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Cemetery In Baptist Valley Va. Tazewell Co.

Cemetery In Baptist Valley Va. Tazewell Co.

This Cemetery is located in Baptist Valley, Tazewell Co. Va. To get to this Cemetery from Richlands: Take route 460 by-pass East about 1mile to the Cedar Bluff Exit. Take the Cedar Bluff Exit, and make a left at the stop sign at the end of the exit. Go through Cedar Bluff about 1 mile, then take another left right before you go under the railroad bridge, this will be Indian Creek Road. Stay on Indian Creek road for about 4-5 miles, you will come to a stop sign, make a right at the stop sign onto Baptist Valley Road, this will be Busthead. Go about 1/2 mile up Baptist Valley road, the Cemetery is located on the right about 200 feet off the road in a clump of trees. You have to park on the road and go through two cattle gates to get to it. I transcribed this Cemetery on 23-Oct-2000. Tim

There were two graves with unreadable stones, and what looked to be 5 more graves with no markers or rocks at all.

Ethel BAILEY Beloved Wife Of D.W. WOOD b. 1891 d. 1933

(Double Stone) John W. WHITT Jr. b. 12-Jul-1902 d. 18-Jun-1955 Winnie Gray WHITT b. 23-Nov-1912. d. No Date

(Double Stone) John W. WHITT b. 1858 d. 1935 Tivis A. WHITT b. 1862 d. 1944

(Double Stone) H. G. WEST b. 5-Aug-1853 d. 31-Jan-1932 Sarah M. WEST b. 7-Apr-1861 d. 25-Aug-1921

(Double Stone) George Washington WEST b. 16-Mar-1884 d. 24-May-1971 Dora Beavers WEST b. 2-Feb-1888 d. 25-Oct-1962

Daughter Of J. B. & M. E. CATRON d. 19-Aug-1904

Lena M. CATRON Daughter Of J. B. & M. E. CATRON b. 17-Jan-1890 d. 24-Jul-1892

BABE Of J. B. & M. E. CATRON b. 17-Jan-1890 d. 17-Jan-1890

(Double Stone) Joseph H. BEAVERS b. 8-Sep-1865 d. 16-Aug-1925 Marildia BEAVERS b. 9-Sep-1868 d. 8-Nov-1953

Bertha Frances WEST b. 5-Feb-1918 d. 2-May-1921

Maggie Dorothy WEST b. 16-Dec-1906 d. 20-Mar-1910

(Double Stone) George C. BAILEY b. 1845 d. 1925 Eliza C. BAILEY b. 1854 d. 1935

Margaret Wife Of Hugh S. BAILEY b. 1-May-1815 d. 4-Mar-1888

Hugh S. BAILEY b. 23-Jan-1804 d. 12-feb-1894

(Double Stone) J. V. PRUETT b. 5-Jan-1892 d. 16-Jan-1929 Jettie PRUETT b. 18-Aug-1896 d. No Date

Harvey G. JOHNSON b. 7-Jul-1910 d. 12-Sep-1935

Sallie E. JOHNSON b. 2-Dec-1890 d. 3-Feb-1946

"Gus" Augustus JOHNSON b. 12-Aug-1886 d. 26-Aug-1967

A. J. WILLIAMSON b. 12-Jun-1871 d. 11-Jul-1955

Nancy J. WILLIAMSON b. 20-Jul-1873 d. 23-Apr-1914

Josie HONAKER b. 30-May-1909 d. 15-Jan-1943

Nancy Ann WILLIAMSON b. 16-May-1903 d. 31-Jan-1949

Lillie BENFIELD b. 8-Jan-1898 d. 8-Nov-1950

(Double Stone) James K. WILLHITE b. 6-Apr-1885 d. 4-Jan-1926 Hattie WILLHITE b. 5-Aug-1890 d. No Date

Gene M. WILLIANSON b. 13-May-1901 d. 22-Jun-1959

Bill WILLIAMSON b. 22-Sep-1899 d. 7-Jun-1935

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