWN b. 1862, d. 1904......James R. BROWN b. 1857, d. 1943......Sallie H. BROWN b. 1872, d. 1943.

Albert T. BROWN b. 13-Feb-1884, d. 27-May-1945.

Mary Myrtle BROWN b. 3-Jun-1885, d. 7-Jul-1970.

Maggie BEARD, w/o J.C. BEARD. b. 3-Jan-1877, d. 11-Jan-1907.

Helen BRAGG b. 14-May-1930, d. 25-Mar-1933.

Cora A. BEVER b. 1891, d. 1975.

Cosby Jane BEAVERS b. 24-Nov-1851, d. 31-Mar-1943.

Nancy L. BELCHER b. 1866, d. 1929.

Lawrence G. BELCHER b. 27-Feb-1889, d. 29-Oct-1918.

Sam W. BELCHER b. 15-Aug-1887, d. 30-Apr-1924.

Roxie BROWN b. 19-Jun-1891, d. 11-Sep-1948.

Mary C. Perry CECIL, w/o R.F. CECIL, b. 14-Apr-1836. Married 1856. d. 25-Jan-1904.

Wm. CECIL b. 1873, d. 1931.

John Clinton COLEMAN PFC COE 59 Inf. WWII. b. 20-Mar-1896, d. 26-Feb-1962.

(Double Stone) Mattie J. CORDLE b. 24-Feb-1890, d. 23-Nov-1928. Hugh T. CORDLE b. 5-Apr-1888, d. 19-Oct-1946.

James W. CUBILLE, s/o T.M. & E.P. CIBILLE. b. 16-Apr-1885, d. 19-Apr-1885.

Lula S. COLEMAN b. 2-Sep-1902, d. 10-Nov-1903.

Elizabeth COLEMAN b. 6-May-1821, d. 14-Feb-1899.

Elizabeth COLEMAN b. 26-Dec-1849, d. 20-Aug-1904.

J.E. CARTER b. 3-Oct-1882, d. 29-Dec-1903.

D.R. CLARK b. 2-Apr-1891, d. 26-Dec-1918.

Basil Homer CRUEY, s/o A.J. & N.C. CRUEY. b. 4-Mar-1899, d. 17-Dec-1903.

(Triple Stone) Children of Charles R. & Hattie W. CRUEY. Charlie Lee b. Apr-1921, d. May-1921. Madeline Cordelia b. 1928, d. 1931. Ralph Chester b. 1923, d. 1928.

A.J. CRUEY b. 23-Dec-1837, d. 24-Jan-1904.

Mary CRUEY b. 4-Oct-1832, d. 26-Apr-1934.

(Double Stone) Sarah E. CLAY b. 24-Jun-1860, d. 14-Nov-1925. Henry C. CLAY b. 7-Mar-1844, d. 30-Mar-1916.

Robert L. CORDLE b. 18-Apr-1899, d. 20-Dec-1911.

(Double Stone) George W. DAWSON b. 5-May-1868, d. 17-Dec-1933. Ora Belle DAWSON b. 4-Apr-1880, d. 12-Jan-1929.

(Double Stone) Ira H. DUNFORD b. 3-Nov-1898, d. 7-Mar-1942. Janet Rose DUNFORD b. 3-Feb-1942, d. 24-Feb-1942.

Estelle Repass DILL b. 25-Jan-1888, d. 26-Jan-1967.

James Floyd DAWSON b. 23-Mar-1888, d. 1-Mar-1922.

Clyde DOYLE b. 23-Feb-1914, d. 7-May-194.

J.D. DUGGER b. 6-Apr-1866, d. 18-Mar-1926.

Sarah B. DUGGER, w/o J.B. DUGGER. b. 4-Jul-1836, d. 18-Sep-1913.

Lillie B. ELKINS, w/o J.T. ELKINS. b. 22-Aug-1874, d. 7-Jul-1913.

Elbert J. ELSWICK Jr. b. 30-Jul-1950, d. 1-Aug-1950.

Everett FRANCH b. 4-May-1864, d. 25-Feb-1939.

Aker Hancock FULLEN b. 6-Jan-1883, d. 10-Sep-1931.

Russell FLOYD b. 10-Oct-1886, d. 28-Feb-1910.

William P. GRINDSTEAD b. 26-Jul-1904, d. 18-Sep-1904.

Amos M. GRINDSTEAD b. 4-Nov-1887, d. 30-Jan-1911.

Sarah C. GRINDSTEAD b. 2-Jul-1882, d. 1914.

Mary J. GILLESPIE b. 22-May-1846, d. 12-Mar-1917.

James H. GILLESPIE, s/o Wm. & M.P. GILLESPIE. b. 11-Jan-1832, d. 12-Feb-1915.

Wm. B. GILLESPIE b. 11-Feb-1810, d. 23-Jul-1896.

Willie Mayo GRINDSTEAD, d/o W.F. & Ida M. GRINDSTEAD. b. 17-May-1911, d. 19-Jul-1911.

James Blair GRINDSTEAD, s/o Chas. & Rosa GRINDSTEAD b. 4-Nov-1916, d. 27-May-1917.

(Double Stone) Charles J. GRINDSTEAD b. 13-May-1876. d. 7-Nov-1931. Rosa M. GRINDSTEAD b. 27-Aug-1882, d. 9-Nov-1945.

George GRAHAM b. 3-Jul-1879, d. 5-Oct-1931.

Bertha Scott GAY b. 10-May-1884, d. 11-May-1927.

(Double Stone) W.D. HURT b. 1-Jan-1826, d. 2-Jan-1863. E.M. CECIL b. 12-Aug-1826, d. 11-Feb-1914.

Thomas M. HURT b. 27-Jul-1848, d. 4-Sep-1888.

Coy HATFIELD, s/o C.T & L.A. Crawford HATFIELD. b. 20-Dec-1913, d. 2-Oct-1915.

John G. HIGGINBOTHAM, s/o H.S. & Ellen E. HIGGINBOTHAM, b. 1-Jan-1877, d. 12-Oct-1877.

Charles Garland HURT b. 7-Feb-1859, d. 14-Apr-1922.

Nannie Elizabeth HURT b. 26-Feb-1863, d. 3-Aug-1919.

Elizabeth Alice HURT b. 11-Jun-1894, d. 28-Apr-1938.

Eva Scott HURT b. 22-May-1900, d. 24-Nov-1946.

(Double Stone) Geo. B. HURT b. 1857, d. 1902. Mollie B. HURT b. 1856, d. 1943.

(Double Stone) Reuel Jay HURT b. 8-Jun-1891, d. 5-Aug-1977. Eunice WATKINS b. 22-Jul-1896, d. 16-Mar-1987.

Reuel Jay HURT Jr. b. 2-Oct-1915, d. 16-Feb-1916.

Andrew J. HALL, PVT US Army. b. 1896, d. 1974.

Rachel Brown HALL b. 1-Aug-1902, d. 1-Nov-1985.

(Double Stone) Albert S. HURT b. 21-Oct-1867, d. 12-Nov-1959. Hannah Belle OSBORNE b. 10-Jan-1874, d. 11-Jul-1957.

Wm. Garland HURT b. 13-Nov-1874, d. 12-Mar-1954.

Erastus F. HURT b. 2-Jun-1871, d. 18-Jul-1953.

Lar J. HORTON b. 16-Aug-1831, d. 2-May-1894.

John A. HURT b. 30-Mar-1878, d. 7-Feb-1947.

Mary E. HURT, w/o W.M. HURT. Died 30-Jun-1905. Aged 58 years. (b. 1847)

Lora HURT, d/o W.M. & M.E. HURT, Died 16-Nov-1885, Aged 7 years, 10 mos, 21 days. (B.abt. 1878)

Marion F. HANKINS, s/o M.M. & M.E. HANKINS(Stone reads)-b. 14-Jun-1881, d. 8-Jun-1881.

Daisy Scott HATCHER b. 12-Jun-1886, d. 11-Jan-1925.

Bettie E. HALL b. 16-Sep-1922, d. 17-Sep-1922.

Bonnie Lee HINKLE b. 5-Apr-1913, d. 26-Apr-1952.

Sallie Frances HENKEL b. 18-Jun-1879, d. 14-Apr-1958.

William A. HENKEL b. 12-Jun-1877, d. 13-Jan-1947.

(Double Stone) Donald HENKEL b. 25-May-1908, d. 25-Mar-1914. Vaun HENKEL b. 11-Jul-1903, d. 23-Nov-1904.

Lottie Clay HELTON b. 2-Mar-1899, d. 27-Sep-1935.

Margaret Ellen HUGHES b. 1-Jun-1866, d. 12-Jan-1921.

Daisy Rasnick HUGHES b. 31-Oct-1899, d. 27-May-1973.

Larry Wayne HARMAN, s/o Mr. & Mrs. James HARMAN. b. 21-Oct-1950, d. 10-May-1951.

Betty HALL 20-Nov-1889, d. 7-Dec-1975.

Shirley Fay HOUCHINS b. 1946, d. 1957.

Sarah C. HOUCHINS b. 1901, d. 1971.

John W. IRESON b. 22-Nov-1867, d. 20-Nov-1912.

George Thomas JOHNSON b. 20-Oct-1890, d. 31-Aug-1956.

Josephine Boyd JOHNSON b. 19-Dec-1905. d. 4-Feb-1985.

Willie A. JONES b. 21-Feb-1892. d. 15-Jul-1893.

Linnie C. JONES b. 1-May-1860, d. 16-Mar-1925.

Polly Ann JONES, w/o Jasper JONES. b. 23-Jul-1871, d. 28-Jan-1951.

W. Jasper JONES b. 14-Apr-1867, d. 20-Feb-1939.

Andrew L. JONES b. 20-Dec-1822, d. ????.

Elizabeth R. JONES b. 26-Jan-1826, d. 18-Jul-1899.

Frank JOHNSTON, s/o Rev. H.S. & S. Fannie JOHNSTON, b. 18-Apr-1812, d. 4-Nov-1812.

C. Horion JONES b. 27-Aug-1878, d. 25-Aug-1938.

Wade Burleson JONES b. 22-Jul-1916, d. 30-Jan-1919.

Sarh L. JONES b. 4-May-1868, d. 10-Apr-1951.

Sarah Katherine Totten JACKSON b. 24-Mar-1911, d. 27-Oct-1938.

(Double Stone) James H. JONES b. 23-Aug-1863, d. 4-Jan-1923. Elizabeth JONES b. 3-May-1858, d. 27-Oct-1927.

(Double Stone) A.M. JONES b. 28-Sep-1855, d. 13-Jul-1936. Nannie JONES b. 15-May-1857, d. 9-May-1939

Martha L. Reedy JONES, w/o John M. JONES. b. Jul-1859, d. Jul-1893.

John Mastin JONES, Died 20-Mar-1939. Aged 85 years, 7 Mos., 3 Days. (Born 1853)

John Wesley JOYCE b. 26-Jun-1912, d. 20-Jul-1912.

(Double Stone) Hazel I. KITTS b. 5-May-1913, d. 17-May-1968. Harold B. KITTS b. 24-Feb-1908, d. 26-Oct-1947.

Charlotte Lee KITTS b. 1-May-1930, d. 20-Jul-1930.

Hannah N. McCoy KENNEDY b. 7-Oct-1888, d. 7-Aug-1955.

Auguste LEGOMTE b. 26-Apr-1833, d. 6-Aug-1899.

Eddie C. LIDDLE b. 2-Jul-1896, d. 1898.

Mary E. LUTTRELL b. 4-Jul-1832, d. 22-Aug-1903.

James H. LUTRELL b. 18-Apr-1846, d. 29-Dec-1922.

Isaac Henry LOONEY b. 25-Sep-1898, d. 6-Jul-1972.

Lucille Boyd LOONEY b. 5-Jul-1896, d. 19-Feb-1970.

(Double Stone) Rev. P.J.LOCKHART b. 8-Jun-1831, d. 15-Sep-1904. C.S.V. LOCKHART b. 4-Nov-1832, d. 19-Feb-1908.

John Lee LEWIS b. 13-Mar-1888, d. 25-Jul-1933.

(Double Stone) Richard Amos LIPFORD 8-Apr-1852, d. 18-Apr-1901. Helen His Wife, b. 1865, d. 1887.

Rebecca LOCKHART b. 3-Mar-1884, d. 16-Oct-1914.

Christina LOW, Died 28-Aug-1824.

(Double Stone) Richard Arthur LIPFORD b. 28-Sep-1828. d. ????. Frances LIPFORD b. 12-Aug-1832, d. 21-Mar-1901.

Lillie C. Lewis Hinkle LESTER b. 16-Jan-1922, d. 24-Aug-1993.

Rebecca E. LOWE b. 19-Mar-1852, d. 10-Mar-1936.

(Double Stone) Everett LEE b. 2-Apr-1865, d. 3-May-1945. Susie Alice LEE b. 25-Jan-1863, d. 22-Apr-1936.

(Double Stone) George H. LUTTRELL b. 1899, d. 1972. Pauline C. LUTTRELL b. 1905, d. 1993.

George W. LOVE, PVT 6GI 112 ???? 29 DIV. Died 19-May-1933.

Jenille MAUDE b. 1-Jan-1881, d. 31-May-1907.

Mary J. MEADOWS b. 31-Jul-1836, d. 20-Apr-1921.

B.G. MEADOWS b. 27-Mar-1830, d. 22-Nov-1885.

James F. MCGUIRE b. 18-Apr-1886, d. 11-Sep-1887.

Ella Virginia MCGUIRE d/o J.M. & ?? MCGUIRE. b. 17-Jul-1874, d. 8-Oct-1880.

Margarete MCGUIRE b. 27-Aug-1853, d. 30-Jan-1916.

James M. MCGUIRE b. 6-Jun-1839, d. 3-Sep-1894.

Mayo MCGUIRE d/o J.M. & Me. b. 2-Jun-1882, d. 23-Jun-1900.

Mary MCGUIRE d/o Chas. & Lena E. REED. b. 31-Oct-1893, d. 7-May-1894.

Chas. MCGUIRE s/o James & Margarete MCGUIRE. b. 5-Dec-1894, d. 8-dec-1894.

Dr. John MCGUIRE b. 14-Mar-1889, d. 9-Jun-1956.

John A. MCDILDA b. 11-Oct-1827, d. 28-Feb-1874.

(Double Stone) Miletus MCDILDA b. 8-Aug-1875, d. 4-Feb-1920. Kate MCDILDA b. 23-Mar-1881, d. 9-Mar-1964.

Robert H. MITCHELL b. 26-Jul-1897, d. 20-Jan-1929.

Ruth Ellen MITCHELL b. 1865, d. 1950.

C.J. MITCHELL b. 18-Aug-1863, d. 26-Jul-1935.

Arthur Lawrence MITCHELL b. 26-Jul-1888, d. 26-Oct-1941.

James Edley MCNEIL s/o A.S. & Nancy MCNEIL. b. 21-Aug-1825, d. 23-Mar-1878.

(Double Stone) James Norris MCNEIL b. 10-Jan-1798, d. 17-May-1868. Margaret WEITZEL b. 23-Nov-1814, d. 5-Jan-1872.

Louisa J. MCGUIRE w/o Marion MCGUIRE. b. 1-Jan-1844, d. 18-Oct-1878.

J. Marion MCGUIRE b. 1836, d. 1914.

(Double Stone) Charles W. MEADE b. 1877, d. 1950. A. Maude MEADE b. 1880, d. 1964.

Mollie Belle MCGUIRE b. 15-Nov-1876, d. 8-Sep-1923.

Mary M. MUTTER b. May-1867, d. Feb-1953.

Peggy Sandra MCGUIRE. Inf. d/o James B. MCGUIRE. b. Jul-5-1939, d. Jul-6-1939.

John Vernon MCCOY b. 27-May-1898, d. 23-Sep-1954.

Theodore MARTIN b. 11-Feb-1866, d. 30-Nov-1939.

Sarah Elizabeth MARTIN b. 14-Nov-1871, d. 24-Dec-1945.

Ward Magon MORGAN b. 27-Sep-1918, d. 27-Oct-1919.

Martha Alice NORMAN. d/o Andrew & Jeston NORMAN. b. 10-Jun-1896, d. 6-Feb-1922.

(Double Stone) William Andrew NORMAN b. 1862, d. 1942. Jeston Evelyn NORMAN b. 1860, d. 1953.

Lucy Repass NELSON b. 22-Mar-1894, d. 24-Oct-1966.

Isom B. OSBORNE, 23rd Virginia Inf. C.S.A. b. 1823, d. 1895.

Lillie Stallard OSBORNE b. 1882, d. 1971.

Thomas David OSBORNE b. 1879, d. 1950.

John C. PRATER b. 18-Jul-1893. Age 74 years. (Born abt. 1819)

P. Mahaly PRATER. w/o J.C. PRATER. b. 13-Jul-1817, d. 3-May-1885.

Augustus Bordine PRATER b. 15-Apr-1908, d. 8-Jan-1978.

Charles Batchelder PERRY b. 16-Jan-1959, d. 2-Apr-1977.

James Mcguire PERRY Sr. LT. COL. US Army WWII. b. 4-Jun-1915, d. 13-Sep-1995.

James Noble PATRICK. s/o J.R. & Laura J. PATRICK. b. 11-Aug-1906, d. 4-Nov-1917.

(Quadruple Stone) Isaac PATRICK b. 5-Aug-1841, d. 11-Jun-1909. Rebecca Jane Reedy PATRICK b. 15-Jun-1846, d. 30-Jul-1924. Leo SMITH. Died 30-Jul-1924. Mary SMITH. Died 30-Jul-1924.

Mary J. PROPHET b. 26-Sep-1860, d. 28-Nov-1917.

Ed PROFIT b. 1865, d. 1942.

Elsie Maude PALMER b. 9-Oct-1920, d. 1-Aug-1921.

Sallie J. Raines PALMER b. 16-Mar-1892, d. 30-Nov-1947.

Charlie E. PRICE. Virginia SGT. 7 Quartermaster WWII. b. 17-Apr-1915, d. 22-Jun-1968.

Johnny Agnes PATTON b. 8-Mar-1936, d. 11-Aug-1937.

Ballard C. PATTON b. 30-Apr-1898, d. 17-Apr-1940.

Marion Silvester PATTON b. 1-May-1901, d. 13-Oct-1918.

J.M. QUILLIN b. 21-Nov-1861, d. 8-Sep-1906.

E.L. QUILLIN b. 21-Apr-1899, d. 18-Sep-1901.

W.O. QUILLIN, Born & Died 8-Oct-1901.

John Philip RUSSELL b. 1808, d. 1864.

Anna Parks RUSSELL b. 1825, d. 1909.

Chas. H. REED b. 22-Feb-1871, d. 7-Aug-1920.

Nellie REED. d/o Chas. & Lena E. REED. b. 17-Nov-1895, d. 26-Dec-1903.

Charlotte M. REED. d/o Ch. & Le. REED. b. 20-Aug-1897, d. 6-Sep-1900.

John Wiley RIMMER b. 8-Mar-1870, d. 8-Feb-1905. L.J. RUSSELL b. 18-Jan-1862, d. 18-Feb-1944.

Lula RUSSELL b. 9-Sep-1875, d. 21-Mar-1960.

Rev. John Floyd RUSSELL b. 4-May-1862, d. 15-Feb-1939.

Alice Houchins RUSSELL b. 24-Aug-1866, d. 13-Sep-1946.

Charles P. RUSSELL Jr. b. 19-Mar-1921, d. 31-May-1923.

Jennie RUSSELL. w/o J.W. RUSSELL b. 13-Mar-1876, d. 4-Jan-1909.

John Morgan RASNICK b. 17-Apr-1866, d. 27-Sep-1903.

Hattie Mae RASNICK b. 18-Mar-1892, d. 18-Aug-1909.

Mattie Helen REPASS b. 26-Dec-1885, d. 16-Jul-1973.

Fred Hurt REPASS b. 25-Mar-1891, d. 17-Sep-1964.

Theresa May Ryle b. 4-Mar-1924, d. 16-Mar-1926.

(Double Stone) May B. REPASS b. 1879, d. 1971. Eugene A. REPASS b. 1873, d. 1965.

Thomas Clinton REPASS b. 22-Aug-1907, d. 12-Oct-1980.

William P. REPASS b. 10-May-1871, d. 10-Dec-1895.

Robert A. REPASS b. 27-Nov-1874, d. 21-Aug-1896.

(Double Stone) Thomas A. REPASS b. 14-Nov-1841, d. 21-Jul-1920. Theressa J. REPASS b. 19-Dec-1849, d. 13-Dec-1929.

Millie Harris RASNICK b. 31-Aug-1866, d. 12-Feb-1945.

Bertha Louise RASNICK b. 25-Oct-1885, d. 12-Apr-1950.

Joseph Raines RASNICK, s/o T.S. & Jennie RASNICK. b. 16-Mar-1930, d. 22-Mar-1930.

Inez Ellis RUSSELL b. 8-Jan-1901, d. 12-Jul-1944.

Mary E. RUSSELL b. 20-Oct-1860, d. 19-May-1925.

Aaron A. RUSSELL b. 26-Nov-1848, d. 26-Dec-1935.

Kyle W. RAINES b. 28-Jun-1908, d. 24-Nov-1919.

(Double Stone) Jennie Rasnick RAINES b. 4-Aug-1887, d. 30-Nov-1971. Thomas Samuel RAINES b. 21-Feb-1886, d. 26-Jan-1955.

Albert Nelson RANE. PVT US Army WWII. b. 29-Apr-1901, d. 1-Nov-1982.

(Double Stone) Joel Perkins RANE b. 11-Mar-1842, d. 10-Nov-1928. Virginia Lowe RANE b. 2-Dec-1862, d. 17-Oct-1957.

J. Campbell SPORTS b. 13-Nov-1844, d. 23-Aug-1911.

Charles E. STEVENSON b. 17-Feb-1863, d. 6-Aug-1899.

(Double Stone) Rhoda Ann SCOTT b. 15-Aug-1855, d. 27-Nov-1860. Sarah Louise SCOTT b. 11-Sep-1860, d. 8-Oct-1863.

Emmett H. SCOTT b. 14-Feb-1856, d. 3-Aug-1922.

Willetta A. SCOTT b. 29-Dec-1861, d. 29-Mar-1944.

Allen Mason SMITH b. 15-Aug-1910, d. 15-Apr-1930.

Mary E. STAMPER b. 15-Oct-1882, d. 6-May-1914.

Grace SCOTT b. 26-Sep-1890, d. 4-Aug-1898.

Infant d/o E.H. & W.A. SCOTT, Died 28-Jun-1895.

Erastus B. SCOTT b. 12-Sep-1852, d. 14-Nov-1930.

Minnie A. SCOTT, w/o E.B. SCOTT. b. 22-Dec-1859, d. 5-Dec-1905.

Thomas M. SCOTT b. 11-Jun-1806, d. 11-Jun-1886. 80 years.

Martha J. SCOTT, w/o T.M. SCOTT. b. 8-Oct-1828, d. 28-Mar-1900.

Charles E. SCOTT b. 7-Mar-1850, d. 16-Aug-1931.

Clarence C. SCOTT b. 4-Feb-1883, d. 20-Sep-1936.

Melvin Blair STEVENSON b. 18-Oct-1926, d. 30-Jul-1927.

Fred Elisha STEVENSON b. 21-Mar-1901, d. 3-Aug-1933.

Donald Ray SILCOX. PFC US Marine Corps, Vietnam. b. 22-Dec-1948, d. 31-Dec-1990.

(Double Stone) George G. STEVENSON b. 4-Apr-1893, d. 25-Oct-1930. Janie E. STEVENSON b. 3-Jun-1899, d. 2-Nov-1936.

Infant, s/o W.L. & M.M. SHORT. b. 30-Jul-1915, d. 30-Jul-1915.

Jackie Lee STILLWELL b. 27-Sep-1942, d. 17-Dec-1942.

Glarenge (Clarence ? ) M. WYNN b. 9-Nov-1877, d. 30-Nov-1901.

WYNN, 3 Babies.

These two stones are within ten feet of each other. Mary WILSON b. 20-Feb-1839, d. 11-Feb-1882. Mary WILSON b. 20-Feb-1839, d. 11-Feb-1885.

Luemma WILSON b. 5-Apr-1842, d. 27-Aug-1873.

C.E. & L.V. WESS b. 25-Dec-1900, d. 7-Jan-1901, Maud died 26-Aug-1904. (Don't understand this one?)

Thomas W. WINGO b. 22-Feb-1850, d. 22-Feb-1905.

E.J. WARD b. 15-Feb-1831, d. 28-Dec-1898.

Tammy WILSON b. 22-Nov-1964, d. 5-Dec-1964.

(Double Stone) Joseph B. WILSON b. 1-Jan-1887, d. 26-Dec-1938. Carrie B. WILSON b. 30-Dec-1886, d. 1-Oct-1943.

Robert H. WILSON b. 29-Dec-1908, d. 11-Oct-1938.

SGT. Adam S. WILSON, CO. B, 45 Virginia Inf. C.S.A.. b. 27-Apr-1841, d. 10-Feb-1912.

Joanna Hedrick WILSON b. 15-May-1849, d. 7-Sep-1893.

Israel WHITE CO. H, 29 Virginia Inf. C.S.A.

Margaret Steel WHITE.

Stephen WEST, Died 26-Jun-1918.

Mary E. WEST b. 1-Jul-1845, d. 21-Nov-1940.

Andrew Jackson WHEELER, b. 1906, d. 1946.

(Double Stone) Robert S. WINGO b. 15-Feb-1838, d. 17-Dec-1889. Mary McNeil WINGO b. 22-Sep-1844, d. 11-Mar-1933.

N. Ava WINGO, d/o R.S. & M.M. 11-Mar-18??.

Robert Perry WINGO, s/o R.S. & M.M. b. 18-Nov-1875, d. 9-Apr-1905. Age 29 years & 23 Days.

James B. WHITE, s/o J.R. & M.L. WHITE. b. 6-Feb-1902, d. 15-Jan-1903.

James F. WINGO, s/o R.S. & M.M. b. 16-Mar-1870, d. 12-Aug-1871.

(Double Stone) A.M. WHITE b. 10-Aug-1833, d. 25-Nov-1914. Emily WHITE b. 15-Jun-1843, d. 28-Aug-1904.

James Harvey WINGO b. 1912, d. 1940.

Thomas R. WATKINS b. 5-Aug-1846, d. 25-Dec-1899.

(Double Stone) Charles T. WATKINS b. 23-Mar-1866, d. 31-Oct-1908. Maggie L. WATKINS b. 9-May-1864, d. 23-Apr-1952.

Bernard WATKINS, PFC. US Army WWII. b. 7-Feb-1906, d. 13-Nov-1978.

Margaret WATKINS, d/o Trula & Tom WATKINS. b. 19-Mar-1915, d. 4-Nov-1919.

(Double Stone) William W. WINGO b. 1880, d. 1956. Margaret G. WINGO b. 1882, d. 1946.

(Double Stone) John A. WILLIAMS b. 1871, d. 1937. Christina WILLIAMS b. 1875, d. 1943.

(Double Stone) Squire Thomas WINGO b. 22-Oct-1890, d. 11-Aug-1964. Barbara Ella WINGO b. 16-Jun-1894, d. 22-Oct-1983.

(Quadrupel Stone) D.H. WYATT. Edd WYATT. Hetty MOONEY. W.E. MOONEY.

(Double Stone) George B. WINGO b. 18-Apr-1878, d. 17-Sep-1958. May Belle WINGO b. 4-May-1878, d. 12-Feb-1955.

Frances E. WILSON b. 27-Dec-1934, d. 24-Jun-1940.

G.W. WILSON b. 4-Jul-1840, d. 2-Nov-1922. Age 81 years, 3 Mos. 24 Days. In Rememberence Of An Old Confederate Soldier.

(Double Stone) Mary E. WILSON b. 24-Sep-1869, d. 24-Sep-1920. William R. WILSON b. 30-Aug-1866, d. 14-Dec-1935.

Estle G. WILSON b. 19-Jan-1890, d. 17-Jul-1905. Age 15 years, 5 Mos. 23 Days.

Mary B. YOUNG b. 28-Jun-1835, d. 16-Jul-1916.

John B. YOUNG b. 20-Mar-1825, d. 4-dec-1911.

(Below is a list of unmarked graves, if you know the names, and dates of people buried in the Jones Chapel Cemetery in unmarked graves I would be glad to add them to the cemetery list, just send me the information. .....Tim)

Thomas V. WALTERS b. 15-Jun-1905, d. 28-Mar-1935. (Provided by Peggy "Walters" SHORT)

Mariah V. WALTERS b. 4-May-1901, d. 21-Feb-1954. (Provided by Peggy "Walters" SHORT)

Flora Elizabeth NIXON b. 26-Apr-1899, d. 7-July-1923.

Charles Sidney NIXON b. 5-Mar-1897, d. 4-May-1953.

Jones Chapel Pictures

Pictures Of Jones Chapel
Jones Chapel & Cemetery In Cedar Bluff, Va.


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