Transcribed By Carl E. BRICKEY


This Cemetery is located 3/4 west of Ft. Blackmore, VA on VA. Primary 65. It is located in the yard of the Ft. Blackmore Methodist Church. This list was taken July 29, 2000 by Carl E. Brickey.

Margaret Cox, b. 3-14-1830, d. 5-9-1878; wife of Asberry Kobe Cox.

Asberry Kobe Cox, b. 9-8-1829, d. 4-10-1897.

Cynthia M. Sturgill, b. 5-17-1877, d. 2-28-1949.

(Double Tombstone): TRENT Gladys H., b. 9-23-1909, d. 9-11-1996. Clarence F., b. 6-8-1903, d. 5-25-1964

Dr. H. R. Cox, Masonic Lodge; b. 1-4-1814, d. 1-13-1837.

Dr. L. G. Cox, b. 4-10-1821, d. 8-10-1855.

Laura J. Cox, b. 8-20-1855, d. 12-6-1877.

(Double Tombstone), POOLE, Thomas J., b. 12-4-1897, d. 8-27-1956. Lucinda L., b. 4-30-1903, d. 12-11-1969.

Jennie R. Wilson, b. 1-25-1871, d. 7-17-1947.

Mary Love Egan, b. 8-14, 1893, d. 8-27-1942.

John E. Egan, b. 8-4-1891, d. 1-22-1945.

Joseph C. Mann, b. 6-17-1813, d. 4-10-1861; born in Botetourt Co., VA; married in Scott Co., VA. 1-20-18(12), error on rock.

S. L. Cox, b. 4-10-1837, d. 1-18-1927.

Arreeny C., wife of S. L. Cox; b. 1-5-1836, d. 8-30-1889.

Chas. P. Cox, b. 7-20-1904, d. 1-14-1923.

W. C. Spears, b. 6-29-1924, d. 8-11-1925.

Muriel Spears, b. 3-25-1915, d. same date.

(Double Tombstone) E. M. Cox, (Masonic Lodge), b. 2-5-1835, d. 9-21-1908N. A. E. Cox, b. 12-18-1842, d. 6-4-1907.

James W. Cox, infant son of E. M. & N. A. E. Cox, b. & d., 1-22-1862.

Nellie Cox, b. 1878, d. 1964.

Elizabeth Cox, wife of E. M. Cox, Jr., b. 3-2-1887, d. 11-12-1910.

Nannie Harris Cox, b. 1895, d. 1969.

Osman P. Cox, Sr., b. 1879, d. 1951.

Emerson M. Cox.Virginia Tec 5 43 General HospitalWorld War IIb. 10-12-1907, d. 9-16-1959.


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