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Hugh Tabor Cemetery At Mudfork.

This is the Tabor/Wagner Cemetery --commonly known as the Hugh Tabor Cemetery.


Location: Mudfork, Tazewell Co., VA. Located about .4 miles from the Solomon Pink Tabor, Sr., home place on Route # 643. The cemetery is on the apex of a hill and not visible from the road. On Route # 643 at Mudfork, VA., at the Solomon P. Tabor, Sr., home place continues down to your left. The original log cabin home of James Russell Tabor & Martha Jane (Havens) Tabor stood close to this cemetery and was on their property that in the late 1880's and the early 1900's was known as the "Havens Tract" of land. The log cabin home was retained and a big beautiful two-storied white frame home was built around the log cabin structure to become the home of Hugh Edward Tabor & Margaret Rebecca (Sluss) Tabor.

[Much Information regarding this cemetery and the graves of Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Peremlia "Milly" (Shrader) Tabor from Solomon P. Tabor, Jr. on 15 June, 2000, while he was visiting in Tucson, Pima Co., AZ., Hettie Marie (Shrader) Eagle , Fannie Ellis Dickenson and Nancy Gail (Tabor) Smothers over the last several years. Information from "The Adam Waggoner Family" by Dr. Thomas C. Hatcher & Nancy Nash].

The Tabor home graced the landscape for many years. Hugh Edward Tabor was shot and killed at his blacksmith shop on this property in December 1914, by Sam Taylor, in the presence of Mr. R. A. Wagner (I believe this was Russell Adam/Adam Russell Wagner the s/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenia Tabor) who was having a horse shoed at the time by my great grandfather, Hugh Edward Tabor.

The Hugh Tabor Cemetery had many of the Adam Stafford "Uncle Stafford" Wagner Family buried within its land. Adam Stafford "Uncle Stafford" Wagner was the s/o Rev. Adam Edward Waggoner & Juliana Elinor Tabor, d/o *Francis Tabor and Mary "Molly/Polly' Shrader. Adam Stafford Wagner married the daughter of James Russell Tabor & Jane (Martha Jane) Havens, Margaret Levenia Tabor.

Margaret Levenie "Aunt Lou" Tabor was named after her aunt, Margaret Lavenia Tabor (d/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader) who married Phillip Kinzer. The middle names of the both Margarets may have been spelled the same or as I have them. I have not been able to determine the correct spelling since they were both spelled different ways in different records and bibles.

* Francis Tabor was the brother of Richard Adam Tabor and Mary "Molly/Polly" Shrader was the sister of Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader. They were the daughters of Henry Shrader, Sr., b. abt . 1767 in MD., and d. abt. 1848 in Tazewell Co., VA.

Uncle Stafford Wagner came many times to my parent's home in the 1950's. We attended the OLD Macedonia Methodist Church, as did he. After the Sunday service my Mom, Hettie Marie (Shrader) Eagle, d/o Samuel Henry Shrader & Ocie Lee (Tabor) Shrader, would invite him to our home for Sunday Dinner. He would go home with us and then we would take him back to the evening service.

The cemetery must have been called another name before it was known as "The Hugh Tabor Cemetery" since his grandparents were buried there earlier. His grandparents, Richard Adam Tabor buried before/about 1870 and Mildred Permelia "Milly" (Shrader) Tabor in 1891. Children of Uncle Stafford & Aunt Lou Wagner were not buried there until 1892.

JAMES RUSSELL TABOR & MARTHA JANE HAVENS CIVIL WAR James Russell Tabor enlisted Oct. 9 1862 , Tazewell , Co. F , 16 Va. Cav. , Pvt. . He was listed as AWOL and as deserted on Sept. 28 , 1864 and dropped from the company rolls . He signed the federal parole on June 23 , 1865 . Age was 30 , 5' 9" he was tall, of complexion light , with blue eyes, and sandy hair .

Marriage # 88 Tazewell Co., VA., 24 Dec 1857 James R. Tabor age 22 b. Tazewell Co., VA, 24 Dec 1857. Son of Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" (Shrader) Tabor. Jane Havens was born in Tazewell Co., Va 28 April 1830. Jane was the daughter of Howard & Dicy Havens. Married by Wesley Gibson. 1860 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 196

TABOUR, James R. age 25 a farmer b.VA (all b. VA)

........Jane age 31

........Martha E. age 2

........Howard J. 3 days old

DARR, Mary age 19 living as a domestic in the house.


TABOR, JAMES R. age 35 farmer b. VA

.....Jane age 39 Keeping house b. VA

.....Martha E. age 12 at home b. VA

.....Howard J. age 9b. VA

.....Hugh J. age 7 b. VA (Should be Hugh E.)

.....Henry J. age 5 b. VA

.....Margaret L. age 3 b. VA

Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows ~ Tabor ~ CARD 1of 89 TABOR, JAMES R. Act of 1900 Roll No. 129-page No. 160 1880 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 146 Clear Fork Township

TABOR, JAMES R. age 46 farmer b. VA (All b. VA)

..............Jane age 50 wife k-house

..............Howard J. age 19

..............Hugh E. age 10

..............Henry J. age 14

..............Margaret age 13

..............Nancy age 9

..............Mary Jane age 7

FRANKLIN, Elizabeth age 75 Boarder.

Tazewell Co., VA., 14 January, 1884 Grants 120, p. 74 James R. Tabor-25 acres on waters of Mud Fork of Bluestone.

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 104 Clear Fork Dist _ W. L. Stephens Enumerator

TABOR, JOHN R. (Should be James R.) 66 b. Mar 1834 VA (All b.VA)

.....Jane 68 b. Jan 1832 VA wife (it listed her as having had 0 children-that was wrong)

TABOR, HOWARD 39 b. Jan 1861 coal miner

.....Cleveland 14 b. Nov 1885 grandson/farm laborer

.....Annie 13 b. Mar 1887 granddaughter

Fannie Ellis Dickenson remembers "Uncle Russell" (a great uncle) coming to her grandmother's (Margaret Lavenia Tabor-the aunt of James Russell Tabor or "Uncle Russell" as Fannie knew him). Margaret would make him whole wheat mush .This was made in a little iron pot hanging in the fireplace. Keep in mind that Margaret Lavenia Tabor was the daughter of Richard Adam Tabor and Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader and Margaret Levenie Tabor was the daughter of James Russell Tabor and Martha Jane Havens.

"Annals of Tazewell Co VA 1800-1922 Vol II" By Harman page 243-245. Company "I" 16th Virginia Cavalry Roster, Vol II, Cavalry Regiments. William Leander Graham the captain-later becoming a Col., was the head of this regiment. Joshua Day was a third Lieutenant in this regiment. The children James Russell & Martha Jane (Havens) Tabor raised on this land:

1. Martha Ellen Tabor..............b. 3 Nov 1858...d. 26 Apr 1940 (Married 19 Oct 1876, Stephen Paris Mathena, s/o John Wilson & Mary (Havens) Mathena-Mary Havens was the sister of Martha Jane Havens who was the wife of James Russell Tabor)

2. Howard James Tabor.......b. 23 May 1860..d. 15 Jun 1911 (Married 1. 3 Feb 1881, Susan Wallis Bailey, d/o Jonathan & Rebecca Bailey Married 2. 3/5 Feb 1887 Margaret "Maggie" Edmonds, d/o J.W. & Sadie Edmonds)

3. Hugh Edward Tabor.............b. 21 May 1862....d. 28 Dec 1914 (Married 10 Mar 1886, Margaret Rebecca Sluss, d/o James & Clair Rinda (Gouldy) Sluss

4. Henry J. Tabor...............b. 2 Sep 1865.......d. 11 Sep 1891 (Henry J. Tabor never married. I have not been able to find the record I need but I think Henry J. Tabor was named after his uncle, Henry Jefferson "Jeff" Tabor, who died in a Union prison in the Civil War at Ft. Delaware , DE. The prison camp/hospital was located on Pea Patch Island and as of the late 1990's the building was deserted and still standing.)

5. Margaret Levenie Tabor.....b. 22 Aug 1866........d. 12 Mar 1945 (Married 4 Mar 1885, at Mudfork, Tazewell Co., VA., Adam Stafford Wagner, s/o Rev. Adam Edward & Julina Elinor (Tabor) Wagner. She was named after her aunt, Margaret Lavenia Tabor, d/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader. Her aunt married Phillip Kinzer.)

6.Nannie Lane Tabor..............b.31 Jul 1870..........d.5 Jan 1940 (Married 6 Jan 1890, George Miles Wagner, s/o Rev. Adam Edward & Juliana Elinor (Tabor) Wagner)

7. Mary Jane Tabor..................b. abt 1873 and died young.

HUGH EDWARD TABOR & MARGARET REBECCA (SLUSS) TABOR MARRIAGE: page 73 # 29 Tazewell Co., VA., 10 March, 1886 Hugh E. Tabor 23, single, b. Taz Co VA, s/o Jas R. & Jane E.* Tabor M. Rebecca Sluss 20, single, b. Taz Co VA, d/o Jas & Clarinda (sic) Sluss. Married by A. E.Wagoner (Kinsman of Hugh E. Tabor)

* In other records I found her name as Martha


Pocahontas Bureau, Bluefield Telegraph. December 31. 1914

Hugh Edward Tabor, who was shot by Sam Taylor at the farmer's blacksmith shop on Mudfork Tuesday afternoon about 1 o'clock, died a few minutes after reaching the Stump-Alexander hospital here and will be buried near his home.

The article appearing in yesterday's issue of this paper was incorrect as to Sam Taylor being married, having a family and being a well-to-do farmer. Taylor is unmarried and had been working in the neighborhood. He was reared by Mr. Perry on Mudfork, but has relatives live at or near Gary.

Mr. Tabor was a prosperous farmer, owned property on Mudfork and leaves a wife and eleven children , seven of whom are unmarried and are at home. He had a host of friends here and had always borne the distinction of being a good, law-abiding citizen, and the feeling runs high against Taylor.

R. A. Wagner, ( I believe this be have been Russell Adam/Adam Russell Wagner the s/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret L. Tabor - the brother-in-law and sister of Hugh Edward Tabor) a neighbor and who was standing by when the shot was fired, in conversation with the reporter yesterday said there was an altercation on Christmas Day when Taylor and some other boys went to the Tabor home, forced their way into the dining room and proceeded to drink.

Mrs. Tabor ordered them out and when they did not leave Mr. Tabor put them out by force, when Taylor is reported to have made threats and later carried them out. When on Tuesday Mr. Tabor was shoeing a horse Mr. Taylor approached with a shotgun and when Mr. Tabor straightened up, according to the story of the eye witness, Taylor told Tabor he had insulted him (Taylor) and he was going to kill him, and without allowing the unfortunate man to speak, Taylor emptied a heavily loaded shotgun into his abdomen. Mr. Tabor asked Taylor not to shoot again, as he had already killed him, when Taylor is said to have backed off a short distance, loaded his gun and disappeared.

It was reported here late last night that a reward had been made up for the capture of Taylor and it was predicted that he would not surrender without a struggle.

What trouble, if any, there may have been between the two men previous to Christmas Day is not known, but it is looked upon by local people as being a premeditated murder and sympathy goes out to the unfortunate family.

My notes: Family History: Hugh Edward Tabor had told Sam Taylor to leave his home and to never darken his door again. Sam had been the boyfriend of Nannie Lou and she was pregnant with his child however, Nannie Lou Tabor had already married Norman Twigg on 21 Oct 1914 at Pocahontas, Tazewell Co., VA. Norman Twigg adopted this child. The seven children that were still at home when Hugh Edward Tabor was killed were:

Kate Jane Tabor, Nannie Lou Tabor, Georgiena 'Georgia" Tabor, Dewey Tabor, Solomon Pink Tabor, Sr., William McKinley Tabor, Sarah "Sally" Eugenia Tabor. This copy of the newspaper clipping from Carol June Shrader Lowe, d/o Lee Andrew "Andy" Shrader & Edith Eugenia Baker.

GRANDMOTHER MARGARET REBECCA " GRANNY BECKY" SLUSS TABOR Written in 1993 by Hettie Marie (Shrader) Eagle. Grandmother was a beautiful slender, brown eyed, woman about five foot five inches tall. Her hair was already turning gray when I first knew her. She was a compassionate, warm loving person, always kind and smiling like her sister, my Grandmother, Corrilda Alice Sluss Shrader. She was " a dyed in the wool Christian".

Grandmother Becky was a midwife. She had a great knowledge of herbs and home nursing. She used elm bark, mint, rosemary, sage, mullein leaves, sassafras, thyme, black cherry cordial and other natural plants for remedies. To us (children of Sam and Ocie Shrader) she was "Grandmother Becky" , "Granny Becky" to others, our grandfather was Hugh Edward Tabor. They had twelve children.

My first memories of grandmother begin when I was about four to five years of age. My father, mother, brothers, Joe, Andrew , my baby sister Margaret, and myself all moved to Mudfork, Tazewell, Va., from the small mining town of Sagamore, McDowell Co, W.Va. (the P. O. was Mc Comas). Father bought 25 acres of land from Grandmother Becky and built the little five room "Jenny Lind" home where we all grew up on Mudfork, Tazewell Co., VA. This home was located just a little way from Grandmother's . We lived with Grandmother while Daddy, Uncle Sol (Solomon P. Tabor, Sr.) and Uncle Dewey Tabor built our house.

Sol and Dewey were young men while my brothers , Joe and Andy were around 11 and 10 years of age at this time. Grandmother's home was a big two-storied structure with four bedrooms and two huge fireplaces. This home was built around the old original log cabin of James Russell Tabor and his wife, Jane Havens. There was a huge attic room which was the top of the log cabin which had been used as a fort during Indian attacks. We used to dig arrow heads on this property. We found all kinds of Indian relics bows, leather pouches and rawhide leggings buried in the fields. When the plowing was done it would turn up these items.

This attic room was used for grandmothers spinning and carding. A card was a wire toothed brush used to untangle fibers, such as wool, before spinning. She had to complete this process before being able to make her families clothes. She had two huge spinning wheels and a loom when I was a child.

The downstairs part of this log cabin was always her son's room. The rest of the house was a large structure. Down stairs there was a living room with a fireplace, a bedroom, a long narrow hall that led to the kitchen and the parlor. This long hall formed an "L" from the front stairs along the back side of the house with a door, directly across, from the front door at the back side of the house that was one of the exits into the back yard. Here was the boys room (this located directly under the attic spinning room-mentioned above).

There was a huge staircase going upstairs and there was, other than the large attic room, two bedrooms upstairs. The front porch was covered and long window glass panes had been inset down each side of the door. A wooden walk was laid to the front gate and a split rail fence surrounded the yard. Each side of the wooden walk was graced, in the spring, with peonies. These flowers were huge red, white and pink blossoms.

An enormous walnut tree was in the front yard. At the front gate a big Jerusalem Bell flowering bush grew. A large pound sweet apple tree grew in the corner of the yard . Behind the house was another pound sweet apple tree, a maiden blush and a yellow transparent apple tree. The back yard was a slopping hill. Lordy! We kids loved to roll down this yard.

Outside the kitchen door was another raised wooden walkway leading to the smokehouse. This building was used to cure meat, pork and beef. This meat was "put down" with brown sugar, salt and pepper. Salt was a preservative and the sugar a sweetener. A path lead around this structure up a hill to the spring house where all the milk, butter and butter milk was stored. The spring house was built over a mountain stream, at the point it erupted from the Earth. The water was ice cold year round.

Grandmother Becky was a true pioneer woman. She raised hogs, sheep for wool, turkeys, chickens, herds of milk cows, fields of corn, oats, and many varieties of vegetables. Several different kinds of berries grew on her property as well as hickory nuts, walnuts, chinquapins and grapes.

My Grandmother taught me many things. First I learned to feed the fowls; chickens, turkeys and ducks. There seemed to be hundreds of them. (I have a picture of her feeding her turkeys). She taught me never to be afraid of the dark or life. As I grew older she was always there when I needed her. My Grandmother was the hardest working woman I ever knew. She drove her own horse and wagon to market to take her produce, eggs, milk and butter.

In the Fall she killed turkeys, packed them in large wooden barrels and shipped them to stores. She chopped her own wood, tended the crops, cattle, and sheared the sheep. As we grew older we helped her as much as we could. The boys helped her with the farming.

Uncle Jim would come, in the Fall, and he and my dad would butcher the hogs. This was usually right before Thanksgiving. Uncle Sol and Dewey worked in the mines . My brothers, sisters, and "Maggie" & "Hughie" were always close to Grandmother. The other grandchildren lived away, with the exception of Aunt Nannie Lou's children. As a teenager I never understood why they were never there. Mother told me when I was older it was because she felt guilty because her boyfriend had killed Grandfather Hugh.

Grandmother had 42 grandchildren. When I was six years old, her daughter , my Aunt Georgia died with T. B., Georgia's first husband , Darius Garvin, had been killed in the mines and Georgia had remarried to Mr. Hosaflook. She and Darius had two children, Hugh "Hughie" Garvin and Margaret "Maggie" Ellen Garvin. Georgia and Mr. Hosaflook had one daughter, Ida Marie Hosaflook.

At the death of Georgia , "Hughie" and "Maggie came to live with Grandmother Becky. Ida Marie stayed in West Virginia with her father. We grew up like sisters and brothers. I look back now, years later, and marvel at the love and goodness that dear lady shared.

Uncle Sol married Edna Mae Collins and they had three children. Solomon Pink Tabor, Jr., Jack Roland Tabor and Thelma Lee Tabor. When Thelma was born Edna died in childbirth. Grandmother Becky took the three children for two years. Hughie and "Maggie" were baby sitters for the little ones.

Sol then married Alma Zane Wagner and the children went home. This act of kindness was undertaken when grandmother was getting on in years.

Every Fall in September, the Tabor Reunion was held at Grandmothers. Dozens of people came. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and all known kin arrived for this feast. Grandmother loved this day and everyone loved her. (There is a picture of the 1933 Tabor Renion, on the web at: "Hughie" ran away when he was 17 and joined the Navy. "Maggie" was married when she was 17 and lived in W. VA. Aunt Kate Jane Tabor lived with her mother in the big old home. Aunt Kate had never married. She was a deaf mute and had gone to school in Staunton, Va., for her education. What a blessing she was to Grandmother. Everyone loved Aunt Kate. She was another of the beloved people in my life.

"Maggie" and I always helped Grandmother Becky pick berries, beans etc., drive the turkeys home from the fields to roost, churn the butter, gather the eggs and milk. "Maggie" my sister "Margie" and I had a lot of fun together in those days. We were allowed to play in the attic room where the loom and spinning wheels now sat silent after many years of work. Still there were the shuttles and spools as a reminder of those bygone years, only in the recent past had their wheels become silenced forever.

The log framed window seat , in this room, was the perfect place to sit with our dolls. Here they would be left to look out over the creek and road while we worked. While helping Grandmother once I was feeding the cattle when a huge bronze turkey gobbler started flogging me. I just happened to have a corn stalk in my hand so I clobbered the old tom with a whollop. Being frightened I apparently whacked him much harder than I thought. The turkey laid as still as the fallen stalk of corn beside his motionless body. All day I was sick at my stomach with worry. I knew my mother would flog me if that turkey was dead and she figured out that I was the cause.

Since it was cold weather I went twice a day to feed the cattle. As I approached the feeding area there was that old fellow strutting around again. I was very relieved. He never bothered me again.

There were two things Grandmother never allowed us kids to do. Those were slide down the banister and go into her parlor. The parlor was a special place and only used for company and Christmas. We sneaked a slide every now and again. If mother found this out she would not let us play with "Maggie" for awhile and "Margie" and I would get our bottoms whipped.

I can see her now walking out the road to mother's to get me or mother to do her mail orders and to write her letters. In the cold weather she always wore an old Army coat and mens shoes. She had better clothes but chose to wear them. My own mother and grandmother were a lot alike in that respect.

Grandmother loved the sunshine she called it the "Blessed Old Sun". Mother and I were depended on more and more, by her, as she grew older. I stayed with Grandmother until I was 21 years of age. In the two darkest periods of my life grandmother stood by me when all others shunned me or wished to punish me. She said to me, "Dear, I know these are terrible things that have happened to you. You must put you faith in God and believe in yourself, hold your head high. Your mother and father will forgive you some day and no one else matters. You are a strong girl for you have my blood in your veins. Never give up or give in, work hard and things will come right".

Thank God for those words because they have carried me through life. I consider having known her as one of the greatest privileges of my life and certainly the greatest blessing. She told me I had been a blessing in her life and that I had made her old days happy.

When Darcie and I were married she told him to be good to me. When I left her she said, " Don't you forget your granny". For as long as she lived I went to see her often when I would go home. She died on November 24th, 1944 .

My Roger had been born that year. She would have been happy to have known that I lived in her home for awhile after she was gone.

"CHRISTMAS IN GRANDMOTHER BECKY'S PARLOR" written by Hettie Marie (Shrader) Eagle in 1997.

Christmas for us was a special time with our Grandmother Becky. This season each year, for two days, was the only time we were allowed in her parlor, and what a treat it was. There was a fireplace with a hearth on which Maggie, Margie and I would sit and crack walnuts and hickory nuts for Grandmother and Mother Ocie to make candy. My mother made the best hickory nut fudge.

Over this fire we also popped the corn to string for the Christmas tree. We were given apple cider for our efforts. Aunt Kate made gingerbread for this event each year and helped with the feast that was prepared each year for our Christmas day. About two days (remember there were no refrigerators) before they would make mince, pumpkin, apple and berry pies. All of these ingredients were from the canned fruit prepared in the earlier season of the year when they were harvested. There was fresh apple cake. This was possible because the apples were one of the harvested crops that had been canned, dried and/or stored in a Winter mound.

Fruit cake made from dried apples and nuts from her property. This was so special it is hard to explain in 1996 when times are so different. Christmas was different then than now. Every gift we got was homemade. Usually we were given one gift each.

The older boys or men cut a large tree that was put up on Christmas Eve. The tree was always decorated by the adults. The first thing added was the strung popcorn ropes. The children were not allowed to handle the fragile glass painted ornaments, small porcelain dolls, wee glass angles, real glass beads and miniature violins, all from Germany, that were carefully placed on the tree.

Lastly the little candles with their silver safety shields. In the parlor black leather furniture with wide oak arms and a magnificent pump organ was located.

The Christmas Dinner was grand. The turkey and duck were fresh from Grandmother's own flock. Roast beef from her farm, baked sweet potatoes, canned green beans, baked apples, canned vegetables and dressing made with biscuits, cornbread , home grown and dried sage and chestnuts. The dressing was formed into patties, baked then served with turkey gravy.

After dinner we all went into the parlor where Grandmother played the organ, Daddy and Uncle Sol played the violin and we sang Christmas carols. The children later went out to sleigh ride, have snowball battles, build a snowman or if no snow we would play blind's man bluff, etc. Sadly we went home to do all of our chores.

Christmas was over for another year and the doors to the parlor were closed.

"MEMORIES"......written by Karen Louise Eagle Moman 1990 At the head of the stairs, to the left, was a huge room. A small door was the passage way into this area. Once through this door you found yourself standing on a large balcony where there was four steps down into an area that had been the room in which "Granny Becky" had used her loom, and her spinning wheel and it was apparently used for other work of this type.

During W.W.II Hettie Marie (Shrader) Eagle lived here with four of her five children (Judith Elaine not yet born) while her husband Darcie Ray Eagle was serving in the U. S. Army. Oren Roger Eagle was a small lad at this time and not permitted in this room. Shirley Rae, Karen Louise, and Janice Marie spent many hours in this "Magic Kingdom". We were never allowed to go into the lower level of this room where the loom (this was a HUGE model) and the spinning wheel were located. I have may memories of this home.

Once Aunt Kate Jane Tabor was baby-sitting us while mom had gone to Fort Knox, KY., to see dad. Aunt Kate was sitting in a rocking chair, in front of a fireplace that was then in the big kitchen, Shirl, Jan and I were running around her chair in a circle singing. Aunt Kate reached out to grab at one of us . She grabbed quickly and pulled a large bunch of Jan's hair out of the top of her head. She didn't realize how fast we were running. Aunt Kate was sad when she realized what had happed.

Shirley and Roger ate the coal from the coal bucket. Doctor Porter told Mom they needed vitamins and this innocent act was a search for those needed supplements. During the following months after this we were all given cod liver oil each day. UGH!

In a room we used as one of the bedrooms, at the left when you entered the house from the front door, we had a potbellied stove. One day I thought I needed to start a fire? I caught the curtains on fire with a match. My screams instantly brought my mother running (thank God she was in the house). Not having any "in house" facilities we used a commode (actually we called it a slopjar). Seeing the only possible source of liquid my dear mother grabbed "the source" and threw the contents on the burning curtains. The next step was to grab snow from outside to help extinguish the fire. Within minutes my little bottom was as burnt as the poor misshapen curtains. Lesson learned, thank you!

On another occasion I sneaked Mom's scissors out and cut me some bangs to prance across my forehead. Little did I realize, at the time, my bangs weren't the only thing that would be prancing. I just seemed to keep my bottom in jeopardy.

One of my most pleasant memories of living at this home is of the milk Grandmother Ocie Lee (Tabor) Shrader would leave on our back porch in the Winter. It had not been there long when it was retrieved but it would already have ice crystals forming in the top. This was a treat beyond belief to me.

Dad came home on leave and gave each one of us "K-rations" from his duffel bag. We though we were rich to have food in Army green cans.

While living here a delightful elderly black man came to plow. His name was "Uncle Sheb" and he sang as he worked. Each time he was there I would take my dolly and sit at the edge of the field he was plowing. There was such a feeling of peace around "Uncle Sheb". I can truthfully say I loved this dear old man. I would love to know his last name .

A little girl usually does the domestic chores that she sees her Mommie doing and I wasn't any different. There were 'pokeberries' growing all around our grandparents barn and they made the most delicious looking mud pies. I also pretended the juice from the berries was ink and another time my posterior was jeopardized until it was the color of the make believe ink!

There were "craw-dads" in the little holes around the creek. I found great delight in pulling up a rock, for a seat, and waiting for any member of this "craw-dad" family to come out where I lived. A braver soul than I would have stayed and observed them at work and play. As soon as I saw a whisker emerging from the hole I would run away. After each such encounter I made up my mind to find courage to remain on the rock seat for the duration . I NEVER found that courage.

The smoke house was another source of wonder. It was the perfect place for rainy day play. Not having money creates a vivid mind. On these "smoke house days" we entertained ourselves by brain power. This power found that I could have paper dolls if I cut them from old catalogues, usually Spiegel and Sears & Roebuck. I cut out an entire family with several changes of clothes only to have Shirley sneak in and steal my "naked man" as I called him. He was a man in long underwear and in those days that would have been considered naked by children. I ran crying into the house to plead my case. I got back my naked man.

Mom made us sock dolls when we lived in this home. Mine was a monkey who patiently spent many hours by my side on that rock. Needless to say he fled with me on each occasion to what I considered a safe place, usually up a tree or into "the facility."

I have a faint memory of seeing "Granny Becky" once when we were visiting our grandparents Samuel Henry Shrader and Ocie Lee Tabor. Some other woman was standing on the porch with her. I assume now it was Aunt Kate. Several times when Uncle Andy and aunt Edith lived here I went and spent the night with Ruth Anna Shrader. A calendar hung on the wall, in the kitchen, when we lived at this residence.

There was a comb case on the calendar with a mirror that covered the entire top. In warm weather Grandfather & Grandmother Shrader would milk in the "milking gap". I always enjoyed watching this event from the fence. My memories of chinquapins are mixed. I loved them to eat but the "getting of them " was a real hassle.

It seems as if a few of Richard Adam Tabor and Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader's children were given some land by their parents. Of course, they could have bought the land from their parents.

1910 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS POCAHONTAS # 249 (this should have read: Clear fork Dist)

*MAGGIE TABOR, 39, widow? (I show Howard James Tabor's death date as 1911 perhaps the year date is wrong), Maggie had had four children and 1 was alive in 1910. She and her parents b. VA., (stated on census)

.....Nannie M. 20 b. VA * Second wife of James Howard Tabor who was the grandson of Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader & Richard Adam Tabor. Great grandson of Henry Shrader, Sr., and Louisa Kennedy. However, the date I have for the death of James Howard Tabor is 15 June 1911. Do any of you have his death date? Children Hugh Edward Tabor & Margaret Rebecca (Sluss) Tabor raised on this land:

1. Kate Jane Tabor................ b. 5 Apr 1887....d. 31 Dec 1966 (Aunt Kate never married.She was SPECIAL to me. A loving gentle woman.)

2. James Henry "Uncle Jim" Tabor..b. 22 Jan 1893...d. 1 Jun 1973 (Married 3 Sept 1913, Clara Elender French, d/o Rufus Edward & Cora Lee (Reynolds) French).

3. Nannie Lou Tabor...............b.4 Apr 1889.......d. aft 1959 [Married 21 Oct 1914, (see story about the death of Hugh Edward Tabor) Norman Twigg, s/o Thornton & Elizabeth Twigg]

4. Baby Boy Tabor ........................b. & d. 27 Mar 1891

5. Ocie Lee Tabor................b. 3 Oct 1893......d. 28 Feb 1975 (Married 11 Oct 1911, Samuel Henry Shrader, s/o Rufus Jackson Shrader & Corrilda Alice (Sluss) Shrader-Samuel & Ocie were first cousin)

6. Florence Vicie Tabor.............b. 22 Aug 1895....d. 1 Feb 1963 (Married 4 May 1913, Raphael/Ralph Hale "Rafe" Shrader, s/o Rufus Jackson Shrader & Corrilda Alice (Sluss) Shrader-Rafe & Florence were first cousins)

7. Georgina Ann "Georgia" Tabor....b.3 Feb 1897.....d. 17 Mar 1925 (Married twice 1. Darius A. Garvin 2 Jun 1915, s/o Louis & Ellen Garvin. Darius Garvin killed in a mine accident . Married 2. Everett Hosaflook abt. 1920)

8. Willie Mae Tabor................b. 1901...............d. 1981 (Married Frank "Charlie" Puckett)

9. G. Dewey Tabor........................b. Apt 1905..........d. Yes (Married Etta Mae Ratliff, d/o John A. Ratliff, Jr., & Lillian Lauria Hopkins)

10. Solomom *Pink Tabor...........b. 8 Aug 1906.......d. 5 May 1975 (Married twice 1. 26 Nov 1926, Edna Mae Collins b. 1907, d. 1930, d/o James M. Collins & Virginia Smith. Married 2. Alma Zane Wagner , d/o Charles Mc Clelland "C.M or Uncle Boss"Wagner & Charlotte Lavenia "Lottie" Tabor-Lottie was the d/o Elgan Whitley Tabor & Octavia Zane Tiller, Charles was the s/o Paris Witcher Wagner & Patria Ann Perdue) * Per Solomon Pink Tabor, Jr., on 15 June, 2000, the name Solomon Pinkus was the name of a man that had supplied farm items to the Hugh Edward Tabor family. The surname "Pinkus" was shortened to Pink and Solomon Pink Tabor was named to honor the man for his dedication and help to the family.

11. William McKinnley "Ken" Tabor.b. 7 Aug 1907.....d. 14 Aug 1978 Yes (Married Sue Carter, d/o Charles Albert Carter & Sarah "Sally" Marrs)

12. Sarah Eugenia "Sally" Tabor.......b. 1912.................d. ? (Married Kyle French, s/o Charles H. French and Sarah J. "Sallie" -unknown surname)

These families also lived in the Hugh Edward Tabor Home in later years:

1. Hettie Marie (Shrader) Eagle, d/o Samuel Henry Shrader & Ocie Lee (Tabor ) Shrader & Darcie Ray Eagle -Parents of Shirley, Karen, Janice, Roger & Judy Eagle

2. John Mitchem his wife and their baby lived in a few rooms there at the close of WWII while the Hettie (Shrader) Eagle family lived there while her, husband, Darcie Ray Eagle served in the U.S. Army, Co "B" 44th Tank Battalion. (If I remember correctly John Mitchem had recently returned from WWII and was a good friend of Ray Shrader, the brother of Hettie Shrader)

3. George Raymond Sluss, [s/o Mamitaniaus "Uncle Ty" Sluss & Rosa Belle "Rosie"(Blankenship) Sluss], & Elsie Sue (Ramsey) **Sluss -parents of Janet Eileen (Sluss) Thomason (wife of William Cecil ***Thomason - William a direst descendant of Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader. William is the s/o William Estel Thomason, Jr., and the great great grandson of the Daniel Thomason & Elizabeh A. Deaton).

** Mamitaniaus "Ty" Sluss was the s/o James Sluss & Clair Rinda Gouldy/Golden (Americanized). James Sluss was the s/o Henry Sluss & Elizabeth "Betsy" Coleman. Henry Sluss was the s/o Jared (Frederick?) Sluss & Mary Christina (unknown surname). Jared Sluss was the s/o * *Peter Schlosser/Sluss & Maria Margaretha Weschenbach. Peter Schlosser/Sluss (Americanized) was the s/o Johann Joost Schlosser & Margaretha Frey. Johann Joost Schlooser was the s/o Johann Henrich Schlooser & Anna Maria Schompar.

Peter Schlooser married Anna Maria Weschenbach. Johann Henrich Schlosser was the s/o Friedrich Schlooser & Christina Schenck. (All older generation os the Schlooser/Sluss Family from Elmer Clifford "Cliff" Sluss & Joan Sylvia Rose (Banks) Sluss) Peter Schlosser, Sr. was our immigrant ancestor from Germany. He arrived in America in 1732 on the ship "Dragon" with his brother Leonard Schlosser. They settled in the Lebanon area of PA., before moving to MD.

*** Daniel Thomason was the s/o Bannister Thomason. Elizabeth A. Deaton was the d/o Nathan Deaton & Sarah F. "Sally" Mitchell. Nathan Deaton was the s/o Levi Deaton , Sr., & Martha C. Cade. Sarah F. "Sally" Mitchell was the d/o John Mitchell.


WARREN HARLESS.......................10-13-1909............2-27-1932 ( Warren Harless was killed in the big mine explosion of 1932 and was the first husband of Cora Nelson "Nobia" Wagner the d/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenia Tabor. Margaret L. Tabor was the d/o James Russell Tabor & Martha Jane Havens). Cora Wagner married a second time to Busten Raymond Butt the s/o Grover Butt)

GEORGIA TABOR HOSAFLOOK............2-13-1897..............3-17-1925 (Georgina Ann "Georgia" Tabor died of T.B. and was the d/o Hugh Edward Tabor & Margaret Rebecca Sluss. Georgia married twice. 1. 2 June 1915, Darius A. Garvin, s/o Louis & Ellen Garvin of Webster Co., WV. Darius Garvin was killed in a mine about 1918. Married 2. Everett Hosaflook )

CHARLIE PUCKETT....................1896......................1961 (Charles Frank/Frank Charles "Charlie" Puckett, husband of Willie Mae Tabor . Willie was the d/o Hugh Edward Tabor & Margaret Rebeccca Sluss)

CHUCK PUCKETT......................8-10-1920................5-18-1925 (Charles Puckett, s/o Charles Frank Puckett & Willie Mae Tabor)

WILLIE MAE PUCKETT.....................1901.........................1981 (Willie Mae Tabor, d/o Hugh Edward Tabor & Margaret Rebecca Sluss)

CHARLES ADDISON TABOR..............6-16-1940................2-20-1943 Charles Addison "Buddy" Tabor was the son of Solomon Pink Tabor, Sr., and his second wife, Alma Zane Wagner, d/o Charles Mc Clelland "Uncle Boss" Wagner, Sr., & Charlotte Lavinia "Lottie" Tabor, d/o Elgan Ehitley Tabor & Octavia Zane Tiller. Elgan Whitley Tabor was the s/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader. Elgan Ehitley Tabor was the brother of James Russell Tabor.)

EDNA COLLINS TABOR....................6-11-1906..............5-3-1930 (Edna Mae Collins, first wife of Solomon Pink Tabor, Sr., and the d/o James M. Collins & Virginia Smith)

HENRY TABOR....................9-2-1865....................9-11-1891 (Henry J. Tabor, s/o James Russell Tabor & Martha Jane Havens. I believe the full name was Henry Jefferson Tabor in honor of his uncle, Henry Jefferson "Jeff" Tabor who died in a Civil War prison camp. The camp was at Fort Delaware, Delaware and the actual building was on an island called Pea Patch Island and as of the late 1990's was still standing as a deserted structure. Henry Jefferson "Jeff' Tabor was the s/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader)

HOWARD TABOR.................5-28-1860.....................6-15-1911 Howard James Tabor, the s/o James Russell Tabor & Martha Jane Havens. Howard was married twice. 1. 3 Feb 1881, Susan A. Bailey, d/o Jonathon & Rebecca Bailey. Susan died of childbirth on 16 Mar 1887 @Mudfork, Taz., Co., VA. Marriage 2. 3 or 5 Feb 1887, Margaret "Maggie" Edmonds, d/o J. W. & Sadie Edmonds)

HUGH E. TABOR..............5-21-1862......................12-28-1914 (Hugh Edward Tabor, s/o James Russell & Martha Jane (Havens) Tabor. Hugh Edward was the husband of Margaret Rebecca Sluss, d/o James Sluss & Clair Rinda Gouldy/Golden. Hugh E.Tabor was murdered.)

JAMES R. TABOR..............3-18-1834......................1-14-1920 (James Russell Tabor, Was known as Russell Tabor, s/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader. James Russell Tabor was the husband of Martha Jane Havens and their home was the original log cabin dwelling on the property where the cemetery is located. Since the land was known as "The Havens Tract" at the turn of the 20th Century it is fair to assume that the land might have once belonged the Havens Family)

JANE TABOR.................4-28-1830.......................1- 1-1910 (Martha Jane Havens Tabor, wife of James Russell Tabor and the d/o Howard Havens & Dicey/Dicy King)

KATIE JANE TABOR...........4-5-1886........................12-31-1966 (Kate Jane Tabor, first child of Hugh Edward Tabor & Margaret Rebecca Sluss, Aunt Kate was a dearly beloved person. She was a deaf mute and never married) > Kate Jane Tabor was born in Mudfork, Tazewell Co., VA ., 05 April 1886. She was a deaf, mute and a very smart woman. Kate attended a school for the deaf in Staunton,VA., and learned to write, read and sign. She took all the regular school classes as well as the specialized classes. One of the dearest people I have ever known in my life.

"MEMORIES OF AUNT KATE"...By Karen Eagle Moman When growing up in Tazewell Co, VA., my most loved kinswoman was Aunt Kate Jane Tabor. She lived with my grandparents, Samuel Henry " Sam" and Ocie Lee (Tabor) Shrader. McKinley "Ken" Tabor had been willed the land of Grandmother Becky to take care of her. I never understood this arrangement. I have no memory of her going to Ken and Sue (Carter) Tabor's except to visit for a few days. I certainly never remember them doing anything for her other than giving her a box of candy at Christmas!. In my heart I hope they somehow compensated for this situation, both to Aunt Kate and my Grandparents.

One thing was for certain she was LOVED by all the grandchildren. She made the most beautiful paper flowers from Kleenex, bobby pins (hair pins), wires and floral wrap. Originally these were used on Memorial Day to decorate the graves. They were so lovely people bought them to set in jars in their homes. Aunt Kate came to our home, behind the Falls Mills Damn, sometime in 1950's. She did the cooking and was a most welcome houseguest.

My mother was ill at the time and needed help from another adult woman as all of us older girls were in school. She could make clothes without patterns. I think that is were and when I learned to do this very same thing. I had a doll and asked her if she would make it a dress. She had written , as she was a deaf mute, that she wanted something to do to keep her hands busy in between meals. To this day I do not know why we never learned to sign as she did. She was a smart woman.

That afternoon when I came home from school she met me at the end of the walk with my newly dressed doll. She had made it a dress, a hat a slip and a pair of little panties. I was awe struck. I embraced her and stood with my arms around her and cried. This made an impression on my mind I was never to forget. The love and ability of this selfless act so touched my heart that in later years my own daughters and their friends had the best dressed dolls.

On the first day she fixed us chicken, gravy, vegetables and biscuits for one meal. The sugar and salt were not labeled in the glass containers. We all knew which was which but we had forgotten to tell her this bit of information. The gravy had sugar in it rather than salt. We so loved this taste that sugar was put in our gravy for years after this day.

This dear lady was an angel. I shall never forget her. I keep a picture of her hanging in my home.

"MEMORIES"....By Shirley Rae Eagle Beard Aunt Kate was a petite woman, well groomed and pretty. She was unable to laugh but she smiled all the time. Grandmother and Grandfather spoke to her, I thought, rather sternly. I always loved her so much.

"MEMORIES".....By Janice Marie Eagle When Aunt Kate stayed with us during mother's illness she was asked to write, on a sheet of paper, if she wanted anything. Mom was astonished to see the reply. She thought perhaps it would be a headscarf, gloves or a hat. On the paper she had written, " I want to go at bluecoat". Shortly thereafter Aunt Kate was presented with a beautiful blue coat...... Mom, tell us were did you find in those very poor days a coat to buy her?

Karen's note: After reading this information submitted from Jan I called Mom in Port Townsend, WA., and asked her this question. She said she had charged it at the J. C. Penny store in Bluefield, Mercer Co ., WV.

KATE JANE TABOR died 31 Dec 1968 in Narrows, Giles, VA, at 82 years of age. Funeral services for Kate Jane Tabor , 80, of Mudfork, will be conducted Monday 2:30 p. m. at Graham Funeral Chapel in Bluefield, Va. Ted R. Witt will officiate, burial will follow in Tabor Cemetery, Mudfork. (My note: This is the on the hill where the Hugh Tabor home used to stand)

Born at Mudfork, she was the daughter of the late Hugh Edward Tabor and Margaret R. Sluss. She was a member of the Macedonia Methodist Church. She died Saturday at 5:45 P. M. in a Narrows, Va., nursing home following a long illness.

Survivors include three sisters Mrs. Ocie Shrader of Mudfork, with whom she made her home. Mrs. Sallie French of Pulaski, Va., and Mrs. Willie Puckett of Boissevain, VA., three brothers James H. Tabor of Brushfork, Va., Solomon P. Tabor of Mudfork, Va., and William Tabor of Falls Mills, Va. Pallbearers: Elwood Bailey, Sr., Elwood Bailey, Jr., Hubert Dudley, Dallas *Billips, (one given name I can't read- cut off) Billips, Ray Epperson, and Taft Wagner. Members of the Willing Workers Sunday School Class of the church will carry the flowers. * I believe this should read Dallas Bailey.

MARGARET SLUSS TABOR................4-3-1865............11-25-1944 (Margaret Rebecca "Granny Becky" Sluss, wife of Hugh Edward Tabor and d/o James Sluss & Clair Rinda Gouldy/Golden..see family stories above. I have her death date as 24 Nov 1944)

BABY BOY TABOR...............................B & D 27 March 1891 (Son of Hugh Edward Tabor & Margaret Rebecca Sluss)

ADAM S. WAGNER.............................1864.....................1959 (Adam Stafford "Uncle Stafford" Wagner, husband of Margaret Levenia "Aunt Lou" Tabor who was the d/o James Russell Tabor & Martha Jane Havens. Uncle Stafford Wagner was the s/o Rev. Adam Edward Wagner & Juliana Elinor Tabor. Married 4 Mar 1885, to Margaret Levenia Tabor. Uncle Stafford spent many Sundays at my parents home at Falls Mills, Tazewell Co., VA., after his wife died. He attended the OLD Macedonia Methodist Church as did our family and my mom, Hettie Marie Shrader Eagle, d/o Samuel Henry Shrader & Ocie Lee Tabor, would invite him to our home for *dinner and he would stay until we went back to church for the evening meeting. * Dinner is lunch in Arizona)

FRANK PYOTT WAGNER..................9-14-1905..............7-26-1931 (Married Mary Elizabeth Pruitt, d/o Isaac Pruitt & Lucinda Fanning)

HENRY C. WAGNER...................7-4-1890...............1-30-1947 (Henry Carr Wagner, Sr., s/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenia Tabor. Married 20 Jun 1917, Sarah Estell Parsons, d/o Ballard P. & Selba Sue Parsons) (Apparently has a young daughter buried in this cemetery) Henry Carr Wagner, Sr., had two daughters and one son: (From "The AdamWaggoner Family") 1. Virginia M. Wagner b. 6 June 1991, m. in 1948 Earnest G. Saunders 2. Lorlene Estelle Wagner, b. 1 June 1918, no other data 3. Henry Carr Wagner , Jr., b. 3 Sept., 1921, m. in 1941, Margaret Halstead

JOE F. WAGNER.......................9-10-1912..............10-9-1912 (Joseph Folk Wagner, s/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenia Tabor)

MARGARET WAGNER.................... 1866.....................1945 (Margaret Levenia Tabor, b. 22 Aug 1866, d. 12 Mar 1945, wife of Adam Stafford Wagner, d/o James Russell Tabor & Martha Jane Havens, paternal grandparents were Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader with maternal grandparents being Howard Havens & Dicey King)

MARY J. WAGNER.................17 Feb 1892.............22 Feb 1892 (Mary Jane Wagner, d/o Adam Safford Wagner & Margaret Levenia Tabor)

NANNIE V. WAGNER....................12-4-1894..............1-12-1895 (Nannie Viola Wagner, d/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenie Tabor) R. A.

WAGNER..............................8-22-1889..............5-27-1918 (I believe this might have been Russell Adam/Adam Russell Wagner, s/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenia Tabor. First I have the birth and death dates for Russell Adam Wagner as: 22 August 1888 and his death as 26 November 1918! (perhaps the gravestone was hard to read) when Hugh Edward Tabor was murdered by Sam Taylor in Dec., 1914, the Pocahontas Bureau, Bluefield Telegraph reported that a R. A. Wagner was at the blacksmith shop where/when the murder happened having his horse shoed.

I have checked all the Wagner men in the Tazewell Co., VA., area during that time and the only R.A. Wagner would have been this man. Russell Adam Tabor was kin to Hugh Edward Tabor and would have lived in the area. Like most of the kin in the area they were related by more than one line. Having the name Russell Adam Wagner was an honor to both his grandfathers and his father. James Russell -known as Russell- Tabor was his maternal grandfather. Rev. Adam Edward Wagner was his paternal grandfather and his father was Adam Stafford Wagner. (Listed in "The Adam Waggoner Family " Book, page, 214, as B.A. Wagner at the cemetery site).

VIRGIE J. WAGNER.....................6-17-1893..............2-7-1907 (Virgie Jane Wagner, d/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenie Tabor)

WALTER E. WAGNER..........7-1-1886...............11-29-1907 (Walter Edward Wagner, oldest son of Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenie Tabor)

WILLIAM M. WAGNER...................11-9-1895..............9-5-1896 (William Miles "Willie" Wagner, s/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenia Tabor. Cause of death was Meningitis at the age of 19 months. Died at Mudfork , Tazewell Co VA. Death reported by father. Born Mudfork, Taz Co VA.)

WILLIAM PRESTON WAGNER...........6-4-1926................8-28-1926 (Son of Earnest Gentry Wagner , Sr., who was the s/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenia Tabor, & Hattie George Wagner who was the d/o James Henry Wagner & Cassie Ellen Belcher) James Henry Wagner & Adam Stafford Wagner were the sons of Rev. Adam Edward Wagner & Juliana Elinor Tabor) Also buried in this cemetery: (Not able to link to a family)

GARNET.........................................1912............1916 (Is this a given name or a surname??? I have 20, 800 names in my genealogy file as of June, 2000, but no Garnet surnames). This person was apparently kin to my great grandparents. I have no Garnet Wagners. I do have a Garnet E. Tabor who was a male b. 1915 , he lived until 1962. He was the s/o Florence Virginia Wagner (who was the d/o Rev.Adam Edward Wagner & Julina Elinor Tabor) & Ballard W. Tabor, s/o Stephen Paris Tabor & Eleanor "Ellen" Havens-the sister of Martha Jane Havens who was the wife of Jmaes Russell Tabor. Can anyone help?

Buried in this cemetery - no marker: DAUGHTER OF HENRY CARR WAGNER, s/o Adam Stafford Wagner & Margaret Levenie Tabor (Per telephone conversation 1 August, *2000, I had been unable to resolve this so I called Fannie again. Fannie Ellis Dickenson, said it was Henry Wagner's (s/o Adam Stafford Wagner) daughter and she was buried in the Hugh Tabor Cemetery. Fannie went to the wake and the burial) In 1998 Fannie Ellis Dickenson, d/o James William Dickenson & Viola Jane Kinzer (d/o Phillip Kinzer & Margaret Lavenia Tabor -the aunt of Margaret Levenia Tabor who was the wife of Adam Stafford Wagner) told me when she was a young person that she remembers a young daughter of Henry Wagner that died. This young girl was run over by a vehicle. Her helpless family witnessed this from their front porch. The young girl "lay-in-state" in the parlor of my great grandmother, Margaret Rebecca Sluss Tabor, the widow of Hugh Edward Tabor. Fannie attended the wake and funeral. She said the young girl was beautiful. Fannie Ellis Dickenson was b. 24 April 1913, so she had to be old enough to remember this funeral. Can anyone help on this puzzle?

Regarding the grandparents of Hugh Edward Tabor: 11 August., 2000, Fannie Ellis Dickenson, (b. 1913, great granddaughter of Richard & Milly Tabor) told me in a telephone conversation she remembers her aunt, Dora Prucilla Kinzer, b. 1877, d. 1953, gathering wild flowers and putting them on the graves of Richard Adam Tabor & "Milly" Shrader Tabor, in the Wexler Tabor Cemetery, Mudfork, Tazewell Co., VA. The graves are located in the left hand side. She is going to go with James Allen "Jimmy" Thomason and show him the placement of the gravesites at the cemetery soon.

The work of Mary Hazel Bane Neal also listed the place of their burial as Wexler Tabor Cemetery

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