This page will have links to Genealogy Sites and personal homepages concerning Genealogy. If you have a Homepage, or know of one that you would like me to link here. Drop me a line with the URL to the page, I will check it out, and add it to the page. If you know of a good Genealogy Site, send me the URL. I will check it out and add it to the page! "Tim"

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Homepage Links

Jack Byrd's Homepage
Jack and I are related through our Smith Family
Lee Belcher's Homepage
Lee also decends from Abner Vance
Karen Vance's Family Roots
This is a great page for Vance researchers
My Genealogy Page
Some Surnames include: Cummons, Malone, Tomblin, Workman, and more!
Logan Co. People And Places
Very good site, with pictures and lots of info.
Joanna's West Virginia Genealogy
A Great Page
Burgess Family And Relatives
A lot of different surnames here
Native American Genealogy
Are you researching Native Americans? Look Here!!
Home Of Lea's Mountain Heritage
Vance, Mitchell, Wright, White, Smith, Marcum, Hatfield surnames, and many more.
The Ray, Plaster, Whited and Affiliated Families Of Russell County Virginia
Great Site
Big T's Homepage
Whited Family Information, Good site.
Tammy & Danny's Place
Some Good Genealogy Links Here.
A Sutphin Homepage
Some Genealogy Links Here.
Parnell Genealogy
Maintained By Cathy Parnell Vance, Good Site
The Ancestors Of James & Vicky Cheatham
Includes The Surnames Meadows, Vance, Hess, Griffith, Newberry.
The Ellis Family Webpage
Maintained By Kathy Gregory, Many Surnames Here. Good Site

Davis Family Homepage
Also includes the surnames Mast, Hodges, Hayes, and Masterson

Genealogy Sites Links

Cyndi's List Of Genealogy Sites On The Internet  Absolutely A Great Site!

Ancestry Connections   A Don't Miss Site, Check It Out.

Russell Co. Va. Genweb Site   Thanks to Mike Dye This Is One Of The Best!

Tazewell Co. Va. Genweb Site   Another Great Site For Anyone Researching In Southwest, Va.

Logan Co. WVa. Genweb Site   Absolutely Fantastic Site!

Vital Stats For The U.S.   Clickable Map For The U.S. For State Vital Stats Info.

Quaker Corner   Do You Have Quaker Ancestors? You May Find Them Here.

Chronicles Of The Scotch Irish In Virginia   Extracts Of Original Court Records Of Augusta Co. Va. 1745-1800.

America's First Families   Colonial Settlers-1600's

Surnames   Maps Of Family Migrations

Family Treemaker .com   Social Security Death Index

Over 4000 Genealogy Links   Good Site

Top Genealogy Websites   Very Good Genealogy Links

New York History   Links To Historical Information In New York

Cemetery Records   23064 Distinct Surnames

Genepics 2000   Old Unidentified Pictures, Take A Look, You May find An Ancestor!

Topographical Maps Of The Entire United States   Valleys, Ridges, Mountains, Creeks, You'll Find Them Here!

Information For U. S. States   Including Maps & Boundaries

The Mountain Laurel Good Site With Lots Of Info.

United States Town & County Database-Interactive Search

If You Know The Name Of The Town, You Can Find The County

GenSource   Many good genealogy links here!

Genealogy Links & Homepages   Great Site!

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