Decendents Of William H. VANCE

This information was submitted by Carin Vance RHODEN on Wednesday 18-Aug-1999.

Abner VANCE (1759) m. Susanna HOWARD

William VANCE (1789) m. Nancy ?.

James Howard VANCE (1826) m. Elizabeth MCGLOTHLIN.

Frederick Arthur VANCE (1858) m. Hannah L. STILLWELL/STINSON.

Silas Lorn VANCE (1889) m.Mary Belle WHITTE.

Winford Floyd VANCE (1921) m. Justine Ethel MOORE.

Danny VANCE (1941) m. Paula DAWSON.

Carin VANCE (1971) m. Chris RHODEN.

Below is a copy of the information that Carin submitted. Thanks Carin!

Record 9

Name: Carin Vance Rhoden


Referred by: From a Friend

From: Lebanon, Ohio

Time: 1999-08-18 00:23:53

Comments: Just thought I'd add my line - glad to talk to any relatives out there! Carin Vance (1971) m. Chris Rhoden>Danny Vance (1941) m. Paula Dawson>Winford Floyd Vance (1921) m. Justine Ethel Moore>Silas Lorn Vance (1889) m. Mary Belle Whitte> Frederick Arthur Vance (1858) m. Hannah L. Stillwell/Stinson?>James Howard Vance (1826) m. Elizabeth McGlothlin>William Vance (1789) m. Nancy ?>Abner Vance (1759) m. Susanna Howard

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