Decendents of Abner Vance (Dau. Nancy)


(1) Abner VANCE was born abt. 1753-63 Probably in North Carolina, Possibly Buncombe Co. His parents has not definately been proven. There has been some speculation as to his parents, one being Ephraim VAUSE (VANCE) and Theodosia HEWLINGS, but not proven by ant official documents or bible records.

In 1777 Abner VANCE and Matthew VANCE swore the Oath of Allegiance in Pittsylvania Co. Va. In 1777 a young man had to be 16 years of age before he could take the Oath, apparently Abner VANCE was born before 1761.

In 1767 Abner VANCE married Susannah HOWARD in Lebanon , Va. Russell Co. Susannah Was the Daughter of Abraham HOWARD and Jane (ALLEN). They made their home in Russell Co. Va. and this was where their children were born.

Children of Abner VANCE and Susannah HOWARD:

(2) John VANCE b. 1781

(2) Tabitha (Tabby) VANCE b. 1782

(2) William VANCE b. 1789

(2) Adina VANCE b. 1791

(2) Richard VANCE b. 1792

(2) James H. VANCE b. 1784

(2) Elizabeth VANCE b. 1794

(2) Abner VANCE Jr. b. 1796

(2) Millie "Mary" VANCE b. 1796

(2) Sarah VANCE b.1811

(2) Acenthia VANCE b.

(2) Minerva VANCE b. 1811

(2) Nancy VANCE b. 1794

(2) Elijah VANCE b. 1803

(2) Isabella VANCE b. 1815

__________________________________________________________________________ This line continues with Abner's daughter Nancy VANCE.

(2) Nancy VANCE (Abner VANCE 1) was born 1794, in Russell Co. Va. She married Mathias HARMAN. Mathias HARMAN was born 1783. He died 1850.

Children of Nancy VANCE & Mathias HARMAN:

(3) Daniel H. HARMAN b.

(3) William B. HARMAN b. 1827.

__________________________________________________________________________ (3) Daniel H. HARMAN (Nancy "VANCE" HARMAN 2) (Abner VANCE 1) was born. He married Susan HATCH on 21-Jul-1846 in Big Creek, WVa.

Children of Daniel H. HARMAN and Susan HATCH:

(4) Nancy Louisa HARMAN b. 15-Aug-1845.

__________________________________________________________________________ (4) Nancy Louisa HARMAN (Daniel H. HARMAN 3) (Nancy "VANCE" HARMAN 2) (Abner VANCE 1) was born 15-Aug-1845, She died 10-Oct-1882.

__________________________________________________________________________ (3) William B. HARMAN (Nancy "VANCE" HARMAN 2) (Abner VANCE 1) was born 1827, he died abt. 1860. He married Sarinda HATCH. Sarinda HATCH was born 1828. She died 29-dec-1906.

Children of William B. HARMAN and Sarinda HATCH:

(4) Lottie HARMAN b. abt. 1865.

(4) Elizabeth HARMAN b. 1855.

(4) Daniel HARMAN b. abt. 1857.

__________________________________________________________________________ (4) Lottie HARMAN (William B. HARMAN 3) (Nancy "VANCE" HARMAN 2) (Abner VANCE 1) was born abt. 1865.

__________________________________________________________________________ (4) Elizabeth HARMAN (William B. HARMAN 3) (Nancy "VANCE" HARMAN 2) (Abner VANCE 1) was born Feb-1855, She died 21-Dec-1931.

__________________________________________________________________________ (4) Daniel HARMAN (William B. HARMAN 3) (Nancy "VANCE" HARMAN 2) (Abner VANCE 1) was born abt. 1857.




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