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My Father's story of Abner Vance

I can remember my Father talking about Abner Vance my G,G,G,G,Grandfather. The story was passed down over the years from one generation to another. Not saying this is true, but this is what I was told by a great man!!My Father!! Abner Vance was born in North Carolina in the mid 1700's. He was referred to as Rev. Vance! He came to Southwest Virginia in the late 1700's, settling in Russell Co. He farmed, trapped and done some surveying to support his family. His daughter Elizabeth fell in love with a man that did not have good intentions toward her. To make a long story short, he ruined her reputation. Abner and Susannah, his wife, tried to get the man to marry Elizabeth, but he refused. After a brief argument, Abner shot the man and killed him. He supposidly hid out in Logan Co. WVa. for some time before coming back to Russell Co. and turning himself in. In the end he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to hang. He was hanged on July 16, 1819 in Washington Co. Va. His daughter Elizabeth never married, but had several children, one of them was "BAD" Jim vance, that was involved in the Hatfield and McCoy feud. Another of them, Nancy married Ephraim Hatfield, and was the mother of Anderson "DEVIL ANSE" Hatfield. Is this story about Abner true? I don't know! I only know what I was told!! Let me hear your version about the events leading up to the death of Abner Vance! I really would like to hear from you. My e-mail Address is:

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In Tazewell Co. Va.


My G,G,G,G,Grandparents: Abner Vance & Susannah Howard.

Abner Vance b. abt. 1763, d. 1819, m. 1779 Susannah Howard b. 1767, d. aft. 1850.

My G,G,G,Grandparents: William Vance & Nancy (Burnsides?).

William Vance b. 1789, d. 1853, m. 1807 Nancy (Burnsides?) b. 1789, d. UNK?

My G,G,Grandparents: James Harvey Vance & Eliza Jane Elswick.

James Harvey Vance b. 1819, d. UNK?, m. 1853 Eliza Jane Elswick b. UNK?, d. UNK?

My G,Grandparents: William H. Vance & Louisa Margaret Helton.

William H. Vance b. 1855, d. 1901, m. 1880 Louisa Margaret Helton b. 1864, d. UNK?

My Grandparents: Fields Joshua Vance & Abinda Louise Smith.

Fields Joshua Vance b. 1882, d. 1950, m. 1904 Abinda Louise Smith b. UNK?, d. UNK?

My Parents: William Harley Vance & Dorothy Ellen White.

William Harley Vance b. 1916, d. 1985, m. 1936 Dorothy Ellen White b. 1917, d. 1993

Me: Timothy Gerard Vance & 1st.Patricia A. Lester, 2nd,Mary T. Kennedy.

Timothy Gerard Vance b. 1955, d. NOT!, m. 1st,1975, 2nd,1987 Patricia Ann Lester b. 1959, d.NOT! Mary Thelma Kennedy b. 1966, d. NOT!

My Son:

Timothy Joshua Vance b. 1979, d. NOT!, m. 1998 + Rosalie Eman Mercado b. 1976, d. NOT!

My Oldest Grandson: Zachary Austin Vance b. 1994

My Other Children:

Priscilla Ann Vance b. 1977. d. NOT! m. 1999 + Delbert Boyd Sixma b. 1961. d. NOT!

William Harley Vance III b. 1982.

Brandi Nicole Vance b. 1992. M. 2010 + Rodney Lee Nichols b. 1990.

My Other Grandchildren:

Michael Dakota Vance b. 1996.

Ezekeal Dustin Vance b. 1996.

Tiffany Ann Vance b. 1997.

Dyllan Aubrey Sixma b. 2000

Justin Timothy Vance b. 2001

Ryan Lee Nichols b. 2010

Isabella Grace Vance b. 2011

If you see anyone on this page that is in your family, let me know! My e-mail address is:

E-mail Me At

Tim Vance


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In Tazewell Co. Va.

Abner And Susannah's Children!

The children of Abner and Susannah (Howard) Vance as I have them are listed below!

John Vance b.1781 in Russell Co. Va. d.UNK?, m.1810 to Hannah Radar.

Tabitha "Tabby" Vance b.1782 in Tazewell Co. Va. d.29-Dec-1858, m.1796 to Francis Browning.

William Vance b.1789, d.17-May-1853, m.4-Feb-1807 to Nancy (Burnsides?).

Adina Vance b.1791, d.UNK?, m.1823 to Joseph Dempsey.

Richard Vance b.1792, d.1850/60,m.1813 to Mary Simms.

James H. Vance b.1784, d.UNK?, m.UNK? to Elizabeth Miller.

Elizabeth Vance b.1794, d.UNK? m.NEVER.

Abner Vance Jr. b.1796 in Tazewell Co. Va. d. UNK?, m.Jane Perry.

Millie Mary Vance b.1796, d.UNK?, m.1820 to James Brown.

Sarah Vance b.1811, d.UNK?, m. 1830 to John McCloud.

Acenthia Vance b.UNK?, d.UNK?, m.UNK? to Jeremiah Farmer.

Minerva Vance b.1811, d.UNK?, m.UNK? to John Dempsey.

Nancy Vance b.1794, d.UNK?, m.UNK? to Mathias Harman Jr.

Elijah Vance b.1803, d.UNK?, m.UNK? to Virginia Jane Matney.

Isabella Vance b.1815, d. UNK?, m.UNK? to John Hatfield.

This is the information that I have gathered from various sources. I do not insist that everything printed here is true, I will gladly welcome any documented proof of anything that needs to be changed on these pages!! DO NOT USE THIS INFORMATION FOR DOCUMENTATION!!!

E-mail Me At

Tim Vance


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In Tazewell Co. Va.

An Interesting Story From History!

This was in one of Winchester's Leading Newspapers in 1792------------ To be sold on Tuesday the 6th day of November next...At the Plantation on which William Vance, deceased, resided within two miles of Newtown. A part of the personal property of the said William Vance, consisting of horses, cows, sheep, hogs, one waggon, one cart and geers complete bar shear and shovel, ploughs. One 83 gallon still, nearly new,distill tubs, a large quantity of hackled flax, a considerable quantity of... wool, home made flax and tow lines. Flow and tow yarn, some excellent old whiskey, per the gallon, cherry bounce, per the gallon, one chest & drawers, one desk and bookcase, two good weavers looms, a number of reeds and geers for ditto, one good pipe stove, household and kitchen furniture, hay, corn, and a number of other articles too tedious to enumerate... John Gilkeson and James D. Vance, executors,Oct.22,1792..

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