VANCE-Connecting The Family

Hello Relatives, I would like to welcome all VANCE'S, and all Various spellings of VANCE, such as: VAUSE, VASS, VANSE, VOSS, VANTZ, among others I am sure, to my VANCE-Connecting The Family Page (Old Millenium Homecoming page). I want to gather the family together, and see how many relatives we can find in my lifetime!

I am always looking for Homepages, and Websites about the surname VANCE or any of the various spellings of VANCE, or Families related to VANCE'S. What I want to do is create a page with links to these Homepages, and Websites. Also there will be a GUESTBOOK for adding your family lines, and information if you don't have a Homepage, or Website.

There will be pages for decendents of individual ancestors, for EXAMPLE: Decendents of Abner VANCE'S son William VANCE will have a page for decendents of William VANCE, and so on.

If anyone would like to share any "Long" stories with the rest of the family, any stories that are, funny, happy, sad, scary, inspiring, love stories, heart break stories, any type of story! Send the stories to my e-mail address. The story pages will work just like the Decendents & Ancestors pages, EXAMPLE: If the story is about a decendents of Abner VANCE'S son William VANCE, the story will be posted to decendents of William VANCE stories page, and so on. If the story is short you can post it to the Guestbook, and I will move it to the appropriate page, or you may e-mail the stories to me, and I will post it to the appropriate page! My e-mail address is:

I think this is a great way to get a lot of VANCE, and various spellings of VANCE, and Related Families information in one spot for all VANCE decendents to see, and compare with their own information. So come on and include your family in this, you may find a cousin or two!!

Timothy Gerard VANCE "Tim"

To include your family information just click on any of the sign my Guestbook links on this page.

Thanks, Tim

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Below is the link to the Guestbook for sharing your family information with relatives from around the world. Just click on SIGN GUESTBOOK, and answer the questions, it's that simple! To view other's family line (s), just click on VIEW GUESTBOOK. Please leave your e-mail address so others researching the same line (s) as you can contact you! Come on, let's find our relatives and ancestors!

The links for Decendents & Stories are below the Guestbook Links!


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