Buchanan Co. Va. Cemeteries.

On this page you will find links to cemeteries in Buchanan County Virginia. This is something I am doing in my spare time, so I will be adding more cemeteries as time allows. I will state on each cemetery if I transcribed it, or got the information from another source.

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Buchanan Co. Va. Cemeteries

Abner Vance Cemetery, Buchanan Co. Va.
Link To Abner Vance Cemetery, Va.
Blankenship Cemetery, Rowe. "NLB"
Link To Blankenship Cemetery, Rowe, Va.
Day Family Cemetery, Peapatch. "NLB"
Day Family Cemetery, Peapatch, Va.
Eli Blankenship Cemetery, Knox Creek, Blackey. "NLB"
Link To Blankenship Cemetery, Knox Creek, Blackey, Va.
Ferrell Family Cemetery, Horn Mountain. "NLB"
Ferrell Family Cemetery, Horn Mountain, Va.
Ramey Cemetery, Buchanan Co. "NLB"
Ramey Cemetery, Va.
Rife Cemetery, Keen Mountain. "NLB"
Rife Cemetery, Keen Mountain, Va.
Stiltner Cemetery, Rowe. "NLB"
Stiltner Cemetery, Rowe, Va.
Tom Chambers Cemetery, Shorts Gap. "NLB"
Tom Chambers Cemetery, Shorts Gap, Va.
Ward Cemetery, Pilgrims Knob. "NLB"
Ward Cemetery, Pilgrims Knob, Va.
Boyd Family Cemetery, Buchanan County, Virginia
Submitted By James R. Boyd


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