Hill City, Virginia

The picture below was taken from the railroad tracks in Hill City, Va. looking up toward Howells old store and the old Red Ash Post Office that was located on Old US Route 460 which is now known as Red Ash Camp Road. The last house on the side of the mountain to the left, the one with the porch wrapping all the way around the front of it, belonged to my Grandfather Fields Joshua Vance. The state took the house when they built the new US Route US 460. There are 4 people in the picture and I would really like to know who they are, so if anyone may know them I would really appreciate any information you could provided about them.

This picture was sent to me by Ronnie Howell, who's grandfather owned the Old Howells store on Old US Route 460.

Thanks Ronnie, it's people like you that make this site what it is.


Hill City, Virginia

The picture below was taken from the Old US Route 460 standing in front of the old Howells Store looking down into Hill City. You can see the old White Church in the background with the railroad tracks going up the hollow beside of it. The brick house on the left is where the Newberry's lived when I was growing up in Red Ash, I remember the Phillips family that lived in Hill City, there house is on the far corner of the row facing the tracks. The Keens lived in the fourth house up facing the tracks. The Baldwins lived in the house on the hill right across from the Church. The Marshall's lived in Hill City but I'm not sure which house they lived in "maybe Hazel can help me with that". The bottom center of the picture is the backyard where the Butcher's lived. The Lamberts lived in the last house on the row going up the tracks toward the old school "House not in pic." The Johnson's lived beside of the Baldwins but their house is being blocked by the Baldwin's house. The first house below the old church is where Claude Jackson has lived for as long as I can remember, and Raleigh Compton use to live beside of him. You can see a car on old US Route 460 in the top center.

Ahhhhh, The Memories!!

This picture was sent to me by Ronnie Howell, his grandfather owned Howells store at that time.

Thanks Ronnie for sharing this trip down memory lane,


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