Decendents Of William H. Vance

This information was submitted by Burl MCGLOTHIN on Tuesday 17-Aug-1999.

Abner VANCE b. abt. 1760 m. Susanna HOWARD b. abt. 1767.

William VANCE b. 1790 m. Nancy BURNSIDES ? b. abt. 1790.

Johnny VANCE b. 10-Jul-1818 m. Rhoda GRIFFITTS b. 14-Feb-1826.

Marion Augustus VANCE b. 10-Dec-1863 m. Mary Belle PRATER b. Mar-1865.

Clark VANCE b. 28-May-1877 m. Mosseletta SALYER b. 9-Nov-1885.

Burl MCGLOTHIN Sr. b. 6-Aug-1914 b. Dewey VANCE b. 21-Jan-1914.

Burl MCGLOTHIN Jr. b. 8-Jul-1935 m. Lorena Frances LUCAS b. 7-Jan-1936.

Below is a copy of the information that Burl submitted. Thanks Burl!

Record 8

Name: Burl


Referred by: From a Friend

From: Marion, IN born in Bath Co. KY

Time: 1999-08-17 23:01:19

Comments: I would like to add my direct line to this page. I would be happy to correspond with anyone who is interested in my family tree. Burl McGlothin Jr. b. 08 Jul 1935 m. Lorena Frances Lucas b. 07 Jan 1936---------Burl McGlothin Sr. 06 Aug 1914 m. Dewey Vance b. 21 Jan 1914-----------Clark Vance b. 28 May 1877 m. Mosseletta Salyer b. 09 Nov 1885-------------Marion Augustus Vance b. 10 Dec 1863 m. Mary Belle Prater b. Mar 1865------------Johnny Vance b. 10 Jul 1818 m. Rhoda Griffitts b. 14 Feb 1826-----------William Vance b. 1790 m. Nancy Burnsides ? b. abt 1790----------- Abner Vance b. abt 1760 m. Susanna Howard b. abt 1767.

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