Decendents Of John Vance b. 1781.

This page contains links to all of the information I have about John VANCE b. 1781. John VANCE b. 1781 is the s/o Abner VANCE and Susannah HOWARD.

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Isabelle VANCE b. 1814/15.

Tabitha VANCE b. 1825.

Levi VANCE b. 1826.

Sena VANCE b. 1828.

Washington VANCE b. abt. 1815.

Susannah VANCE b. abt. 1815.

Nancy Ann VANCE b. abt. 1823.

Elizabeth VANCE b. abt. 1825.

William VANCE b. abt. 1811.

Rachel VANCE b. abt. 1810.

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