This picture was taken in probaly the late 1930's. These are the teachers at the old Red Ash School at that time. In front is Nancy CARTER, behind her is Alice ZIEGLER and Miss GILMER, in the back is Louise GILLESPIE.

This is the old Red Ash School, it was located between Premier camp and Hill City Camp in Red Ash. This building was built in, I think the 1920's. Later there was another building built to the left of this one for the fourth grade. Also to the left, just out of the picture was a chicken coop. This chicken coop was made into the first grade building. I attended first grade in this chicken coop in 1961. While attending the first grade in the chicken coop in 1961, it burnt down. I have a very vivid memory of the morning I went to school and all that was left of the chicken coop was ashes, and desk frames. I think it was in December, because there was snow on the ground, and it was before Christmas. The teachers sent us back home that morning, and I was afraid I wasn't going to get to ever go back. But, they made room for the first grade in the fourth grade building. I went to this school until 1964, at which time I then went to Raven School.

This is the Hill City Camp in Red Ash. This was located between the Old Red Ash Tipple in Red Ash and the Premier Coal camp. This picture was taken from the railroad tracks. If the person taking this picture had turned around they would have been looking at the old Red Ash School. This picture was most likely taken in the 1920's. I walked by these houses every day going to and coming from school in the early 1960's.

I think it is time for a little humor, don't you? Below is a very humorous picture. This picture was taken in 1962-63 at the old Red Ash School. This was my last picture taken at the Red Ash School before I went to Raven School. I was seven years old here, and I haven't changed much at all!!! Except for growing some hair over those ears!!

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