Decendents Of John VANCE

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John VANCE was born about 1781 in Russell County, Virginia. He married Hannah RADAR about 1810.

John's line is through John VANCE and Hannah RADAR'S son Levi VANCE.

Levi VANCE was born 2-Aug-1824 in Logan County, Virginia. He died 17-Mar-1887. He married Mary Bane MCDONALD on 18-Aug-1853. Mary Bane MCDONALD was born about 1820. She is the daughter of Jonas MCDONALD and Rebecca CLARK.

Levi VANCE and Mary Bane MCDONALD had 7 children. They are:

(1) Abner Alexander "Hub" VANCE b. 1854.

(2) Leander Jackson VANCE b. about 1856.

(3) John Totten VANCE b. 1858.

(4) Jonas Hamilton VANCE b. 1861.

(5) Minerva Susan VANCE b. 1868.

(6) Floyd French VANCE b. 1868.

(7) Mary Ann Elizabeth VANCE b. 1871.

John's line continues through Levi VANCE and Mary Bane MCDONALD'S son Abner Alexander "Hub" VANCE.

Abner Alexander "Hub" VANCE was born 27-Apr-1854. He married 1st: Acenthia BROWNING. He married 2nd: Francis CHAFIN on 29-Jun-1889. He married 3rd: Nancy BELCHER.

Abner Alexander "Hub" VANCE and Acenthia BROWNING had one child. She is:

(1) Nettie VANCE b.

Abner Alexander "Hub" VANCE and Francis CHAFIN had 3 Children. They are:

(1) John Lewis VANCE b. 1881.

(2) Elizabeth VANCE b. 1883.

(3) Mary Ann VANCE b.

Abner Alexander "Hub" VANCE and Nancy BELCHER had 6 children. They are:

(1) Homer VANCE b.

(2) Jack VANCE b.

(3) Flo VANCE b.

(4) Flossie VANCE b.

(5) William VANCE b.

(6) Doc VANCE b.

John's line continues through Abner Alexander "Hub" VANCE and Francis CHAFIN'S son John Lewis VANCE.

John Lewis VANCE was born 16-Sep-1881. He died 11-May-1872. He married Molly M. LUCAS on 17-Jan-1906.

John Lewis VANCE and Molly M. LUCAS had 7 children. They are:

(1) Hassell VANCE b. 1907.

(2) Herman VANCE b. 1910.

(3) Hasty Elizabeth VANCE b. 1913.

(4) Leroy VANCE b. 1913.

(5) Tracy "Newt" VANCE b. 1924.

(6) John M. VANCE b. 1924.

(7) Naman VANCE b. 1927.

John's line continue through John Lewis VANCE and Molly M. LUCAS'S daughter Hasty Elizabeth VANCE.

Hasty Elizabeth VANCE was born 1-Mar-1913. She died 11-Nov-1978. She married Jerry Clifton FREEMAN.

Hasty Elizabeth VANCE had one child with Walter SURGOINE. He was:

(1) John Walter VANCE b. 1940. (John)

Hasty Elizabeth VANCE and Jerry Clifton FREEMAN had 5 children. They are:

(1) James Jerry FREEMAN b. 1944.

(2) Lional Page FREEMAN b. 1949.

(3) Ricci Lewis FREEMAN b. 1951.

(4) Joey Glenn FREEMAN b. 1954.

(5) Jay Wenn FREEMAN b. 1954.

John's line continues through Hasty Elizabeth VANCE and Walter SURGOINE'S son John Walter VANCE, "Himself"

John Walter VANCE was born 5-Jan-1940. He married Linda Faye HAGER.

John Walter VANCE and Linda Faye HAGER had one child. He is:

(1) John Clifton VANCE b. 1965.

John Clifton VANCE was born 22-Aug-1965. He married Regina HEIDEN on 18-Apr-1986.

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