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Hello Friends and Relatives, I thought I would use this page to introduce myself, and tell you a little bit about me! My name is Timothy Gerard VANCE, but everyone calls me Tim, or Tiny! What some people call me I can't put on here!! Just kidding, I have no known enemies "Anymore", but, I do have a sense of humor. Anyway, that's enough about me, let's talk about me now!!

Seriously, I was born on 19-Jul-1955 in Richlands, Virginia, which is in Tazewell County. I am the sixth child of seven children. My parents are William Harley VANCE (Deceased) and Dorothy Ellen "WHITE" VANCE (Deceased). My brother's and sister's are, Nancy "Nan", Sandra "Sam", William "Bill", Gary "Scott", Richard "Rod" Christopher "Chris".

I grew up in the Red Ash coal camp in Red Ash, Virginia also in Tazewell County. I lived in Red Ash until 1972 (In the same house). I moved to Alexandria Virginia until 1974, at which time I came back to Red Ash (To the same house). I stayed in Red Ash for 3 months, and then joined the Army. While in the Army I spent time in Missouri, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Florida, Kansas, and Panama, all these places were nice, but they weren't home! After leaving the service in 1976 guess where I went? That's right, back to Red Ash, (To the same house).

On one trip home from the service in 1975, I married a girl from Red Ash, this was my first marriage, she was Patricia Ann LESTER "Trish", the daughter of Junior LESTER and Peggy PROFFITT. Trish and I had 3 children, Priscilla Ann, Timothy Joshua, and William Harley III. We were divorced in 1987, at which time I married Mary Thelma KENNEDY "Tami". She is the daughter of Joyce Elane LAWSON and Wayne KISER, she was adopted by Ted KENNEDY. Tami and I have one daughter, Brandi Nicole "Nikki" she was born in 1992. Tami is also from Red Ash. (Old information Now-We use to live in Orange County, Virginia on a cattle farm. Our nearest neighbor was about 1/2 mile away. Both Tami and I worked at a private country club in Albemarle County Virginia, Tami was an equipment operator, and I was an equipment manager.) We have since moved back to Tazewell Co. Va. We now live in Richlands, Va. about 4 miles from where we both grew up, and where my Vance's have lived since the 1700's. Tami is now employed as the assistant manager of a small grocery store, and I have my own Small Engine Repair Business. It is good to be home!! Update: Tami and I are now divorced, I am single once again! At present I have no prospects, but I am looking!

Update: I did remarry, but alas this marriage lasted for 5 weeks! So I don't like to consider it as a marriage..

I have six grandsons, and one grandaughter, they are Zachary Austin VANCE & Ezekeal Dustin VANCE, and Justin Timothy Vance Zak & Zeke, and J.T. are Josh & Lynn's Boys. My other grandsons are Michael Dakota VANCE, and Dyllan Aubrey SIXMA, Cody is the s/o Priscilla Ann VANCE, and David Carroll Strother, Dilly is the s/o Priscilla Ann "VANCE" SIXMA and Delbert Boyd SIXMA, my grandaughter is Tiffany Ann VANCE, Tiff is the d/o Priscilla and Roger Brown Jr. My other grandson is Ryan Lee Nichols the son of Brandi Nicole "Vance" Nichols and Rodney Lee Nichols Jr.

I would have to say that my favorite pass time "Now" is genealogy. I have always been slightly interested in where I came from, but up until a few years ago it was just something to pass a little time away with. I guess it really got under my skin after my parents passed away, and I realized that there was so much that I didn't know about their lives before I was born, and I knew even less about their parents, and their parents parents, and so on. My first grandson was born in 1994 and that really got me started searching for family roots. So I started getting more interested in genealogy, now I know quite a bit about where I came from, and who I am! However I am always looking for more information, clues, stories, even rumors about my family, I just can't get enough! When I started my homepage, I thought, WOW, I can have this thing finished in a year, but, now I realize I will never have it finished, and this is fine with me, because I want to be adding ancestors to this page on my 100th birthday (Optamistic aren't I)!

I need to say something about my brother Rod, because he is the true genealogist in the family! He was the person that kept me interested over the years (But he didn't know it) He was always talking about new ancestors he had found, and a cousin he had mailed a letter to, or called. He spent a lot of time mailing letters, and making trips to court houses, and churches, and visits to cousins, and just searching for family information. When I have a question, I ask Rod, most of the time he knows the answer, if he don't he will say, well, I'm not sure, but, we can find out, and we do! So my hats off to the man that has been doing this for going on 40 years now, Rod-YOU THA MAN! Thanks Rod!

I think that about covers me, if anyone has any questions (Ask Rod), No I'm kidding again, just send me an e-mail and ask away, (I'll ask Rod!). Seriously, I will try to answer any questions anyone has. Sometimes the e-mails get lost in the cracks of cyberspace, there are some days I receive as many as 50 e-mails and sometimes one or two get lost during the answering process, so bear with me and send me another e-mail OK! Thanks for visiting my homepage, because I am proud of my family, and where we came from! I really hope that all of you relatives out there will want to be included in this homecoming, maybe we can find a cousin or two!


Tim VANCE "Tim"


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Your's Truly!!! This was taken in 2000. Tim


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