Decendents By Don NORMAN

Below is a list of links to decendents of various people, these links will take you to decendents of different people. The information on these links was gathered by Don NORMAN. Thanks Don. To return to Abner Vance's Homepage just click on your back browser. Enjoy your visit.

Tim VANCE (4TH Great grandson of Abner VANCE & Susannah HOWARD)


George Allen ROSE b. abt. 1890: Decendents Of Geroge Allen ROSE
Johnnie Dale ROSE b. 25-Jan-1929: Decendents Of Johnnie Dale ROSE
Commodore Cletus ROSE b. abt. 1873: Decendents Of Commodore Cletus ROSE
Dana Alden ROSE b. 21-Nov-1930: Decendents Of Dana Alden ROSE
Isaac ROSE b. abt. 1753: Decendents Of Isaac ROSE
Emmett L. SIMMONS b. 1888: Decendents Of Emmett L. SIMMONS
John SIMMONS b. abt. 1840: Decendents Of John SIMMONS
Lemuel SIMMONS b. 1830: Decendents Of Lemuel SIMMONS
Leonard SIMMONS b. 11-Jan-1806: Decendents Of Leonard SIMMONS
Millard Fillmore SIMMONS b. abt. 1865: Decendents Of Millard Fillmore SIMMONS
William SIMMONS b. 1822: Decendents Of William SIMMONS
Thomas SIMMS b. abt. 1700: Decendents Of Thomas SIMMS.
Jacob SIMONS b. abt. 1860: Decendents Of Jacob SIMONS
John SIMS b. abt. 1770: Decendents Of John SIMS
William SIMS b. 1-Jan-1857: Decendents Of William SIMS
Aaron SMITH b. abt. 1701: Decendents Of Aaron SMITH
George SMITH b. 1806: Decendents Of George SMITH
Henry William SMITH b. 14-Jun-1819: Decendents Of Henry William SMITH
James SMITH b. 1701: Decendents Of James SMITH
Jeptha SMITH b. 19-Jan-1802: Decendents Of Jeptha SMITH
John SMITH b. abt. 1790: Decendents Of John SMITH
John SMITH (2) b. abt. 1775: Decendents Of John SMITH (2)
Joseph Miller SMITH b. Jun-1857: Decendents Of Joseph Miller SMITH
Joseph T. SMITH b. abt. 1790: Decendents Of Joseph T. SMITH
Joshua SMITH b. abt. 1795: Decendents Of Joshua SMITH
Mark SMITH b. 24-Oct-1755: Decendents Of Mark SMITH
Matthew SMITH b. 6-Jan-1782: Decendents Of Matthew SMITH
James E. SPARKS b. abt. 1780: Decendents Of James E. SPARKS
Samuel STEELE b. abt. 1812: Decendents Of Samuel STEELE
Worley STEELE b. abt. 1900: Decendents Of Worley STEELE
Harvey George SAMPSON b. Mar-1827: Decendents Of Harvey George SAMPSON
James SAWYERS b. abt. 1710: Decendents Of James SAWYERS
Samuel SHELTON b. abt. 1790: Decendents Of Samuel SHELTON
Hiram SHORT b. abt. 1830: Decendents Of Hiram SHORT


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