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Tim Vance

This is my Mother Dorothy Ellen "White" Vance on the bicycle, my Aunt Isabell June "White" McCoy standing behind her. In the background is my cousin Jeanie McCoy, and my Brother Chris. This was taken about 1966 in the front yard of the old homeplace in Red Ash, Va.

This is my Father William Harley Vance in front of the old homeplace in Red Ash, Va. This was taken about 1976.

This is my Great Grandfather William Harley Vance. I do not know where the picture was taken, but it is the only picture of him that has been found. This picture was found by my Brother Richard Rodney Vance in the mid 1960's when my Grandfather's (Fields Joshua Vance) old homeplace was being torn down to build the fourlane highway through Red Ash, Va. This picture was taken about 1888.

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