Transcribed By Carl E. BRICKEY

I want to thank Carl E. BRICKEY for trabscribing this cemetery, and allowing me to include in on Abner Vance's Homepage, free genealogy for all!

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This cemetery is located about 2 miles east of f VA. Primary 72, from Gate City, Va. to Ft. Blackmore, VA. Turn off rd 72 just before crossing new river bridge over Clinch River, 3/4 mile before Ft. Blackmore, VA. I think this area is called Cedar Bluff. This list was taken July 29, 2000 by Carl E. Brickey.

Robert B. Peters, b. 5-12-1894, d. 12-28-1944.

Fred W. Peters, b. 7-9-1920, d. 4-21-1938.

Tempa M. Peters, b. 11-29-1893, d. 3-3-1974.

Orbin W. Peters, b. 9-20-1891, d. 1-7-1967.

J. P. Fraysier, b. 4-28-1835, d. 1-13-1916Helen J. Fraysier, b. 11-3-1853, d. 7-2-1890.

Sallie L. Fraysier, b. 2-29-1871, d. 9-14-1879.

Henry R. Fraysier, b. 1876, d. 8-30-1891.

(Double Tombstone) PETERS, Mary C., b. 4-26-1876, d. 1-11-1918. R. Clint, b. 10-29-1866, d. 12-6-1949.

Nancy B. Fraysier, wife of R. M. Fraysier, b. 6-14-1844, d. 4-11-1914.

Robert M. Fraysier, Masonic Lodge, b. 9-18-1847, d. 12-15-1935.

Peter H. CarterVirginiaTec 5 Detached Enl. Men's ListWorld War IIb. 8-22-1902, d. 4-22-1947.

Parthena Daugherty, wife of R. L. Daugherty, b. 6-8-1873, d. 7-7-1901.

Louise Fraysier, b. 1803, d. 5-12-1901 .

Thomas L. Fraysier, b. 1-22-1797, d. 11-15-1880.

James M. Brickey, b. 6-26-1859, d. 9-1-1890; age: 31 yrs. 11 mos. 27 days.

Ezra W. Stallard, son of Wm. R. & Nancy Stallard, b. 8-12-1895, d. same.

Roy S. Stallard, son of Wm. R. and Nancy Stallard; b. 6-20-1896, d. same.

Charley M. Stallard, son of Wm. R. & Nancy Stallard b. 1-15-1904, d. same.

Fred E. Peters, b. 1899, d. 1952.

Margaret B. Donelson, wife of Andrew Jackson Donelson, b. 2-14-1832, d. 3-10-1904.

Nancy Baldwin, b. 10-15-1938, d. 4-17-1958.

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