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Thanks Karen, and everyone mentioned, your contribution to free genealogy is greatly appreciated.

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Tabor Lane Cemetery

This is the Tabor Lane Cemetery---Between Bluefield, Virginia and Springville, Virginia





(With help from Michael Otis Tabor, Teresa Brown, copies of work by Nancy A. Nash & Dr. Thomas Hatcher and data collected for my genealogy files)

Michael O. Tabor has contributed much of his time and talents to our Tabor Family History. His kindness has been much appreciated by all whom he has helped with reports, documents, information and encouragement.

Location: On the North side of Route # 460, west of Bluefield past Grandview Cemetery and east of Ebenezer Church. The cemetery is not visible from the road and does not have a gate. This cemetery is on the old homplace "TABOR LANE" of Daniel Tabor and Mary Martha "Molly" Phlummer/Flummer.

Per: Teresa Brown: It is located on property which has been leased to Pounding Mill Quarry. The cemetery is in a bad condition. She has plans to do some cleaning. Thank you, Teresa.

Daniel Tabor, 1794-1855, was the son of William Tabor, 1739 d. bef. 1810, & Nellie. Daniel Tabor married Mary Martha "Polly" Phlummer/Flummer, 1796-1881, d/o Samuel Phlummer/Flummer, 1769 to abt 1845 & Elizabeth Peck, b. abt 1769, d. aft 1842. Their home was known as "Tabor Lane".

DANIEL TABOR is on a list with 36 other men who were enlisted to serve in the Army of the 1812-1814 Mexican War. " It is a little strange that the frontiers should have furnished so many men for the army, when their absence so greatly exposed their families. But when we reflect that no people felt the horrors of war more sensibly that they did, and that no people are readier to serve the country in the day when aid is needed, than those of the mountainous...(text ended)"


Daniel and Mary (Flummer) Tabor lived their life together as farmers in Tazewell County, Virginia, near Bluestone. Tazewell County is located in the rugged Alleghany Mountains of southwestern Virginia. It was created in 1799 from Wythe and Russell Counties and had earlier been a part of Montgomery County. The county seat was called Tazewell but also known as Jeffersonville and Tazewell Court House. Bluestone was a small town in eastern Tazewell Co., VA., a little west of present-day Bluefield, VA. Bluestone was also known by its railroad name St. Clair. A post office was located there as early as 1829 and continued after the 1850's. This town should not be confused with another Bluestone which was only a few miles away in Mercer County, Virginia/West Virginia.

Mary Martha's parents were Samuel Flummer (c.1769-1845) and Elizabeth (Peck) Flummer. Samuel was an early settler of Tazewell Co., VA., with his name appearing on taxpayer lists as early as 1804. He acquired landholdings on well over 200 acres and was involved in local civic affairs serving on grand juries and performing other duties for the local county court. Mary was one of several children born to Samuel & Elizabeth Flummer including her brothers, William, and Solomon, and her sisters, Nancy , Elenor, and Elizabeth.

Daniel and Mary were married in Russell County , VA., on 12 November, 1818, by a person named Kelly. As a young man, Daniel was described by his wife, Mary, as being "full six feet high, blue eyes, dark hair, and fair complexion."

Daniel saw service in the War of 1812, as a volunteer with the rank of private. He enlisted at Jeffersonville on 14 September 1813, and served with several units of the Virginia Militia during the war including Lt. Rees B. Thompson's Company of Infantry (112 Regiment), Capt. James Michie's Company of Infantry (4th Regiment), Capt. Nathaniel Perkins Company of State Artillery, and Lt. David Doak's Detachment of Infantry (4th & 5th Regiment). He was discharged at Norfolk, Virginia, on 13 March 1814, he then substituted at Jeffersonville and served with Capt. William Gillispie's Company. He was discharged again at Jeffersonville on 6 March 1815.

As a veteran of this war, Daniel applied for a land bounty of 80 acres in February 1851, under the Bounty Land Act of 1850. He may have secured the 80 acres for which he applied but may have gotten only 40 acres since he had a difficult time proving the required six months of service because he had lost his certificate of discharge.

Daniel held a substantial amount of land, owning property both north and south of the Bluestone River in Tazewell County, Virginia. According to Tazewell County deed records, his real estate holdings exceeded 400 acres. Most of the acreage he acquired from Henry Linkous and his wife, Fanny, of Montgomery County, Virginia, on 15 October, 1822, for consideration of $100.00. The deed to 400 acres was recorded twice in Tazewell County, Virginia, in April 1823, and in January 1825. The reason for the second entry is not known. This property was inherited by Fanny Linkous on the death of her father, Jacob Shell. This was the same Jacob Shell whose daughter, Nancy, married Archibald Tabor in 1792, in Montgomery County, Virginia. On 28 August, 1831, Daniel purchased a cow from the estate of John Compton for $6.25.

From December 1844, to April 1854, Daniel was involved in several land transactions in Tazewell County. On 12 December 1844, he secured a deed to 14 acres of land next to Charles Tiffany. This he obtained from George W. G. Browne, the Tazewell Commissioner for delinquent and forfeited lands, for the sum of $22.00. This was the land, which previously belonged to William Lasley, near the 400 acres of land Daniel had purchased in 1822. Lasley had forfeited this land for non-payment of taxes due, and Daniel Tabor then bought it at public auction held 18 August 1844. Daniel sold a piece of real estate to Charles Tiffany containing 30 acres 5 February 1850, for which he received $200.00 payment. On 21 July 1851, Daniel bought 40 acres of land adjoining his own from S. P. Pearis of Giles County, Virginia, for consideration of $1.00. Daniel Tabor and James T. Bane jointly purchased land for $110.00 19 April 1851, from heirs of Isaac Brown. James T. Bane then sold his interest and rights to Daniel 29 March 1854 for $10.00 in the property deeded to them jointly.

Daniel and Mary raised a large family of thirteen children -eight boys and five girls. It is thought that all of their children were born at Bluestone, Tazewell County , Virginia, but documentation is absent or not clear on several.

Mary appears to have been baptized in 1844 into the Antioch Disciples of Christ (Christian) Church near her home in Bluestone Valley. Russell B. Tabor , a son, also served as an elder in that church being baptized in 1858.

In 1850, Wilbur Slade, a teacher (born abt 1823 in New York) was living with Daniel's family. About a year later, in 1851, Margaret Tabor, were married. She became the family's second daughter to marry. It is wondered if romance bloomed because of their closeness.

Daniel died at his home, at Bluestone, 11 February 1855, and was buried on his farm called Tabor Lane. His will, which was written almost a year prior to his death, was recorded 28 February 1855, in Tazewell County. He bequeathed his lands on the north side of Blustone River and one-third of the sale of the remaining estate to his wife, with the rest to be sold and divided among his children. His sons, Charles and John, were named executors. In February 1856, Daniel's personal property was sold for a total of $1655.11.

Following Daniel's death, Mary applied for and received a warrant for 80 acres of bounty land as a veteran's widow under the Land Bounty Act of 1855 (L.B. Warrant 4759-80-55) on 27 August 1855. On 8 September 1855, she sold her bounty land for an unspecified sum of money. The warrant was eventually redeemed by a John Keyser of Floyd County, Iowa, on 12 January 1856 for government land in that area. It is probable that the warrant was purchased by a middle-man who sold it to Keyser for a profit.

During the CIVIL WAR, Mary and her family had a difficult time. It was necessary for them to hide meat between their bedclothes to keep it from the Northern soldiers. The enemy also drove off a young colt they possessed, and the family Bible was destroyed.

Seven of Daniel & Mary's son's fought in the CIVIL WAR on the Confederate side. Serving in the Confederate army were:

Samuel Flummer Tabor-Company "I" 16th Regiment, Virginai Cavalry

Amos H. Tabor-Company "L" 45th Virginia Infantry (later part of 23rd Va Inf. Bat.)

John Tabor- Company "I" 16th Regiment Virginia Cavalry

Russell B. Tabor-Company "I" 16th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry

William W. Tabor-Company "H" 45th Virginia Infantry (same as Tazewell Rangers) DIED IN WAR

Daniel T. Tabor -Company "L" 45th VA. Inf. (later part of 23rd Va Inf. Bat.) DIED IN WAR

Augustus Tabor-Company "E" 17th Regimant, Virginia Cavalry

They served in the war with the 16th and 17th Virginia Cavalry Regiments, and the 45th Virginia Infantry. The two youngest sons, William W. and Daniel T. died in the war within a few months of each other in late 1861.

William W. Tabor was the first of the sons to enlist in military service. He enrolled 29 May 1861 at Wytheville, Wythe, Co., VA.., as a private in Company "H" (also known as the Tazewell Rangers). He died at Big Sulphur Springs September 1861. Before his death, he wrote letters in which he tells of a battle he was in at Gauley in Greenbrier Co., VA/WV. It was during this battle that the Confederates suffered large losses of men and heavy losses of horses, wagons, cattle, coffee, sugar, rice, salt and meal.. In addition to that the Confederate Commander, General John Buchanan Floyd was wounded. William said he was standing guard duty and was tired of army life and wished he were home again where he could get something good to eat because he wasn't getting it in the army. William's estate was settled after his death. It appears he owned only a note from his brother, Charles T., for the amount of $173.00. William's brother-in-law, Isaac Q. Moore, served as administrator of his estate.

Amos H. Tabor & Daniel T. Tabor joined together 3 September 1861 at Big Sewell in Company "L", 45th Virginia Infantry, which later became part of the 23rd Virginia Infantry Battalion on 15 January 1862. Amos served as a sergeant Daniel served as a private and died late 1861. Daniel T's personal property, which consisted of a sorrel horse, one saddle, and eight hogs, were disposed of at sale during the war for $110.50 on 12 February 1862, also under the oversight of his brother-in-law, Isaac Q. Moore, administrator.

Samuel Flummer Tabor enlisted in Tazewell County, VA., on 9 October 1862, as a private in Company "I", 16th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry. He was described as 5' 6" tall, blue eyes, auburn hair, and dark complexion.

John Tabor enlisted on 20 January 1863, in Tazewell County, VA., as a private in Company "I" 16th Regiment of the Virginia Cavalry. He was described as 6' tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair. He served as a captain in the Battle of Gettysburg and was captured by the Federals 1 July 1863. He was in the USA Hospital suffering with Debiltas (?) and was transferred to the Baltimore, MD., hospital 10 August 1863. He was later paroled.

Augustus S. "Gus" Tabor enlisted as a private in Company "E", 17th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry at Mercer County, VA/WV., on 3 September 1863 by Capt. Jacob Straley. Most of his service involved working with regimental horses.

Russell B. Tabor enlisted as a private in Company "I" 16th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry. Little is known of his duty except that he was assigned to the special police in Tazewell County , Virginia.

Three of the sons: Samuel F., John, and Augustus Tabor joined other men in late 1864 in deserting from the Confederate Army. Following the CIVIL WAR, several of the children left the family area in Tazewell County, Virginia, and moved to other places particularly West Virginia. John, Augustus , and Mary with her Husband, Walter R. Osburn, eventually settled in Wayne County, West Virginia.

Amos H. Tabor, a blacksmith by trade, sold his 50 acres of land near his parents old farm 23 March 1865, and moved with his family to Pearisburg, Giles County, Virginia, where he was located in 1870. In 1880 he, his wife Cynthia, and son, J.D., were living in Rock Township, Mercer Co. WV., with Amos' daughter and son-in-law, Mary V. & William E. Blake.

Some of the children including Samuel F., Charles T., Elizabeth, and Russell B. Tabor stayed in Tazewell County, Virginia, near their mother. Charles and Samuel farmed in Tazewell County as did Russell Tabor. On 26 May 1870 Russell B. Tabor was elected to the office of overseer of the poor of Clearfork Township, in Tazewell County, Virginia. He also continued to serve as an elder and representative of the Disciples of Christ Church.

In her later life, Mary (Flummer) Tabor (who was called Polly in the 1860 and 1870 Tazewell County, VA., Census) lived with her son, Russell B. Tabor, on the farm she and Daniel had owned. In 1878 she applied for and received a Federal Pension of $8.00 per month as a widow of an 1812 War veteran under the Act of 1878. She died 10 January 1881 and was buried on the old farm -"Tabor Lane"


1. MAGGIE ELLEN PATRICK,..............4-11-1886...........2-22-1938 Inscription on stone: Wife of William L. Patrick-Gone to Rest (Believed to be Margaret Ellen "Maggie" Lawson. Inscription on stone: "Wife of William L. Patrick")

1880 Tazewell County Virginia Census # 63 Maiden Spring Dist., Thomas A. Repass-enumerator, census read 2-3 June

GEORGE P. PATRICK, 42, farmer, b. VA (all in home b.. VA) POSSIBLE parents of William L. Patrick, not yet born in 1880) .....Julia E., 27 wife, k-house .....Sarah B. 8, daughter .....Thomas, 6, son .....James E. 4, son .....Mary E. 2, daughter .....Charles 9/12, son I have been unable to find their death records in my resources)

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 145 Maiden Spring Dist., J. A. Gillespie-enumerator JAMES E. PATRICK, 24, b. Nov 1876, VA (all in home b VA) ......SARAH PATRICK, 28, b. Sept 1871 SISTER, Sarah had had one child ......ELLA L. PATRICK, 16, b. June 1883, SISTER .....CHARLES E. PATRICK, 20 b. Sept 1879 BROTHER/farm labor .....WILLIAM L. PATRICK, 19, b. Nov 1880, BROTHER/farm labor .....Clarence A., 13, son ?, b. Oct 1886 (I believe this could not have been a son of James E. Patrick, perhaps Clarence was also a brother?) .....Eli H., 11, b. Oct 1888, son .....Ollie M., 2/12, b. Mar 1900, Niece (apparently the daughter of Sarah)

1990 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 207, Jeffersonville Dist.., W. E. Akers, enumerator.

REESE L. PATRICK, 47, b. May 1853 in VA., day laborer (All in home b. VA., except wife) .....Mary E., 42, wife, b. Dec 1857, NC., Mary had had 10 children-9 were living in 1900 .....George W., 21, b. Mar 1879, day laborer .....Willie R., 17, b. Feb 1882, day laborer .....Joseph H., 15, b. Oct 1884, day laborer .....MAGGIE E., 14 b. Apr 1866, daughter .....Nanniel L., 12, b. June 1888, daughter .....Marthy J., 10, daughter .....James J., 7, b. June 1893, son .....Mary B., 3, b. Apr 1897, daughter

2. MABLE IRENE PATRICK................5-27-1929.......12-19-1934 Inscription on stone: "Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Patrick-" "A bud of love gone to be with Jesus"


5. CORDELLA BURRESS.........................10-13-1869......9-17-1913 (Cordelia V,* Wife of Joseph Burress who was b. March 1865) Please, if anyone knowes her surname would you share that inforamtion?

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS (Typed as written in book) JOSEPH BURRIS,(sic) 35, b. Mch 1865, farmer, b. VA (all in home b. VA) .....Cordelia V., 30 b. Octo 1869, wife, Cordelia had had 7 children 5 were living in 1900 .....Effie G., 11, b. Dec 1889, dau .....Joseph E., 10, b. Feby 1890, farm labor .....Clara V., 8, b. Octo 1891, dau .....James R., 4, b. Mch 1896, son .....Mary E., 11/12 (11 months), b. Jun 1889, dau This family is living between: # 148 Charles Bane, age 33, s/o John T. Bane, John T. s/o William Russell Bane & Nancy Havens and on the property in the other direction: # 150 is Calvin (sic?) Waddle, age 70 & Margarette age 69, whom I believe to be buried at plot # 18 in this cemetery. (See # 18 for data) Living four properties away from the Joseph Burress family was # 145 Allen P. Tabor and family.


8. JOSEPHINE HARRIS........................1866.................1936 Inscription on stone: "Rest in Peace" (See the 1900 Census Report with # 18. This Josephine MIGHT have been the Josephine Totten in the home of Joseph Burress in 1900 and she had remarried before her death. A fact to use for research)

9. MARY S. RUBLE.............................5-28-1881........3-18-1925 (Mary S. Fleshman, d/o Phoebe Harriett Tabor, 1858-1911, & John A. Fleshman, 1851-1926. Phoebe H. Tabor, d/o Amos H. Tabor , 1822 to abt 1899 & Cynthia Mc Pherson, abt 1823 to 1899. Amos H. Tabor, s/o Daniel Tabor , 1794 - 1881, & Mary Martha Phlummer/Flummer, 1796-1881. Cynthia Mc Pheraon, d/o Jacob Mc Pherson.

10. A. W. TABOR.............................4-26-1848.........7-5-1912 (Alexander Waltham Tabor, s/o Amos H. Tabor & Cynthia Mc Pherson. See # 9 for lineage. A. W. Tabor served as Master of the Harman Masonic Lodge # 222 in 1887-1888, in Tazewell Co., VA. See # 21 for Harman Masonic Lodge No. 222 information

11. J. D. TABOR..............................3-18-1850...........5-20-1926 (Jacob D. Tabor, s/o Amos H. Tabor & Cynthia McPherson. See # 9 for lineage)

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 38 Clesrfork Dist W.W. Wells Enumerator MC MULLINS, SAMUEL, age 40 b. May 1860 VA A Miller (All b. VA) .....Jane C. age 38 b. Oct 1861 wife had 6 children All living in 1900 (This was Martha Jane C. Tabor, d/o Russell B. Tabor & Elizabeth S. Compton-first cousin of Jacob D. Tabor) .....Sidney J. age 12 b. Nov 1887 son .....Wm. Ellis age 10 b. Feb 1890 son .....Allen B. age7 b. Oct 1892 son ......Eva E. age 5 b. Oct 1894 daughter .....Lary P. age 3 b. Oct 1896 son .....Dexter F. age 1 b. Mar 1899 son TABOR, JACOB D. age 50 b. Mar 1850 VA Miller/Boarder


13. JOHN A. FLESHMAN.............12-6-1851..........3-19-1926 (Husband of Phoeba Harriet Tabor, d/o Amos H. Tabor-see # 9 for lineage)

1880 MERCER CO WV CENSUS Rock Dist JOHN A. FLESHMAN age 28 farming b. VA .....Phebe H. age 22 keeping house b. VA .....Robert E. Lee age 7/12 MORA THOMPSON age 3, b. WV - no relationship given

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 39 Clearfork Dist JOHN FLESHAMN 49 b. Dec *1851 WV *(WV., was not a state until 1863) House Carpenter .....Phoba H. 41 b. Jun 1858 VA., Phoebe H. had had 10 children and all were alive in 1900 .....Robt E. L. 20 B. Nov 1870 WV house carpenter .....Mary S. 19 b. May 1881 WV dau .....James W. 16 b. Aug 1883 VA farmer .....Lou A. 15 b. Feby 1885 VA dau .....Chas H. 13 b. Sept 1886 VA farm labor .....Wade H. 12 b. Mch 1888 VA farm labor .....Onnie P. 9 b. Sept 1890 VA dau .....Annie B. 7 b. Sept 1892 VA dau .....Glenn M. 5 b. July 1894 VA son .....Thos W. 1 b. Nov 1898 VA son

14. PHEBEA FLESHMAN.....................6-25-1858..........3-19-1926 (Phebea Harriett Tabor, d/o Amos H. Tabor & Cynthia Mc Pherson...see Daniel Tabor lineage)


17 MARY A. BURRESS.........................10-16-1835........7-15-1905 (No other data at this time)


MOTHER,.....................................5-10-1831...........3-12-1901 FATHER,......................................11-9-1829...........6-28-1903

(The dates in 1900 Tazewell Co., Virginia Census are not exact but they bear looking at for research)

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS (typed as found) # 150 Clearfork Dist W W Wels, enumerator

CALVIN?* WADDLE, 70 b. Nov 1829, VA (all in home b. VA) farm labor ......Margarette S., 69, Octo 1830, wife (this MIGHT have been a second wife since there are two daughters of the head of the household in this home and it states that Margarette S., age 69, had had NO Children!)

......JOSEPHINE D. TOTTEN, 33, b. June 1866, WIDOW, daughter, Josephinehad had one child (See # *8 in this cemetery index) .....Pocahontas Waddle, 28, b. Seept 1871, daughter, had had one child

.....William S. Totten, 15, b. Aug 1884, grandson of the head of household(PROBABLY the child of Josephine D. Totten)

.....Cora L. Waddle, 10, b. Sep 1889, granddaughter of the head of household (PROBABLY child of Pocahontas Waddle *The compiler of the book had trouble reading the name. It could be something other than Calvin.


20. BROOKMAN BURRESS...............11-22-1886........11-30-1990 (Inscription on stone: "Son of A. & G. V. Burress"

21. HARRAGE M. KEYTON............11-7-1802..........5-31-1889 Inscription on stone: "Erected by Harman Lodge In Memory of ( I find no family information regarding H. M. Keyton)

HARMAN MASONIC LODGE No. 222 A. F. & A.M. (From the "Brief History" issued to its members in 1966 when George E. Kidd was the Most Worshipful Grand Master and Worshipful Eugene E. Fanning was the Master of Harman Lodge). The lodge was granted its charter - signed on 12 Dec., 1866, when Edward H. Bane was the Grand Master of the state of Virginia. Action taken to create this lodge was from Masonic Lodge No. 62 at Jeffersonville, Tazewell Co., VA., (Now Tazewell, Tazewell Co., VA). Those who signed this petition were:

John S. W. Neel Z. S. Witten John A Calfe Wm, F. Neel G. P. George J. Mosby Davis Wm. L. Graham

"Harman Masonic Lodge No. 222 A. F. and A. M. (Ancient Free and Accepted Masons) is now located in Bluefield, Tazewell Co., VA., but met on Bluestone through the year 1882, when it moved to Graham, (now Bluefield,VA. The lodge met the first Saturday of each month in a log building on the top of the hill between the Alex St. Clair and the Tiffiney homes, near where , in 1966, the old St. Clair School stood at St. Clairs Crossing.

The current building was started in 1895 after a fire destroyed the frame building in which it had been meeting at Graham, VA. C. W. Anderson was the Master in 1895. The cornerstone was laid in the new building on July 2, 1895.

The Lodge was named in honor of: COLONEL EDWIN HOUSTONHARMAN, s/o Erastus Granger Harman & Sarah Bane, was born February 13, 1835, in the Bluestone Valley, Tazewell County, Virginia. He was the son of Erastus Granger Harman, one of the first-born of that section of the county. On the 2nd of April 1861 he married Miss Jennie King at the bride's home on Back Creek, Pulaski County, Virginia; a few days thereafter entered the Virginia Infantry.

In the Spring of 1862 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the regiment. He was a daring and accomplished soldier and officer; and itwas strangely decreed by fate that he should fall in battle but a fewmiles distant from the place where he won his bride three years previously. On the 9th of May 1864, Colonel Harman was mortally wounded at the battle of Cloyd's Mountain, and died from the wound two days later. His dust now rests in a hero's grave in Thorn Spring Cemetery, about six miles west of where he fell in battle.

The first Worshipful Master was Zachariah S. Witten.

24. R. W. MC CLANAHAN.............2-22-1834.....11-12-1907 (Robert W. Mc Clanahan father of Mary A. Elizabeth Mc Clanahan who married Allen Preston Tabor, s/o Russell B. Tabor)

# 306 1880 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS: MC CLANNAHAN, Robert age 40 a farmer from VA (All from VA) ........Elizabeth age 44 wife k-house ........Osker W. age 24 son farmer ........Mary A. E. age 21 daughter ........William W. age 18 son farm labor ........Robert L. age 14 son farm labor ........Margaret L. age 12 daughter ........Calprunia A. age 10 daughter ........Charles S. age 9 son VERMILLION, John age 23 Nephew-stone mason VERMILLION, Martha A. V. age23 wife k-house

(Where was Robert W. Mc Clanahan in 1900?? Mary Elizabeth, his wife, is in this home with her son, William. She was not listed as a WIDOW!)

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS (Typed as found) # 129 Clearfork Dsit., W. W. Wells, enumerator

WM. MC CLANAHAN, 39, b. Jany 1861, head of household, farmer. b. VA (ALL in home b. VA)

.....Mary S., 30, b. Mch 1870, wife, Mary had had four children (it appears only two were alive in 1900) (This was Mary L. Bane Tabor-first married to Evan Brown Tabor)

......Bertha H., 3. b. Nov 1896, dau

.....Chas H., 1, b. Nov 1898, son

FREDERICK B. TABOR, 6, b. June 1893, SON-Yes, listed him as a son ofthe head of the household. He should have been listed as step-son. Frederick Tabor was the child of Evan Brown Tabor, s/o Russell B. Tabor& Mary L. "Mollie" Bane, d/o John T Bane & Martha, his wife. After the death of Evan Brown Tabor Mary L. Bane Tabor married William W. Mc Clanahan. The sister of William W. Mc Clanahan , Mary A. Elizabeth Mc Clanahan married Allen Preston Tabor. Charles S. Mc Clanahan married Dora B. Tabor, d/o Russell B. Tabor.

CHARLES S. MC CLANAHAN, 29, b. Feby, 1871 farmer (He was also a brother of head of household)

.....Dora M. (sic), 23, b. May 1877, sisiter-in-law of the head of household. Dora had had one child

.....William V., 1 b. Apr 1899, nephew of head of household

ROBT E. L. MC CLANAHAN, 34, b. Apr 1866, brother of head of household and farm laborer

MAY (sic) E. MC CLAHANAN, 69, b. May 1831, Mother of head of household, Mary E. had had 8 childrem 6 were alive in 1900. WHERE WAS ROBERT W. MC CLANAHAN IN 1900?

25. M. E. MC CLANAHAN...................5-18-1829.........5-29-1913 (Mary Elizabeth _unknown surname, wife of Robert W. Mc Clanahan) See # 24


27. McMULLIN(S) ........JANE C. McMULLIN(S)...............10-10-1861.....1-17-1932 (Martha Jane Columbus Tabor, d.o Russell B. Tabor, s/o Daniel Tabor & Elizabeth L. (Compton, d/o William & Jane Compton). See Tabor lineage in introduction.

......SAMUEL H. McMULLIN(S)..........3-16-1860.......1-8-1942 (Samuel Houston McMullin, s/o James H. McMullins & Elizabeth Boil. James H. McMullins, s/o George & Frances McMullins)

28. SIDNEY J. MCMULLIN(S)...............11-24-1887.....4-4-1910 (Son of Samuel H. McMullins & Martha Jane C. Tabor, Sidney J. McMullins married Georgia Grey Shrader, d/o Joshua D. Venson "Vince" Shrader & Mary "Mollie" Givens , Joshua D. V. Shrader, s/o John Henry Jr., and Edith Belle "Edy" Day, John Hnery Shrader, Jr., s/o Henry Shrader, Sr., & his second wife, Louisa Kennedy. Mary Givens, d/o Isaiah B. Givens & Harriet. Henry Shrader, Sr., was the s/o of John Shrader-The German Immigrant whose real name MIGHT have been Johannas Christian Shrader who arrived in America 12 Dec., 1754, from Geremany at the age of 30 on the Ship "Neptune" with Captain William Malane). See # 32

29. W. E. MCMULLIN(S)...........................2-2-1890.....10-8-1908* (William Ellis McMullin, s/o Samuel H. McMullin & Marhta Jane C. Tabor...see # 28 for lineage) * I have also seen the death date as: 10-3-1908


32. SAMUEL S. YOST............................7-8-1893......5-30-1950 Samuel S. Yost was been kin to the Deaton's-see 1900 census below) The Deaton family was kin to MANY of our Tazewell Co., VA., families. James N.(M?) Deaton was the s/o Fabius L.Deaton & Sarah Regenia "Virginia" Shrader. Fabius L. Deaton was the s/o Nathan Deaton & Sarah F. Mitchell. Nathan Deaton was the s/o Levi Deaton, Sr. & Martha C. Cade. Sarah Regenia Shrader, d/o James Britton Shrader & Mary "Polly" Day (sister of Edith Belle "Edy" Day). The Day sisters were the children of Daniel Day & Christina Milam. James Britton Shrader was the s/o Henry Shrader, Sr., and his second wife Louisa Kennedy. Henry Shrader, Sr, was the s/o of John Shrader-The German Immigrant). ...See # 28 (For extra research)

William Bonham YOST m. Gilliam Louvenis "Gillie Ann" Shrader, d/o John Henry Shrader, Jr., & Edith Belle "Sdy" Day. SAMUEL S. YOST might have been one of their grandsons. Wm. B. Yost & Gilliam Shrader's son Francis Marion "Frank" Yost married Clarissa Jeanette "Nettie" Kinzer, the d/o Phillip Kinzer & *Margaret Lavenia Tabor, d/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader. Mildred Permelia Shrader, d/o Henry Shrader, Sr., & his second wife, Louisa Kennedy)* Margaret Lavenia Tabor not to be confussed with Margaret Levenie Tabor (Married Adam Stafford Wagner), do, James Russell Tabor & Martha Jane Havens. James R. Tabor, s/o Richard Adam Tabor. William Bonham Yost, s/o Henry Yost & Temprance "Tempa" Bonham. Henry Yost, s/o John Yost, Sr., & Rebecca Bonham.

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 346 Clearfork Dist JAMES N. DEATON 31 b. May 1869, farmer, b. VA (all b. VA) .....Mollie B. 25 b. Oct 1874 wife

.....Addie E. 2 b. Oct 1897 dau.

.....James T. 4/12 b/ Jan 1900 son

EDWARD A. DEATON 29 b. 1870 Brother/farmer

SAMUEL S. YOST 6 b. June 1893 Cousin


34. DANIEL T. TABOR...................9-15-1852..........9-18-1854 (Daniel Tabor, s/o John T Tabor & Elizabeth Crockett. Michael Otis Tabor related that Daniel T. Tabor's family moved to Wayne Co., WV. John T. Tabor, s/o Daniel Tabor & Mary Martha Flummer.....See Tabor lineage in introduction. Elizabeth Crockett, d/o John T. Crockett & Polly-a name of endearment for Mary) .John T. Crockett MIGHT have been the son of Tillman Crocket and his first wife, Elizabeth Dennis. After Elizabeth Dennis died Tillman Crockett married Arminta (Nicewander) Waggoner-WIDOW of Elias Waggoner. Tillman Crockett & Arminta (Nicewander) [Waggoner] Crockett's daughter, Elizabeth Jane "Betsy' Crockett married William J. Tabor, s/o francis tabor & Mary "Polly" Shrader. Francis Tabor was the brother of Daniel & Richard Adam Tabor and siblings. Mary Shrader was the d/o Henry Shrader, Sr.

1860 TAZEWELLL CO VA CENSUS # 34 JOHN TABOR, 33, farmer, b. VA (All in homce b, VA)

.....Elizabeth Tabor, 31, wife

.....Charles W., 7 son

.....Samuel C. Tabor, 4

.....Sarah A., 1


1880 WAYNE CO WV CENSUS S013 JOHN TABOR, 53, farmer, he and his parents b. VA (This census showed all children b, VA.)

.....Elizabeth, 51, wife, she and her parents b. VA

.....Salona, 19, daughter

.....George C., 15, son

.....Hugie K. ,13, son

.....Walter, 11, son

.....Wade, 9, son

.....Moses, 6, son

35. MARY TABOR.............................1-28-1850......9-25-1854 (I BELIEVE this to be Mary Tabor, d/o John T. Tabor & Elizabeth Crockett, b. 28 Jan 1956, d. 25 Sep 1856. John T, Tabor & Elizabeth Crockett were married 31 Oct 1851, Tazewell Co., VA., (Mary was the third child by the undocumented records I have) See # 34 for Tabor lineage.

36. CHARLES T. TABOR..........8-14-1819........5-30-1889 (Charles Trigg Tabor, s/o Daniel Tabor & Mary MarthaPhlummer/Flummer. See introduction for lineage)

37. MRS HARRIETT TABOR.....4-9-1830......10-25-1895 (Harriet Harry, wife of Charles Trigg Tabor, d/o John Harry & first (1) wife, Mary -unknown surname. Harriett Harry b. West Graham , Taz. Co., VA, John Harry also married:

2. Carolyn R. McGranahan, 23 Jan 1855, Taz Co VA

3. Margaret E. Dedmonds (sic) 18 Oct 1863, Taz C., VA

The Harry Family is kin/married to MANY of our early Tazewell Co., VA., relatives. (I have most of the childen of each marriage and their spouces if any one cares to e-mail or cantact me. See source at bottom of file for address or e-mail)

38. HARRIETT M. DUDLEY.........6-11-1889....5-27-1890 (Harriett M. "Hattie" Dudley, d/o James F. Dudley & Evelina Tabor. James F. Dudley, s/o Hugh D. Dudley & Mary Jane Shuffleberger. Hugh D. Dudley s/o William Dudley & Mary "Polly" S. Deluge. Evelina/Evelena Tabor, d/o John T. Tabor & Elizabeth Crockett). See # 34 for John T. Tabor & Elizabeth Crockett lineage. Harriett. M. "Hattie" Dudley died at Graham, Tazewell Co., VA., due to Spinal Meningitis at the age of 10 months. Born Pocahontas, Tazewell Co., VA. Parents listed as Jas. & Evalina Dudley. Death reported by J. F. Dudley, father.

39. 40 TABOR ......M. E. TABOR..........................5-30-1870*.....10-24-1930

.......NANNIE NASH TABOR......8-13-1875.......12-6-1959 (Mosby Edward Tabor, s/o Russell B. Tabor. See introduction for Tabor ineage. He was apparently known as Edward Tabor. * I have the birth date of Mosby E. Tabor as 1870.) (Nancy Elizabeth "Nannie" Nash, d/o George Washington Nash & Charlotte Ann Tiller. George W. Nash, s/o John Thomas Nash & Elizabeth Jane Shannon. John Thomas Nash s/o William Daniel Nash & Mary Frances Galding. William Daniel Nash, s/o Thomas Nash & Sarah Daniel Cole/Widow Cole. Charlotte Ann Tiller, d/o Ira Ellis Tiller & Nancy Holbrook Carter. The sister of Charlotte Ann Tiller, Octavia Zane Tiller, married Elgin Whitley Tabor, s/o Richard Adam Tabor & Mildred Permelia "Milly" Shrader.

41. O. V. T (Stone overturnd).........12-12-1856..aft1920 (Probably Olvia Victoria "Ollie" Tabor, b. Bluestone, Tazewell Co., VA., # 1002 on Birth Register, d/o Russell B. Tabor & Elizabeth L. "Betsy" Crockett). See # 27 for Crockett lineage and introduction for Tabor linage.

1910 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 157 Clearfork Dist., (lving on the property next to son, Allen P. Tabor) RUSSELL B. TABOR 79, m. 53 years, he was b. VA., his father was b. VA., he was not sure where his mother was born.

.....Elizabeth 78, m. 53 years, had had 11 children 8 were alive in 1910, she and her parents b. VA. ....Ollie V. 52

1920 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 465 Bluestone of Clearfork Dist MOSBY E. TABOR 48, he and his parents b. VA

.....Nannie E. 60 ,she and her parents b. VA

.....Harold J. 19 b. VA (All children b. VA)

.....Buenos R 16

ELIZABETH L. TABOR Mother 85, she and her parents b. VA OLIVA B. (sic) TABOR sister, 63 b. VA

42. ELIZABETH L. TABOR........4-24-1834....3-25-1920 ( Elizabeth L. (S?) "Betsy" Compton, d/o William & Jane Compton. Inscription on stone: "Wife of R. B. Tabor

"Remember me as you are now So once was I As I am now so you must be Prepare for death and follow me"

1850 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 389 COMPTON, WILLIAM age 62 b. BA farmer (All born VA)

.....Jane age 52

.....Eleanor age 28

.....Jane age 24

.....Wm. age 18

.....Betsy age 16

43. PROBABLY: RUSSELL B. TABOR...2-26-1832.....11-3-1912 (Son of Daniel Tabor & Mary Martha Flummer---see introduction for lineage)

1860 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 157 TABOUR, RUSSELL age 37 a farmer from VA (All from VA)

.........Elizabeth L. age 25

........Olivia age 6

........Allen P. age 2

........Harriet F. age 5/12 (5 months)

COLLINS, Mary C. age 26 (no relationship given)

Unnamed child, baby girl, born to this couple on 12 Aug 1866 in Tazewell0VA. # 109 on Birth Record. She died 16 Aug 1866. Death: Baby Girl Tabor, age 4 days d. 16 Aug 1866, in Tazewell Co VA., no reason given for death, d/o Russell B. & Elizabeth Tabor, b. Tazewell Co., death reported by father, Russell B. Tabor

1870 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 198 TABOR, RUSSELL B. age 39 farmer b. VA (all born VA)

.....Elizabet age 36 keeping house

.....Olivia age 14 at home

.....Allen P. age 12

.....Martha P. age 9

.....Mary E. age 7

.....Evan B. age 4

.....Sidney J. age 2 Female

.....Cosey M. (T?) age 10/12 female

TABOR, POLLY age 73 at home (Mother : Mary Martha Flummer Tabor)

1880 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 286 Clear Fork Dist. TABOR, Russel B. age 59 a farmer from VA (All from VA)

........Elizabeth age 46 wife k-house

........Olivia V. age 24 Daughter

........Allan P. age 22 son

........Martha J. C. age 19 daughter

........Mary E. age 17 daughter

........Eious B. age 15 son (should be Evan b.)

........Sidney J. age 13 son

........Dexter L. age 11 son

........Mosby E. age 9 son

........Dora M. age 5 daughter

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 193 Clear Fork TABOR, RUSSELL 69 b. Feb 1831 farmer b. VA .....Elizabeth L. 66 b. Apr 1834 VA Had had 9 children only 7 living in 1900

.....Ollie V. 42 b. Dec 1857 dau.

.....Ernest W. 14 b. Feb 1886 farm laborer/Grandson b. WV* * Whose child was this? It was not the child of Allen P. Tabor because they had a daughter born in May of 1886. Evan Brown Tabor was not married until Feb 1886. Sidney J. Tabor was not married until 1895. Perhaps he was a child of one of the daughters before they married. I am going to enter him as a child of Russell & Elizabeth Tabor until I find his correct biological parents.

1910 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 157 Clearfork Dist., (living on the property next to son, Allen P. Tabor)

RUSSELL B. TABOR 79, m. 53 years, he was b. VA., his father was b. VA., he was not sure where his mother was born.

.....Elizabeth 78, m. 53 years, had had 11 children 8 were alive in 1910, she and her parents b. VA.

....Ollie V. 52


46. E. BROWN TABOR............8-23-1865..bef.1-15-1896* (Evan Brown Tabor, s/o Russell B. Tabor & Elizabeth L. (S?) Compton) See # 42 and # 43 for lineage. * Evan Brown Tabor was married to Mary L "Mollie" Bane, d/o John T. & Martha W. Bane. John T. Bane....See the 1900 Tazewell Co VA Census at # 24 for the the remarriage of WIDOW Mary L. (Bane) Tabor to William MC Clanahan.

47. ERNEST E. TABOR..............2-22-1887*....4--21-1908 (Ernest E. (W?) Tabor, I BELIEVE this is the young man in the home of Russell B. Tabor in 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Census) * I have the birth date as 1886?

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 193 Clear Fork TABOR, RUSSELL 69 b. Feb 1831 farmer b. VA

.....Elizabeth L. 66 b. Apr 1834 VA Had had 9 children only 7 living in 1900

.....Ollie V. 42 b. Dec 1857 dau.

.....Ernest W. 14 b. Feb 1886 farm laborer/Grandson b. WV* * Whose child was this? It was not the child of Allen P. Tabor because they had a daughter born in May of 1886. Evan Brown Tabor was not married until Feb 1886. Sidney J. Tabor was not married until 1895. Perhaps he was a child of one of the daughters before they married. I entered him as a child of Russell & Elizabeth Tabor in my genealogy file until I find his correct biological parents.

48. FRED G. TABOR..................6-12-1893......6-11-1919 (Fredrick G. Tabor, s/o Evan Brown Tabor & Mary L. "Mollie" Bane) See # 24 for 1900 Tazewell CO VA Census and # 46.

49. MOTHER TABOR.............11-1-1796.........11-10-1881 (Mary Martha "Molly/Polly" Phlummer/Flummer, wife of Daniel Tabor, d/o Samuel William Phlummer/Flummer & Elizabeth Peck. Samuel & Elizabeth married 8 May 1793 in Montgomery Co., VA.) See introduction for family sketch by Michael Otis Tabor.

50. DANIEL TABOR-ASSUMED.....1-7-1794...2-11-1855 (Assumed to be Daniel Tabor's Grave. The Stone has been destroyed by the ravages of time and the elements) See the introduction for his family history by Michael Otis Tabor.


54. W. B. YOST............................7-25-1888....8-8-1908 (This W. B. Yost does not appear in 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Census) See # 32. W. B. Yost might be of this family?

55. CRAIG .......SALLIE B. CRAIG...........1864-1954

.......THOMAS R. CRAIG........1849-1915

(Sarah Annabelle "Sallie" Yost, d/o William Bonham Yost & Gilliam Louvenia "Gillie Ann" Shrader) See # #2 for lineage.

(Thomas R. Craig , No family history).


57. ANNA HALE.........................3-16-1888....4-10-1898 (Anna Hale, d./o Elias Edward Hale & Mary Ellen Tabor. Elias E. Hale, s/o Charles A. Hale & Julette Bailey. Charles A. Hale, s/o Elias Hale & Nancy/Rhoda Peters. Elias Hale, s/o Edward "Ed" & Martha Hale. Mary Ellen Tabor, d/o Russell B. Tabor & Elizabeth "Betsy" Compton. See # 42 & 43 for lineage of Tabor family. Inscription on stone: "Daughter of E.. E. & M. E. Hale"

POSSIBLE death of Elias Edward Hale In a Tazewell Co., VA., area publication a death notice was publishd on 4 Sep 1925 that told of an E. E. "Ed" Hale's recent death. I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS WAS OUR E. E. HALE

#158 (# 157 was Russell B. Tabor & Family) 1860 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS: HALE, Charles A. age 35 a farmer from VA (All from VA)

........Julirra age 31 (should be Julletta)

........Jonathan B. age 8

........Nancy A. age 5

........Elias E. age 2 (father of Anna & Dora B. Hale)

#261 1880 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS: HALE, CHARLES A. age 56 farmer, b. VA ( all in home b. VA)

........Julletta age 53 wife k-house

........Elias E. age 22 son (father of Anna& Dora B. Hale)

........Charles J. age 17 son

........Joseph M. age 12 son

........Mattie B. age 8 Daughter

1900 TAZEWELL CO VA CENSUS # 203 CLEAR FORK DIST HALE, EDD E. age 48 b. July 1856 VA farmer (all b. VA)

.....Mary E. age 39 b. Feby 1861 Had 8 children 7 alive in 1900

.....Ottis C. age 15 b. April 1885 son/farm laborer

.....Haley W. age 13 b. Nov 1886 son/farm laborer

.....Dora B. age 11 b. Octo 1888 daughter

.....Mallie K. age 7 b. Dec 1892 daughter

.....Sidney R. age 4 b. Mch 1896 son

.....Rose age 9/12 b. Aug 1899 daughter


60. ANNA E. TABOR...............8-27-1903.......6-24-1943 ( Anna Elizabeth Tabor, d/o Allen P. Tabor & Mary A. Elizabeth "Bettie" McClanahan). Allen P. Tabor, s/o Russell B. Tabor & Elizabeth "Betsy" Compton. see # 42 & 43 for Tabor line. Mary A. Elizabeth McClanahan d/o Robert W. & Mary/May Mc Clanahan. See # 24 & 25 for Mc Clanahan lineage.

61. TABOR ........ALLEN P. TABOR..........................1858.......1927 ........MARY ELIZABETH TABOR.....1859.......1941 (Allen P. Tabor, s/o Russell B. Tabor & Elizabeth "Betsy" Compton, see # 60, 42 & 43 for Tabor lineage) Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" Mc Clanahan, see # 60 , 24 & 25 for McClanahan lineage)

62. LAURA M. RITTER..........................5-1-1886.....12-4-1911 (Laura M. Tabor, d/o Allen P. Tabor & Mary A. Elizabeth "Bettie" Mc Clanahan, see # 60, 24 ,25, 42 & 43 for Tabor & McClanahan lineage) Inscription on stone: "Wife of Andrew T. Ritter"

63. SIDNEY J. BANE.....................6-8-1910.......6-8-1910 (Son of Sidney Clay Bane & Callie M. Tabor, Sidney Clay Bane, s/o Joseph Howard Bane & Rachel Cammmillie Witten, Joseph Howard Bane, s/o William Russell Bane & *Nancy Havens, William Howard Bane, s/o Howard Bane & his first wife Lettice Hickman. Howard Bane later married WIDOW Marhta (Davidson) Havens - the widow of Howard Havens who was b. abt 1780. Martha Davidson was the d/o Joseph Davidson & Matilda Patton and she was the granddaughter of John Goolman Davidson who was an early pioneer of Tazewell Co., VA.

Callie M. Tabor, d/o Allen P. Tabor & Mary A. Elizabeth "Bettie" Mc Clanahan. See # 60, 24, 25, 42 & 43 for Tabor Mc Clanahan lineage


65. _______?_______..................8-14-1879........11-10-1884 (I have 22,000 names in my genealogy file, as of July 2000, and I have yet to find a name to go with this configuration of dates)


67. DORA B. HALE..............10-1-1888..........5-18-190? (Daughter of Elias Edward Hale & Mary Ella Tabor) See # 57 for lineage and census records) Dora B. Hale was in the 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Census, read June 1900, so we can assume she died after that year since 5-18 would be May of a coming year.

67. DORA B. HALE..............10-1-1888..........5-18-190? Daughter of Elias Edward Hale & Mary Ella Tabor) See # 57 for lineage and census records) Dora B. Hale was in the 1900 Tazewell Co., VA., Census, read June 1900, so we can assume she died May 18th of a coming year.

REGARDING THE WIDOW OF ALLEN PRESTON TABOR: Bluefield Daily Telegraph Friday Morning, May 23, 1930 Elizabeth, is Allen P. Tabor's widow, and she has married Edward T. Scott on May 20, 1930.

"MRS. ELIZABETH TABOR BRIDE OF EDWARD SCOTT. Two pioneer and widely connected families of the Bluestone Valley in Tazewell county became united through the ties that bind Tuesday evening when Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Tabor became the bride of Edward T. Scott. Both reside in the Ebenezer neighborhood and have known one another all of their lives. It was the second marriage of both. The ceremony was performed at the parsonage of the Bluefield, Va., circuit in Bluefield, Va., with Rev. W. D. Larrow the officiating minister. The groom is 69 while his bride is 71. Mr. Scott is the father of ten children by his first wife, while the bride is the mother of four children, three daughters and one son by her former marriage. Her children being (Robert) Walton Tabor and Mrs. S. C. Bane of Bluefield, Va; Mrs. Joe Hale, of the Falls Mills road, and Miss Annie Tabor, who makes her home with her mother. Both the bride and groom have many grandchildren, while the groom is a great-grand-father. Mrs. Joe Hale, daughter of the bride, is the mother of fourteen children, grandchildren of the bride. Before her first marriage the bride was Miss Mary McCallahan. These families some years ago became united through marriage when (Robert) Walton Tabor, son of the new Mrs. Scott, married a daughter, Ada Pearl "Addie" Scott, of the groom of Tuesday. Mr. Tabor in addition to being the son-in-law of Mr. Scott now becomes his step-son also., whereas Mrs. Walton Tabor is both the daughter-in-law and step-daughter of her husband's mother, Mrs. Scott.

If all of the imemdiate members of the family of the bride and groom were to sit down at the table at the same time fifty seats and fifty plates would be neecssary to accommodate them. Tuesday evening a wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride at Ebenezer with both the house and yard full of guests. Tuesday night the couple received an old time serenade when tin pans, cow bells and other home made noise makers were used. * Both the bride and groom own nice homes and farms in the Bluestone Valley, near the Ebenezer church."

* This was know as "Belling the Newlyweds", I remember this practice from my early life in VA., & WV.-Karen EAGLE Moman

DEATH: Clinch Valley News, Friday, June 13, 1941 (paper published on each Friday-est. 1845) MRS. SCOTT Mrs. Mary E. Tabor Scott, aged 82, of Bluefield, Va., died Wednesday afternoon at St. Luke's hospital. Death was attributed to heart failure brought on by complications from a fractured hip a few weeks ago. She is survived by her second husband, E. T. Scott, two daughters and one son: Mrs. J. M. *Hall of Falls Mills road; Mrs. Sidney Bane of Bluefield, Va., and R. W. Tabor of Roanoke. There also survives one brother and one sister, C. S. McClannahan, of Shannondale, and Mrs. Maggie Wimmer, of North Tazewell

* Should be HALE (This is Mary A. Elizabeth McClannahan whose first husband was Allen Preston Tabor, s/o Russell B. Tabor and Elizabeth Compton)

Please feel free to contact me with any corrections or additions.

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