Decendents Of Abner Vance Jr.

This information was submitted by Daniel VANCE on Thursday 2-Sep01999.

Abner VANCE Sr. + Susan HOWARD

Abner VANCE Jr. + Jane PERRY


George Riley VANCE + Francis BROWN

Millard VANCE + Molly MAYNARD

Creed VANCE + Gladys HOOSIER

Billy Ray VANCE + Nila BAILEY

Daniel VANCE + Sharon CLARK

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My Vances

Thursday, 02-Sep-1999 19:36:58

Message: writes:

Hi Tim, This is something that I've been meaning to do, but have been puting off. I hope this adds to everyones information. My Vances are as follows, starting with my Abner Sr.(1) who was married to Susan Howard

(2) Abner Jr. married Jane Perry

(3) Eli Vance married Nancy Brown(8/30/1855)

(4)George Riley Vance married Fransis Brown

(5) Millard Vance married Molly Maynard

(a) Creed

(b) Onie

(c) Molly

(d) Robert

(6) Creed Vance married Gladsy Hoosier

(1) Ella Mae married Thomas Vanover

(a) Billy Paul married Priscilla Wilburn

(b) Edward married Terri ?

(c) Teddy married Marsha Chambers

(2) Billy Ray Vance married Nila Bailey

(a) Jennifer Raye married Wayne Rudder

(aa) Claudia

(bb) Kimberly

(b) David Allen

(c) Me- Daniel married Sharon Clark

(aa) Scott

(bb) Danielle Lynn

(d) Billy Keith

(aa) Steven

(bb) Chris

(cc) Micheal

(dd) Brittany

(3)James Leonard Vance Married Shirley Crabtree

(a) Donna Lynn

(b) Jimmie

(c) Karen

(d) Vickie

(4) Ruth Ann married Frank Hatfield

(a)Patrica married Larry Harvey

(aa) Parrish

(bb) Larry James

(b) Frankie Delorse married Jim Ed Lowe

(aa) Angela

(bb) Jamie

My family history covers just about all of early America. From the Revolutionary War, to the Hatfield/McCoy feud. And we are still going strong. All Vances, stand proud, keep in touch.

Daniel Vance


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