As you can see this cemetery needs a lot of work to bring it back to it's original condition. At one time there was a fence around it, but it has been torn down by falling trees and time. The last funeral in this cemetery (That I know of) was that of Margaret L. Christian (Margaret Louise "Helton" "Vance" Christian "Maggie") in 1948. The cemetery has not been taken care of in many, many years! This cemetery needs to be cleaned and fenced before winter of this year to help keep the loggers from dozing it under!

In the picture below you can see me (Tim Vance) sitting on a fallen tree (BIG Fallen Tree) the tree I am sitting on is lying directly on at least one grave. I will have to get a chainsaw to cut that one up! There are several more trees in the cemetery that will need to be cut up and removed, or cut down and removed.

It is hard to tell from this picture (I need new batteries for my camera) but from left to right in the first row is the stones of: William A. Vance, R.C. Vance and M.C. Vance, in the second row from left to right is: Henry F. Vance, William H. Vance, Anthony Christian, and Margaret L. Christian. The stone of Jeanettie Vance is not in this photo, and the one of Hazel Houchins I cannot find, it must have fallen over and is covered with brush and leaves.

If you would be interested in helping with a donation to clean, restore, and maintain this cemetery, or other's on my list: Send your donation to:

Timothy Vance

P.O. Box 428

Richlands, Va. 24641



This picture was taken on 20-Oct-2003 by Priscilla A. "Vance" Sixma, my daughter.

The picture below is of my daughter Priscilla A. "Vance" Sixma clearing off the grave of Margaret L. Christian (Margaret Louisa "Helton" "Vance" Christian "Maggie") Her G,G Grandmother. Picture taken on 20-Oct-2003 at Vance family Cemetery on top of Glen Burke Mountain, Va. Tazewell Co. by Timothy Vance.

Below is another picture of me (Tim Vance) sitting on the log!! I really did help Priscilla work on the cemetery. Picture taken at The Vance Family cemetery on top of Glen Burke Mountain, 20-Oct-2003 by Priscilla A. "Vance" Sixma.

Below is a picture of me (Tim Vance) working!!! I really am working, I was cutting the saw briars, and small brush from the graves as Priscilla raked it away. This is me cleaning Jeanettie Vance's grave, you can see the headstone behind me. Still several days of work to do before the cemetery will be cleaned, and then I need to put up a fence around it. Picture taken at Vance Family Cemetery on top of Glen Burke Mtn. 20-Oct-2003 by Priscilla A. "Vance" Sixma.