Vance Family Cemetery, Glen Burke Mtn.

VANCE Cemetery

Loctaed on Glen Burke Mountain. This cemetery is located between Smith Ridge and the head of Hill Creek. I have been to this cemetery several times, my first visit being in 1978. My Father led the way, as he had been to this cemetery on many occassions. His Grandmother lived about 50 yards from this cemetery when he was a child. My Father's Grandmother was Louisa Margaret (HELTON) (VANCE) CHRISTIAN. She was the wife of William H. VANCE, and Anthony CHRISTIAN. All three are buried in the cemetery. There is no road to this cemetery, and it takes about an hour to walk to it. There are fourwheeler trails going right by it.

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This is one of the four old cemeteries I am maintaining. I have located them, and am now in the process of cleaning them up and restoring them.


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Personal Note:

I have an oil lamp that belonged to Louisa Margaret (HELTON) (VANCE) CHRISTIAN, that was suppose to have been gave to her and William by Mary (VANCE) BROWN, Abner's daughter. There is a story about the lamp, but I will put that on my story page.

This cemetery is not very large, I would guess it to be about 90 to 100 feet by 60 to 70 feet. There were several graves with field stones for markers, I counted 17 for sure, but I think there were more, as there were sunken spots in the ground which were probably more graves. There were nine stones that were engraved, they are listed below.

William A. VANCE.
Born April 22, 1887.
Died July 10, 1888.


William H. VANCE
Born March 8, 1855.
Died Nov. 14, 1901.
Inscription on the stone reads: God's finger touched him and he slept.

To see a picture of William H. Vance's headstone   CLICK HERE


Born April 7, 1902.
Died April 7, 1902.

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Born March 30, 1883.
Died Nov. 7, 1917.

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Jenettie VANCE.
Born Feb. 17, 1917.
Died July 24, 1918.


Henry F. VANCE.
Born May 10, 1894.
Died June 14, 1925.

To see a picture of Henry F. Vance's headstone   CLICK HERE


Born Nov. 26, 1879.
Died Mar. 22, 1937.

To see a picture of Anthony Christian's headstone   CLICK HERE


Born June 6, 1863.
Died March 19, 1948.
Inscription on the stone reads: A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home that never can be filled.

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Born June 20, ??33.


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