Carbo Community Church Cemetery

Carbo Community Church Cemetery

This is not a complete list of everyone in the cemetery. I hope to finish it at a later date. I gathered this information on 7-Jul-2000. This Cemetery is located beside of the Carbo community church in Carbo, Virginia-Russell County.

F.B. KELLY b. 1856, d. 1935.

L.J. OWEN b. 21-Mar-1848, d. 21-Mar-1914.

Mary KISER No birth date, d. 14-Aug-1901.

James KELLY b. 24-Jan-1821, d. 21-May-1908.

Nancy KELLY b. 25-Dec-1826, d. 21-Mar-1907.

Margaret KISER w/o Elihu b. 20-Sep-1850, d. 15-Nov-1913.

Winfield Smith FRANCISCO b. 27-Jul-1876, d. 19-Dec-1919.

Ezra Otis KELLY b. 22-Jul-1885, d. 5-Sep-1905.

Sparell KELLY b. 1893, d. 1893.

Thomas WILBURN b. 18-Sep-1880, d. 10-Jan-1905.

Inez Lucille FRANCISCO b. 16-Mar-1913, d. 20-Aug-1913.

Robert Dudley FRANCISCO b. 17-May-1909, d. 20-Aug-1909.

Jimie Elihu DEBUSK b. 19-May-1898, d. 1-Oct-1901.

Grady "Preach" KISER b. 1895, d. 1947.

Katherine "Kate" KISER b. 26-Apr-1895, d. 7-Oct-1980.

There were ten stones with no information, or the information was unreadable.

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