Cocke/Cox Cemetery

This cemetery is located about two miles east off Va. Primary Rd. 72 from Gate City, VA. to Ft. Blackmore, VA. The roads turns off just before crossing the new river bridge over Clinch River, 1/4 mile south before Ft. Blackmore, VA. This cemetery is located on the north side of this road, as the Peters Cemetery is located across on the south side of the road. These listings were taken by Carl E. Brickey July 29, 2000.

Willie Francis Sexton, b. 3-5-1938, d. 9-25-1988.

Eliza Castle, b. 7-12-1913, d. 11-18-1998.

Thurman Castle, b. 10-23-1908, d. 12-8-1978.

Melvin H. Ward, son of Mary E. Ward, b. 1-15-1878, d. 12-26-1895.

Lizzie W. Maples, (Headstone); b. 3-17-1876, (Footston); b. 1879, d. 11-17-1955.

Richmond Hobson Davidson, b. 6-18-1899, d. 7-17-1908.

Nancy Rebecca Henegar, (Headstone); b. 10-16-1873, (Footstone); 1874, d. 1-21-1956.

Robert J. Richmond, b. 1840, d. 1901.

Casida Rebecca, wife of Robert J. Richmond, b. 9-4-1822, (could be a discrepancy in one of these dates); daughter of Robert and Nancy CockeRennon Gaston Davidson, b. 12-7-1892, d. 12-8-1892.

Dr. Robert K. Cocke, Masonic Lodge, b. 9-18-1821, d. 4-23-1887.

Nancy ?/Cocke, b. 5-3-1829, d. 8-17-1894, wife of Dr. Robert K. Cocke.

Maudy May Cox, b. 5-23-1897, d. 4-21-1898, brother of L.F. and Mary Cox.

(Double Rock) COX, Mary Banner, b. 8-18-1861, d. (not filled in). Floyd, b. 2-24-1859, d. 4-20-1926.

Wiley Fleetwood Cocke, b. 5-3-1857, d. 2-8-1881; son of Robert K., and Nancy Cocke.


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