Davis Cemetery, Kents Ridge, Va. Tazewell Co.


This cemetery is located on Kents Ridge, in Tazewell County, Va. To get to this cemetery take Kents Ridge road out of Richlands. Go about 3 miles, the cemetery is on the right side of the road at the top of a steep hill. I transcribed the information from this cemetery in 2001. However a member of the family that said they have a deed to the cemetery told me I had better remove the information from the internet. They apparently do not know, or do not care about the importance of the information that can be found in old family cemeteries. So if you are looking for information about the Davis Cemetery on Kents Ridge in Tazewell Co. Va. you will need to contact a member of the Davis family living beside of the cemetery. When I gathered the information from this cemetery there was no gates on this cemetery and no signs. Apparently if you want to go inside of this cemetery you need permission from now on or you will be trespassing.

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