Ball Family Cemetery.


This cemetery is located on Road Ridge Va. Tazewell Co. From Richlands Va. take U.S. 460 West about 3 miles to Route 67, take a left onto route 67 and go about 2 miles, this will put you in the middle of Raven Va. Tazewell Co. You will cross the railroad tracks, make a left up the hill as soon as you cross the tracks, this is still route 67. Go to the top of the hill (less than a quarter mile) and make a right beside of the F&M Food Store. (If you like chicken livers F&M has great ones) This is Road Ridge Road, there are several cemeteries on this road, the BALL Family Cemetery is about 3 to 4 miles around the Ridge on the right. It is located right beside of the road, you can't miss it. There is a cinder block building right beside of it. I transcribed this cemetery on January 30, 2001. Tim VANCE


Double Stone Marvin A. BALL b. 16-Mar-1919 d. 26-Jan-1986 No death date for second name on stone. I assume she is still living.

Double Stone Lawrence E. BALL b. 24-Nov-1914 d. 13-Aug-1999 No death date for second name on stone. I assume she is still living.

Double Stone Eddie BALL b. 22-Jul-1888 d. 6-Oct-1966 Albert BALL b. 8-Aug-1887 d. 13-Aug-1971

James R. BALL b. 4-Apr-1921 d. 11-Dec-1996

Ethel RAKES b. 1915 d. 1993

Double Stone James Edward DESKINS b. 2-Sep-1930 d. 29-Dec-1964 No death date for second name on stone. I assume she is still living.

Judy Pamela DESKINS b. 9-Jun-1960 d. 3-May-1998

Otis M. JOHNSON Jr. "Sarge" b. 18-May-1972 d. 26-May-1973

Curtis WEBB b. 1927 d. 1999

Double Stone Charlie O. WEBB b. 4-May-1903 d. 10-Sep-1976 Mollie O. WEBB b. 5-Mar-1904 d. 13-Oct-1991

Danny Lee SMITH b. 11-May-1959 d. 14-Mar-1997

Carol Jean WEBB b. 1951 d. 1999

Ed Rusty POWERS b. 13-Apr-1910 d. 1-Jan-1974

Ada V. MCGLOTHLIN b. 1936 d. 2000

Double Stone Belrie B. WYATT b. 16-Sep-1916 d. 6-Jul-1998 No death date for second name on stone. I assume she is still alive.

Ralph Edward WHITT b. 10-Aug-1956 d. 15-Sep-1976

Double Stone Homer C. LESTER b. 29-Sep-1921 d. 28-Mar-1998 Vinnie F. LESTER b. 26-Feb-1924 d. 16-Feb-1982

Bertina Ruth ABSHER b. 5-Jan-1947 d. 9-May-1980

Silvester STILWELL b. 24-Mar-1925 d. 21-Dec-1977

Carnas James STILWELL "Jed" b. 5-Mar-1947 d. 6-Nov-1989

Bobby Joe BYRD b. 1948 d. 1982

Raleigh A. BALL b. 24-May-1912 d. 25-Mar-1956

Shelia D. VANDYKE b. 21-Aug-1965 d. 21-Aug-1965

Double Stone Reece DAVIS b. 12-May-1875 d. 1-Mar-1953 Cathern DAVIS b. 27-Jun-1880 d. 10-Jan-1967

Grace Eva HURT b. 9-Jul-1905 d. 30-Jan-1962

Kathy Lovandy LOWE b. 29-Nov-1950 d. 29-Nov-1950

Otis Perry ROSE b. 10-Mar-1917 d. 26-Aug-1978

Double Stone George W. ROSE b. 28-Jun-1870 d. 10-Aug-1957 Clarsey Caroline ROSE b. 19-Jun-1882 d. 5-Mar-1956

James Arnold BALL b. d. 9-May-1949 59 yrs, 9 mos, 4 days

Francis Ivergene BALL b. 23-Oct-1930 d. 9-Aug-1931

Double Stone Carness B. BALL b. 10-Sep-1925 d. 13-Aug-1944 Willard J. BALL b. 4-May-1929 d. 22-Mar-1949

Lonzie CARTY b. 1924 d. 1957

Ruth G. ELSWICK b. 7-Jan-1923 d. 23-Oct-1984

Dewey BALL b. 17-Mar-1911 d. 16-Apr-1934

Myrtle BALL b. 20-Aug-1911 d. 13-Apr-1931

Robert G. ? b. d.

Tommy A. ROSE Jr. b. 23-Oct-1970 d. 25-Oct-1970

Geneva C. BEAVERS b. 17-Apr-1949 d. 28-Sep-1984

Leah Agnes ROSE b. 22-Apr-1925 d. 13-Jul-1994

Eugene Julius ROSE b. 9-Oct-1919 d. 1-Aug-1982

Lawrence Eugene ROSE b. 13-Oct-1942 d. 13-Oct-1942

Ruby Vernell ROSE b. 24-Aug-1936 d. 26-May-1999

Double Stone Julius H. ROSE b. 23-May-1898 d. 21-Oct-1950 Rosa F. ROSE b. 10-Apr-1900 d. 29-Mar-1987

Double Stone Frazier Thomas BROWN b. 8-Jul-1904 d. 4-Sep-1955 Annie Leola BROWN b. 30-Mar-1904 d. 15-May-1953

Jennie B. DESKINS b. 3-May-1881 d. 30-Aug-1961

Tom W. DESKINS b. 6-Mar-1877 d. 14-Jun-1955

William L. DESKINS b. 5-Mar-1901 d. 17-Jul-1950

C.R. DESKINS b. 30-Jun-1905 d. 29-Jun-1926

Thelma E. DESKINS b. 26-Oct-1906 d. 26-Apr-1979

Melvin A. BALL b. 10-Jan-1923 d. 1-Nov-1945

Double Stone Boyd M. STILWELL b. 17-Nov-1926 d. 23-Mar-1996 No death date for second name on stone. I assume she is still alive.

Double Stone John William BALL b. 1-Jul-1877 d. 9-Jun-1939 Ida Alice BALL b. 9-Sep-1887 d. 3-Feb-1965

John Wilson BALL b. 1878 d. 1950

Mary Jane BALL HORTON b. 12-Apr-1885 d. 14-Apr-1952

Lewis BALL b. 14-Feb-1882 d. 2-Mar-1907

John BALL b. 10-Mar-1847 d. 21-Aug-1918

Ruthy BALL b. 6-Dec-1851 d. 29-Dec-1948

Joan MOSLEY b. 20-Oct-1884 d. 26-Sep-1973

Virgie BALL b. 21-Jul-1908 d. 6-Nov-1987

Arch BALL b. 13-May-1906 d. 20-Oct-1961

Billy J. BALL b. 1937 d. 1946

Paul A. BALL b. 1932 d. 1932

Junior G. BALL b. 1936 d. 1936

Pansey M. DAY b. 22-Apr-1928 d. 30-Jul-1957

Luintine R. DESKINS b. 17-Feb-1923 d. 13-Nov-1924

Triple Stone Kermit Vernon CARTY b. 1943 d. 1963 Roger Lee CARTY b. 1944 d. 1963 Arvil Dean CARTY b. 1948 d. 1963

Andrew GRIZZLE b. 1924 d. 1982

Rolstin L. CANTRELL b. 20-May-1938 d. 14-Nov-1988

Double Stone Rachel Ann "BROWN" HALL b. 13-Mar-1937 d. 11-May-1983 Second name on stone is still living.

Ricky J. BROWN b. 20-Oct-1957 d. 18-Feb-1979

Leonard A. LOWE b. 15-Feb-1926 d. 19-Dec-1987

Nannie Louise BALL b. 14-Sep-1883 d. 21-Oct-1951

George W. BALL b. 18-Jun-1875 d. 20-Jul-1925

Emma Lee ELSWICK b. 18-Apr-1906 d. 2-Jun-1951

Peggy Ann ELSWICK b. 14-Oct-1930 d. 10-May-1938

Giles Edward ELSWICK b. 13-May-1899 d. 30-Apr-1976

Phillip E. ELSWICK b. 16-Sep-1936 d. 22-Mar-1991

Rachel S. ABSHER b. 23-Jan-1896 d. 29-Feb-1988

Fred ABSHER b. 6-Mar-1918 d. 3-Nov-1971

Raymond Billy ABSHER b. 21-Aug-1937 d. 31-Dec-1994

Doris BYRD MURPHY b. 13-Aug-1935 d. 8-Jul-1982

Double Stone Chloie M. BYRD b. 27-May-1916 d. 26-Aug-1990 No death date for second name on stone. I assume he is still alive.

Nancy BYRD only date is 13-Mar-1959

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