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DO NOT use this information for documentation! This information is not to be used for documentation! I have gathered this information from various sources, I can not vouch for it's complete accuracy! TIM __________________________________________________________________________


FULK I (The Red) "of Anjou" was b.abt.988, d.abt.1038, m.abt.1007 to unknown. __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Fulk I (The Red) "of Anjou" & unknown:

1. FULK II "of Anjou" was b.abt.1010, d.abt.1039-1101, m.abt.1029-1061 to unknown. __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Fulk II "of Anjou" & unknown:

1. FULK III "of Anjou" was b.abt.1035, d.abt.1100, m.abt.1065 to unknown. __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Fulk III of Anjou & unknown:

1. FULK IV "of Anjou" was b.1066, d. aft.1100, m.abt.1090 to unknown. __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Fulk IV of Anjou & unknown:

1. FULK V "of Anjou" was b.1092, d.1143, m.abt.1130 to unknown. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Fulk V "of Anjou" & unknown:

1. Amalric I of Jerusalem Flanders.

2. GEOFFREY IV "Count Anjou" FLANDERS PLANTAGENET was b.1129, d.1151, m.1148 to MATILDA Beauclerc d/o Henry Beauclerc & Matilda "of Scotland".

3. Baldwin III "of Jerusalem" Flanders __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Geoffrey IV "Count Anjou" Flanders Plantagenet & Matilda Beauclerc:

1. HENRY PLANTAGENET II was b.5-Mar-11?? in LeMans France, d.6-Jul-1189 in Chinon France, m. 1152 to ELEANOR "of Aquitaine" d/o William X "of Aquitaine". __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Henry Plantagenet II & Eleanor "of Aquitaine":

1. Eleanor Plantagenet

2. Henry Plantagenet

3. Matilda Plantagenet

4. Richard Plantagenet I

5. Geoffrey Plantagenet

6. Joanna Plantagenet

7. (KING) JOHN PLANTAGENET was b.24-Dec-1167 in Oxford England, d.19-Oct-1216 in Newark Nottinghamshire England, m. unk to ISABELLA "of Angouleme" b. in Angouleme d/o Aymer "Count of Angouleme" Taillefer & Alice De Courteney __________________________________________________________________________


Children of (KING)John Plantagenet & Isabella "of Angouleme":

1. Raymond Berenger IV "of Provence"

2. (KING) Henry Plantagenet "of Jerusalem"

3. HENRY PLANTAGENET III was b.1-Oct-1207 in Winchester England, d.16-Nov-1272 in Westminister England, m.14-Jan-1235 in Canterbury England to ELEANOR "of Provence" d/o Raymond Berenger IV "of Provence".

4. Richard "Earl of Cornwall" Plantagenet

5. Joanna Plantagenet

6. Isabel Plantagenet

7. Eleanor Plantagenet __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Henry Plantagenet III & Eleanor "of Provence":

1. Beatrix Plantagenet

2. EDWARD PLANTAGENET I was b.17-Jun-1239 in Westminister England, d.7-Jul-1307 killed in battle at Burgh-on-Sand, m.1254 to ELEANOR "of Castile" d/o Ferdinand III "of Castile" & "Queen" Joanna.

3. Margaret Plantagenet

4. Edmund "Earl of Chester" Plantagenet __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Edward Plantagenet I & Eleanor "of Castile":

1. 7 Daughters (No names)

2. Elizabeth Plantagenet

3. Joan Plantagenet

4. 3 Sons (No names)

5. EDWARD II "of Carnarvon" PLANTAGENET was b.25-Apr-1284 in Carnarvon Wales, d.21-Sep-1327 at Berkely Castle Gloucester, m.abt.1300 to ISABELLA "of France" d/o Philip IV "of France" & Jeanna "of Navarre". __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Edward II "of Carnarvon" Plantagenet & Isabella "of France":

1. Daughter-2 Carnarvon Plantagenet

2. EDWARD PLANTAGENET III was b.aft.1300 in Windsor England, d.21-Jun-1377 in Richmond Surrey England, m. 1328 to PHILIPPA HAINAULT d/o William "Count of" Hainault.

3. John "of Eltham Carnarvon" Plantagenet

4. Joan Carnarvon Plantagenet __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Edward Plantagenet III & Philippa Hainault:

1. Sons 7 (No names)

2. Daughters 5 (No names)

3. Edward "Black Prince" Plantagenet

4. William Plantagenet

5. Lionel "of Antwerp Duke I Clarence" Plantagenet

6. JOHN "of Gaunt" PLANTAGENET was b.Mar-1339 in Ghent Belgium, d.3-Feb-1398 in london England, m.abt.1396 to CATHERINE SWYNFORD.

7. Edmund "Duke of York I" Plantagenet

8. Thomas "Duke of Gloucester" Plantagenet __________________________________________________________________________


Children of John "of Gaunt" Plantagenet & Catherine Swynford:

1. JOAN BEAUFORT was b.aft.1396, d.abt 1470, m.abt.1420 to RALPH "Earl I of Westmoreland" DE NEVILLE s/o "Sir" John Neville & Maud Percy.

2. John "Earl of Somerset" Beaufort

3. Henry "Cardinal" Beaufort

4. Thomas "Duke of Exeter" Beaufort __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Joan Beaufort & Ralph "Earl I of Westmoreland" De Neville:

1. Edward "Baron of Abergavenny" De Neville

2. RICHARD NEVILLE "Earl I of Salisbury" was b.aft.1420, d.aft.1460, m.unk to unknown.

3. Cecily Neville

4. Eleanor Neville

5. George Neville


Child of Richard Neville "Earl I of Salisbury"

1. CATHERINE NEVILLE was b.abt.1440, d.1504, m.unk to unknown BONVILLE. __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Catherine Neville & Unknown Bonville:

1. CICELY BONVILLE was b.abt.1455 in Groby England, d.12-Apr-1530, m. 18-Jul-1474 to THOMAS GREY b.abt.1461 in Groby England, d.20-Sep-1501. __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Cicely Bonville & Thomas Grey:

1. ELEANOR GREY was b.1478 in Groby England, d. unk, m.1499 in Groby England to JOHN ARUNDEL. __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Eleanor Grey & John Arundel:

1. THOMAS ARUNDEL b.1506 in Wardour England, d. 26-Feb-1552 in Tisbury England, m.6-Sep-1533 to MARGARET HOWARD d/o Edmund Howard & Joyce Culpeper. __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Thomas Arundel & Margaret Howard:

1. MATTHEW ARUNDEL was b.1535 in Wardour England, d.1598, m.1559 in Wollaton England to MARGARET WILLOUGHBY. __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Matthew Arundel & Margaret Willoughby:

1. "SIR" THOMAS ARUNDEL was b.1560 in Wardour England, d.7-Nov-1639 at Wardour Castle in England, m.1-Jul-1608 at Saint Andrews in England to ANN PLILIPSON. __________________________________________________________________________


Child of "Sir" Thomas Arundel & Ann Philipson:

1. MATTHEW HOWARD was b.1609 at Wardour Castle in England, d.1659, m. 1630 in England to 1st.Elizabeth(No children) 2nd.ANN HALL. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Matthew Howard & Ann Hall:

1. Sarah Ruth Howard was b.unk., d.abt.1705 in Anne Arundel Md.

2. PHILIP HOWARD was b.abt.1660 in Anne Arundel Md., d. abt.1705 in Anne Arundel Md. m. SARAH (Unknown). __________________________________________________________________________


Child of Philip Howard & Sarah (Unknown):

1. PHILIP HOWARD JR. was b.1703 in Anne Arundel Md., d.abt.1785 in Surry Co. NC., m. MARY CHILDS. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Philip Howard Jr. & Mary Childs:

1. Philip Howard

2. John howard

3. Cornelius Howard

4. Benjamin Howard

5. Christopher Howard

6. ABRAHAM HOWARD was b.abt.1726 in Frederick Co. Md., d.abt.1782 in Wilkes Co. NC., m. JANE (ALLEN). __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Abraham Howard & Jane (Allen):

1. SUSANNAH HOWARD was b.1767 in Surry NC., d.aft.1850 in Logan Co. WVa., m.1779 in Russell Co. Va. to ABNER VANCE b.1753-63, d.16-Jul-1819 in Abingdon, Washington co. Va. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Susannah Howard & Abner Vance:

1. John Vance b. 1781 in Russell Co. Va., d.abt.1855 in Logan Co. WVa., m. 1810 to Hannah Radar.

2. Tabitha "Tabby" Vance was b.1782 in Tazewell Co. Va.,d.29-Dec-1858 in Logan co. WVa., m. 1796 to Francis Browning.

3. WILLIAM VANCE was b.1789 in Tazewell Co. Va., d.17-May-1853 at Kents Ridge in Tazewell Co. Va., m.4-Feb-1807 (on record in Harrisonburg Va.) to NANCY BURNSIDE.

4. Adina Vance was b.1791 in Va., d. unk., m. 1823 to Joseph Dempsey.

5. Richard Vance was b.1792 in Floyd Co. Ky., d. bef.1860 in WVa., m.1813 to Mary A Simms & Mary A. Sutherland.

6. James Vance was b.1794 in Russell Co. Va., d. unk., m. unk to Elizabeth Miller.

7. Elizabeth Vance was b.1794 in Tazewell Co. Va., d.aft. 1850 in Logan Co. WVa., m. never.

8. Abner Vance Jr. was b.1796 in Tazewell Co. Va., d.aft.1870, m.1817 to Jane Perry.

9. Mary Amelia "Millie" Vance was b.1796 in Russell Co. Va.,d.aft.1870 in logan Co. WVa., m.1820 to James Brown.

10. Sarah Vance was b.1811 in Russell Co. Va., d.19-Jul-1867 in Logan Co. WVa., m.1830 in Logan Co. Va. to John McCloud.

11. Acenthia "Sena" Vance was b.unk. in Russell Co. Va., d.unk., m. unk. to Jeremiah Farmer.

12. Minerva Vance was b.1811 in Russell Co. Va., d.unk, m.1830 to John Dempsey.

13. Nancy Vance was b. 1794, d. unk., m. unk. to Mathias Harman jr.

14. Elijah Vance was b.1803, d. unk, m. unk to Virginia Jane Matney.

15. Isabella Vance was b. 1815 in Cabell Co., d. unk, m. unk to John Hatfield. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of William Vance & Nancy Burnsides:

1. John Vance was b.unk, d. unk, m.18-Apr-1843 to Rhoda Griffitts(th).

2. Mary Vance was b. unk., d.unk, m.8-Nov-1838 to Asa Helton.

3. William Howard Vance was b. unk, d.unk, m.24-Mar-1845 to Sarah Ratliff.

4. JAMES HARVEY VANCE b.1819, d.unk. m.10-Feb-1853 to ELIZA JANE ELSWICK.

5. Sally "Sarah" Vance was b.unk, d. unk, m.15-Mar-1849 to Reece Davis.

6. Susannah Vance was b.1834, d.unk, m.29-Jan-1855 to Tyree Davis.

7. Marinda "Rinda" Vance was b.1838, d.unk, m.8-Jan-1858 to unk.

8. Rhoda J. Vance was b.1842, d. unk. m.21-Jul-1859 to John Vance.

9. Lucinda Vance was b.unk, d.unk, m.12-Jan-1859 to tolbert J. Elswick.

10. James Howard Vance was b.unk, d.unk,m.unk to Elizabeth Miller. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of James Harvey Vance & Eliza Jane Elswick:

1. John Patton Vance was b.24-Jul-1853, d.1-Apr-1910, m.30-May-1872 to Virginia A. Basham.

2. WILLIAM H. VANCE was b.8-Mar-1855, d.14-Nov-1901 in Tazewell Co. Va., m.5-Feb-1880 to LOUISA MARGARET HELTON d/o Asa Helton & Mary Vance.

3. Rosannah Vance was b.20-Dec-1856, d.unk, m.unk.

4. Malinda W. Vance was b.25-Nov-1857, d.unk, m.unk.

5. Charles Thomas Vance was b.unk, d.unk, m.unk, to Sarah.

6. Abner Vance was b.unk, d.unk, m.unk.

7. James A. Vance was b.unk, d.unk, m.unk.

8. Reece Vance was b.unk, d.unk, m.unk. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of William H. Vance & Louisa Margaret Helton:

1. James H. Vance was b.15-Apr-1881, d.18-Mar-1965, m.28-Dec-1898 to Mariah C. White & Rhoda E. Joyce.

2. Ollie M. Vance was b.1884, d.unk, m.7-Jun-1900 & 3-Mar-1908 to Sam C. Elswick & W. Harvey Barrett.

3. Dora Vance was b.unk, d.unk. m.15-May-1913 to Bulah Barrett & Henderson Whittaker.

4. Charles Crockett Vance was b.19-Nov-1889, d.20-Sep-1968, m.25-Apr-1920 to Nancy Catherine Burke.

5. J. Vanner Vance was b. unk, d.unk, m.12-May-1912 to S. Graham Altizer.

6. Henry F. Vance was b.10-May-1894, d.14-Jun-1825, m.6-Jun-1918 to Gussie M. Brown.

7. FIELDS JOSHUA VANCE was b.6-Oct-1882, d.17-Nov-1950 in Red Ash Tazewell Co. Va. m.31-Mar-1904 to ABINDA LOUISE SMITH d/o Jackson Smith & Serepta Leticia Hicks. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Fields Joshua Vance & Abinda Louise Smith:

1. Jesse Monroe Vance was b.1905 in Tazewell Co. Va. d.unk, m.unk to Fannie Hobbs & Alice Faye Stump.

2. Bertha Elender Vance was b.13-Mar-1912 in Tazewell Co. Va. d.17-Nov-1943 in Red Ash Tazewell Co. Va., m.8-Aug-1925 to Robert Payne Griffitts(th).

3. Bulah "Clara" Mae Vance was b.unk, d.unk, m.unk to Earl Street.

4. Clint R. Vance was b.unk. d. unk, m. unk to Nelle Boothe.

5. Balford Reggie Vance was b.16-Jun-1925, d."living", m.1-Mar-1944 to Helen Newman.

6. WILLIAM HARLEY VANCE was b.8-Mar-1916 in Red Ash Tazewell Co. Va. d.12-Mar-1985 Bristol Washington Co. Va. m.22-Feb-1936 in Lebanon Russell Co. Va. to DOROTHY ELLEN WHITE d/o Thomas Witten White & Nannie Mae Whited. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of William Harley Vance & Dorothy Ellen White:

1. Nancy Carol Vance was b.4-Dec-1936 in Richlands Tazewell Co. Va. d."living", m.30-Apr-1955 to Clyde Lacy Pezold Jr. s/o Clyde Lacy Pezold Sr. & Gertrude White.

2. Sandra leigh Vance was b.8-Mar-1944 in Richlands Tazewell Co. Va. d."living", m.28-Apr-1962 to William Hugh Reilly.

3. William Harley Vance II was b.3-Jan-1947 in Richlands Tazewell Co. Va. d."living", m.10-Jan-1970 to Kathleen Roberta Lawrence d/o Bud Lawrence & Edith.

4. Gary Scott Vance was b.18-Aug-1951 in Richlands Tazewell Co. Va. d."living", m. to Donna Lynn Friedman.

5. Richard Rodney Vance was b.15-Sep-1952 in Richlands Tazewell Co. Va. d."living", m.1-Mar-1975 to Liza Jane Keene d/o Lee Keene & Elizabeth.

6. TIMOTHY GERARD VANCE was b.19-Jul-1955 in Richlands Tazewell Co. Va. d."living", m.31-Dec-1975 & 10-May-1987 to 1st. PATRICIA ANN LESTER b.23-Jun-1959 d/o Charley Junior Lester & Peggy Ann Proffitt. 2nd. MARY THELMA KENNEDY b.2-Mar-1966 d/o Ted Kennedy & Joyce Lawson.

7. Christopher Kevin Vance was b.11-Sep-1961 in Richlands Tazewell Co. Va. d."living", m. to Karen Ann Laubert in St. Louis Mo. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Timothy Gerard Vance & Patricia Ann Lester:

1. Priscilla Ann Vance was b.7-Jan-1977 in Richlands Tazewell Co. Va. d."living".

2. Timothy Joshua Vance was b.23-Jul-1979 in Richland Tazewell Co. Va, m.1998 in Louisa Co. Va. to Rosalie Emen Mercado.

3. William Harley Vance III was b.8-May-1982 in Richlands Tazewell Co. Va.

Child of Timothy Gerard Vance & Mary Thelma Kennedy:

4. Brandi Nicole Vance was b.19-Apr-1992 in Alexandria Fairfax Co. Va. __________________________________________________________________________


Children of Timothy Joshua Vance & Rosalie Emen Mercado:

1. Zachary Austin Vance was b.6-Dec-1994 in Charlottesville Albamarle Co. Va.

2. Ezekeal Dustin Vance was b.11-Dec-1996 in Charlottesville Albamarle Co. Va.

Children of Priscilla Ann Vance:

1. Michael Dakota Vance was b.20-Mar-1996 in Charlottesville Albamarle Co. Va.

2. Tiffany Ann Vance was b.18-Nov-1997 in Charlottesville Albamarle Co. Va.

3. Dylan Aubrey SIXMA was b. 2000 in Charlottesville Albamarle Co. Va.



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