This is another picture of the old Red Ash Company Store located just above the house where I grew up. Just above the store is the old Red Ash Coal Tipple where the Red Ash Auction House was built after the tipple was gone.

This is the Raven Red Ash Coal Company Tipple located in lower Red Ash (Matze's camp). This picture was probably taken in the late 20's. The tipple was still there until the mid 70's. I can remember walking down the railroad tracks and going under the tipple to go to the movies in Raven, it use to cost me 6 cents to see a movie at the Raven Theatre.

The only things that still exist in this picture is railroad tracks, the creek and of course the mountains! The building located center right is the Old Red Ash Company Store, behind it is the Old Red Ash Tipple, behind the tipple is the motor barn, for the mining equipment. The two long buildings between the store and the tipple was the barracks for company employees that didn't live close-by. When I was growing up here there were STILLWELLS living in the houseon the left with the creek running in front of it. There was a store in the upper barracks building. The store was owned by Lee & Elizabeth KEEN.

This is the Red Ash Coal Tipple located in Premier Camp. This picture was taken shortly before it was torn down. My Father William Harley Vance worked here for about 20 years before he retired about 1980.

This is a picture of the Raven train depot, this picture was taken before 1900. I don't know where it was located in Raven, but I think it may have been across from where the Raven Supermarket is located today.

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