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RED ASH, VIRGINIA RED ASH COMPANY STORE. This picture was taken between 1900 & 1925. You can see the old RED ASH TIPLE in the background. One drift mouth "coal mines" for the RED ASH Coal Company was located about 500 yards around to the right of the old tiple, Fields Joshua Vance my Grandfather, and William Harley Vance my Father both worked in this mine, along with several of my Uncles and cousins, also Thomas Witten White my Grandfather on my Mother's side of the family, and several relatives from my White family worked for the RED ASH Coal Company too. You can also see wooden railroad coal cars on the right. This tiple was located where the old RED ASH Auction house was built. The auction house was built on the concrete foundations left from the tiple. Part of the old RED ASH auction house is still standing, it is being used as a church now. My parents told me stories about going to the RED ASH company store and spending script. I can remember spending script at the company store that was built in PREMIER after this one burned down. PREMIER is also in RED ASH, it is located about a mile up the hollow from the location in this picture. For those of you not familar with RED ASH VA. this is the way it was layed out coming from RAVEN, VA.: Lower RED ASH or MATZES Camp, then, RED ASH Camp where this store was located, also where I lived, then HILL CITY Camp, then PREMIER Camp, and above PREMIER was FORK RIDGE.

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Picture Information.

Engine #9, Downtown Red Ash! Old Number 9. The steam engine in the picture is number 9, you can't see the number in this picture, but it is number 9. Just above the front of the engine is the house where my parents lived in 1950. You can see only one end of it. This is the bedroom where Fields Joshua Vance "my Grandfather" died in 1950. The old Red Ash Company Store is just to the left of the dark tree in the left of the picture. In the background is a row of three houses, my parents also lived in two of these houses. Let me tell you a short story about these three houses. This was told to me by my Mother, and verified by my Father! My Father worked in the mines for Red Ash Coal Company. They lived in the house on this end of the row of three houses. The house on the other end was empty. My Mother went to the superintendent of the company and ask if they could move to the empty house on the other end of the row of houses, he told her to go ahead. While my Father was at work, she and her sisters, moved everything to the other house, had it all in place, everything clean, and dinner on the table when my Father came home from work that evening. She stood out on the porch of the new house and waited until my Dad was on the front porch of the old house, and then she yelled at him, and ask him where he was going. He told her in the house. She said, we don't live there anymore, we moved today! He said "OK" and walked down to the new house, went in, sat down and ate dinner, just like it was an everyday thing to live in one place when you go to work, and a different one when you come home from work. That was the way my Dad was, the only thing that got him excited was someone messing with his family, family was number one on his list.



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