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I would like to reserve this page for announcements. I would like to announce Family Reunions, School Reunions, Service Reunions, and any type of reunion which gets people together! Seeing friends and family from time to time is a very important part of genealogy, not to mention it helps bring families and friends closer together. So if you have a reunion you would like to announce, just send me the details, and I will get it on this page as soon as possible!



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Announcing VANCE-CONNECTING THE FAMILY! This is a Homecoming page for gathering together the VANCE family! The information for including your family in this can be found at the following URL:


Or you can click on one of the VANCE-CONNECTING The Family links I have scattered around on my pages. I hope you will want to be included in this gathering together of the VANCE family!



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Announcing the birth of Ryan Lee Nichols on 14-Jan-2010 at the Clinch Valley Medical Center in Richlands, Va.

Ryan is the son of Rodney Lee Nichols Jr, and Brandi Nicole Vance "Nikki".

Rodney is the son of Rodney Lee Nichols Sr. and Julia Brown, Julia is the daughter of Andy Brown.

Nikki is the daughter of Timothy G. Vance and Mary T. "Kennedy" Vance.

Announcing the marriage of Rodney Lee Nichols Jr. and Brandi Nicole Vance "Nikki" on 30 Mar-2010. The wedding took place at the home of the groom in Big Creek, Va. Several friends and family members attended. The ceremony was performed by the brides father Timothy G. Vance. A small reception was enjoyed by all after the wedding at the home of the groom.

Announcing the Vance, White, Pezold Reunion in Crossville Tennessee. The festivities will begin on the morning of 24-Jul-2010 "Sat" at the Cumberland Mountain State Park just outside of Crossville. Any Vance's, White's, or Pezold's are invited to attend. It will be a one day event ending later in the evening of 24-Jul-2010. You're welcome to bring drinks, chips, whatever, but most important bring yourself!


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