A New Day Is Dawning

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Tim Vance

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The war is on. It will be a long war, it will be a costly war. But, it is a war we must fight, and we must win. It is not a war we can negotiate an end to, this is a war we either win, or we die trying, there is no other alternative!!

If the United States Of America intends to win the wars ahead, this Great Nation must first turn back to God. This country was founded on the belief in God, but the majority of the people in this nation have turn their back on God. God will not bless this Great Nation if we keep our backs turned on him!

So Americans return to your faith in God, or prepare to be removed from the superpower status we now enjoy in the world!

Just look at what a handful of madmen did to us on Sep-11, they brought this Great Nation to a stop!! They brought the world to a stop! What Could An Army Of Madmen Do To Us?? We need God more now than ever before in the history of this Nation, Open Your Eyes America!!


You Can Help

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Salvation Army

New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund

N.Y Firefighter's 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund

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